freeamfva: Aldi Is Selling a Trendy Bamboo Pendant Lamp

Aldi Is Selling a Trendy Bamboo Pendant Lamp

23 May 2024 at 07:54pm
Aldi Is Selling a Trendy Bamboo Pendant Lamp

One of the best parts about Aldi Finds is the fact that you can grab trendy home decor and kitchen items for a very affordable price. They're only for a limited time, but as long as you’re on top of their releases, you can easily snag the latest home products, like their soon-to-be-available bamboo pendant lamp that rivals West Elm and Pottery Barn.Get more news about Get more news about Bamboo Pendant Lamps Manufacturer,you can vist our website!,you can vist our website!

In the upcoming Aldi Finds drop—the week of Feb. 21 to Feb. 27—they’re selling the CASALUX Bamboo Pendant Lamp for only $39.99. The light fixture has a 2-in-1 plug in or hardware option and measures 16.5 inches in diameter and 12 inches high. There is a bulb included which is a very nice touch, along with a 180-inch cord. Of course, as the name suggests, it has a bamboo shade along with a metal canopy and socket frame—everything you need for however you want to install this lamp.
As as said before, this is a pretty trendy style, with brands like West Elm and Pottery Barn having very similar light fixtures for seven times the price.

For example, Pottery Barn’s Flora Rattan Pendant has a bit of a different shape to the Aldi one, but it is in the same vein of styling. It’s made of rattan or wicker instead of bamboo, but both give us “coastal” vibes. The bulb is not included but it comes in two sizes: 18 inches in diameter and 23 inches. It’s on sale starting at $209.
West Elm has carried lamps that look closer to the Aldi one in the past, but right now they have the Callie Woven Pendant, which starts at $224.99 for a 25-inch diameter (but it comes in one other size, a 35 inch). It has a more open, fanned-out design but is made with bamboo as well. There is no bulb included but can be paired with a dimmer switch, whereas the Pottery Barn one couldn’t.

For something a little cheaper than those two, and if you miss the Aldi release of their bamboo pendant lamp, Amazon has a bamboo pendant light in a very similar shape. DANGGEEOI sells a Hand-Woven Bamboo Pendant Light for $123.99; with a diameter of 19.86 inches and height of 18.89 inches, it’s a bit bigger than Aldi’s. It also has a light-colored wire and fixture at the top. It uses a mixture of bamboo and “handmade rattan” and it says that it’s “easy to install.”
So if you’re looking for a light that matches a Bohemian, coastal aesthetic—or even a clean, modern style—Aldi’s CASALUX bamboo pendant lamp is a great find for you. And if you can’t get to Aldi next week to snag one, there are other great options for different budgets as well.

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