yunmai: Excrise and Relaxation: Yunmai Slim Elegant Massager

Excrise and Relaxation: Yunmai Slim Elegant Massager

24 Feb 2021 at 10:00pm

The unique double-bearing rotating structure, equipped with powerful and small-size motor, greatly ensures the safe operation while providing strong power and reduces wear and heat, as well as, realizes a stable braking and retracting. Adopting T-shaped surfacing engineering design, which constructs dynamic side lines and saves space, to reduce the bulkiness and enhance the gripping experience.

Yunmai Slim Elegant's innovative intelligent massage dual mode provides 1800-3200 revolutions per minute, there are 5 intensity gears in total. In cooperation with the intelligent electronic control interactive system, you can automatically adjust and control the vibration frequency and intensity. It can distinguish the professional fitness and intelligent massage, so you can switch according to the personal needs. Whether relaxing muscles after exercise or daily soothing massage, you will find the amplitude suitable for yourself.

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