Xiamu: Whenever your first comment to my post

Whenever your first comment to my post

6 Aug 2020 at 10:37pm
I do appreciate and I agree with everything you wrote. TFG touts that a lot of the positional language is trapped back in 2002, and that I agree with that Madden NFL 21 Coins sentiment. I've mentioned this to the mod here before, and That said, writing this up in this sub is similar to putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean hoping EA sees comments. They won't come since: They don't care to make their game better, they look to promote it to casuals with stuff such as Superstar KO, the Yard, and MUT players that will fall hundreds of dollars on packs.

They are afraid to come in here since then they might see what hardcore gamers of the game consider it. Even NBA 2K developers and community supervisors go into their sub. Their mod also includes a ribbon where issues can be submitted by players and receive feedback. There's nothing like this here as of point A, and it contributes to 105,000 people screaming into the void because EA does not care enough and are penciling them as a pre-order or daytime 1 purchase.

I didn't write this post for EA devs to provide opinions, I did this to have a discussion with members of the community on overhauling how Madden arouses positions. Now I've given up on EA actually innovating any aspect of CFM. I don't think anybody in this sub would disagree* with the posts you've made regarding overhauling franchise.

How do you say"I don't think anybody in this sub would agree with the posts you have made regarding overhauling franchise." Whenever your first comment to my post said"I really do appreciate the time and effort that you put into this, and I agree with everything you wrote." I got a couple of positive remarks on my posts. I'm not writing these articles in hopes EA execute and will magically see them. I had these ideas in my head and I needed to share them, in hopes additional CFM fans might have ideas to discussions or share about the topic. Are you being a debbie downer?

That's literally Madden 21 works. I must have did a poor job of describing it. Make them features like speed or projecting power. Say you've got a 80 MLB, right now he can be altered into RLB, LLB, RE, LE, DT, As well as SS with change to his general ratings. With this particular system is will restrict the positional changes you can do to a participant as his general will be Cheap Madden 21 Coins radically affected because he will be out of standing (that position having a low point worth ). You could find diamonds in the rough that can change positions and be better.

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