yunmai: Pounding good times: Yunmai Pro Basic Massage Gun

Pounding good times: Yunmai Pro Basic Massage Gun

3 Mar 2021 at 11:06pm

Sore muscles are something everyone dreads. Whether it's your calves after a run, or just a neckache from sleeping in the wrong position, the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic is almost certain to pound the aches away. I know, because I've been using it pretty much every other day to smash my muscle blues away.

The Yunmai Massage Gun comes with pretty much everything you need. It has four silicone heads: A standard ball-head pounder, a two-finger pronged head, a single prong head, and a flat-head. I’ve mostly used the ball-head and the flat-head, as they gave the most surface area contact. Meanwhile the single and two-finger heads do well to dig into your knotted muscles.

The massage gun has three speeds, with the lowest at a speedy 1,800 RPM, and the fastest at 3,200 RPM. It’s also not very loud at 45dB, so no worries here. Powered by a 60W brushless motor, the gun is fast enough that it comes with a warning not to put your fingers between the head and the gun. You’ll probably end up with a terribly smashed finger if so — don’t use this near inquisitive kids. After 10 minutes, the Yunmai Massage Gun will turn off by itself. That’s good because at 1kg, the massage gun isn’t that heavy, but can feel tiring to hold due to the vibrations after a while.

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