freemexy: Tsinghua MBA Topped Sino-Manager Magazine’s “China’s Best MBA Ranking” List

Tsinghua MBA Topped Sino-Manager Magazine’s “China’s Best MBA Ranking” List

4 Aug 2020 at 08:35am
Tsinghua MBA Topped Sino-Manager Magazine’s “China’s Best MBA Ranking” List

Tsinghua MBA championed the 2012 China MBA Ranking in a recent issue of Sino-Manager Magazine because of its strong faculty team, practical attitude and solid brand name. This is the fifth time in a row that Tsinghua came in the top place.To get more news about best university in china for mba, you can visit official website.
Tsinghua MBA Programs was started in 1991. It keeps on reinventing itself and is a pioneer and leader of China’s MBA education. Since Tsinghua MBA initiated the reform five years ago in the summer of 2007, it became the first domestic business school to adopt a new MBA curriculum, which highlighted soft skills, integration and experiential learning. It further reformed its MBA student recruitment procedure by adopting a formula that assesses candidates’ comprehensive quality in pre-exam interviews as well as their performance in the national MBA recruitment exams. Later on, it also introduced three new offerings, i.e. MBA+X double major, Tsinghua Entrepreneurship Network (TEN) and a course called Tsinghua New Technology Study which is to be initiated soon. These are aimed to better merge the program into Tsinghua University’s education system.
Tsinghua MBA has three sub-programs, i.e. International MBA (English, Full-Time), Full-Time MBA and Part-Time MBA. So far, it has already recruited 21 in-takes of students, among which more than 8,000 was awarded with an MBA degree.
Tsinghua MBA Programs has always put teaching quality and services as top priorities. All the teaching and services are tailored to meet student’s requirement. The curriculums are carried out both inside and outside classrooms and are constantly adding new features and offerings. MBA students not just learn management knowledge through well-planned courses, but also through extra-curriculum activities such as internships, company visit and events such as China MBA Corporate Case Competition, China MBA Business Ethics Debate and meetings with alumni and faculty. These activities could help improve their leadership skills, communication skills and these also provided great opportunities to engage with professionals and expand knowledge. “In Tsinghua MBA’s student events, professors are just supervisors, while students are the real organizers and participants. The organizers as well as participants could benefit from these events as they could improve their planning skills, management skills and expand their networks,” said Shi Tao (11P3), President of Tsinghua MBA Student Union.
Tsinghua MBA’s mission is to educate future leaders with global vision. In order to satisfy students’ need to have international exposure, Tsinghua MBA Programs has designed overseas study trips with various lengths. Tsinghua MBA has established student exchange programs with more than 90 overseas business schools. More than 100 overseas exchange opportunities will be provided each year. In addition, MBA students could apply for double-major programs at MIT and HEC. For students with financial problems to undertake long exchange trips, they are also entitled to the benefits of overseas studies. The school offers many options of short exchange trips to study in United States, Chile, Europe, Japan and Taiwan.
Good job opportunities matter a lot to students’ post-MBA career development. Starting from Orientation program, the new MBA candidates are introduced to the CDC, which pushed them to start early in career planning and prioritize studies and internships. It also provides timely updates on the job market and help students make good career choice and adjust expectation. In 2011 and 2012, we have witnessed an increase in the proportion of Tsinghua MBA joining China’s state-owned companies, private companies and government agencies. A lot of them have joined big state-owned companies such as, PetroChina, CICC, CITICS, COFCO, AVIC. In addition, there are also a significant number of students who joined top-notch foreign companies including LVMH, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Nokia and Nestle (China), etc.

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