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Product classification of high temperature electric furnace

The high temperature furnace is used for heating equipment of laboratory, also called the muffle furnace. The working principle of high temperature electric furnace is the way of electron polarization, atomic polarization, interface polarization and dipole steering polarization under the action of microwave, which transforms microwave electromagnetic energy into heat energy. Obviously, not all materials can be heated by microwave, depending on the properties of matter and microwave. The high temperature electric furnace also has a lot of subdivision fields in the actual process. The main types of high temperature electric furnace in Yan Bo furnace are as follows:

It is suitable for heating and sintering of small workpieces and small samples, and many laboratories in Colleges and universities are used. The working way is to heat the furnace tube of quartz or corundum to the furnace, and to place the workpiece in the heating area and the constant temperature area. The two ends of the tube furnace are sealed flanges, which can achieve a pre vacuum vacuum, which can be passed into various protective gases, oxidizing gases and reducing gases.
Well type furnace
In shape, the well type furnace is in fact similar to the box type furnace and the atmosphere furnace, all of which are the shape of the box. But in structure, it is similar to the crucible high temperature furnace. The hearth of the well type furnace is vertically placed, the sample and the workpiece can be removed in the vertical direction, the furnace door opens above the furnace and the door is closed in the vertical direction. It is convenient for automatic improvement, such as automatic experiment with a manipulator. The hearth of a well type furnace is usually round, but many customers want a square furnace.

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Northern Song Tao Lotus flower censer

The centipede has an azure sky with three unicorns on the neck and a square inscription on the front. It is a regular script inscription, marked with a production date of six years (Yuan Wuzong to Year Two, 1309). Incense burner shape huge, huge surface of the accumulation of glaze, shining jewel, highlighting the extraordinary style, in fact, the Yuan Dynasty Jun porcelain rare treasures. [url=]vacuumn coating plant for ceramic[/url] Peacock blue glaze incense burner Ming and later porcelain Furnace for the straight mouth, wide lips, straight neck within the bundle, flat drum belly, three bags of feet; neck with a pair of ribbon ear. Peacock blue glaze, part of the spalling, lion button and the bottom exposed tire. Choi Yun Yunlong three-legume incense Ming Wanli porcelain [url=]bench top spin coater for semiconductor prepare[/url] This censer is a three-legged melon edge belly high furnace, Ling round table covered, covered with a beast. Instrument table with green, red, ocher, yellow, green, purple and black painted dragon, cloud pattern, colorful bright, compact layout, neck, "Ming dynasty Wanli" blue section of the section on both sides of blue and red and green The same color back to the pattern. [url=]Electric Arc Spray Metalizing Machine[/url] Gold lacquered lacquered incense burner Qianlong Qianlong porcelain The incense burner for the mouth, ears, four feet, covered with plastic beast, pearl to open the light inside painted pastel flowers, lips and ears along the end of the mouth of the foot paint gold, structured, magnificent.

Slag mill

Slag is the waste generated in the mining and mineral processing, due to large amounts of waste not only takes up a lot of land, and slag can cause pollution to the air, in recent years, countries invested a lot of money for reuse of slag. Slag after processing not only reduce pollution, but also can create more value, slag slag grinding mill is the commonly used equipment, grinding effect is good, greatly increased the use of the slag.

Slag after grinding mill principle of work is the material under the action of fan into the main chassis, filtered by the analyzer, fine through the coarse material will be the new into the grinding chamber grinding, qualified materials will vary depending on the wind flow into the big cyclone collector, after the powder discharge tube.

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hope your light partition board installation help

wall, to the construction of intermediate plaster. Third, the light partition plate mounting member requirements 1, the top and the beam with U-shaped iron fixed, the U-shaped iron with nail fixed to the bottom of the beam, the upper end with wedge reinforcement, with L-shaped iron fixed. 2, hanging design: hanging spacing should not be less than 300m, single point load should not be greater than 80 kg, you need

to open the mouth pieces. 3, electrical design: the electrical circuit can be used for dark line design, the use of partition wall holes to wear hose laying lines; also designed for bright line, apply to the wall, opening the socket and its corresponding configuration. 4, moisture-proof waterproof: decorative design should be considered moisture-proof, along the wall design pools, water tanks, basins and other

accessories, the wall should be painted waterproof coating or paste waterproof decorative tile design. 5, wall decoration: scratch white, spray porcelain, ceramic tile and other decorative materials for decoration. When the next process of renovation, the first partition walls clean walls, water wetting, according to the conventional construction process decoration. In the history of the most detailed

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Clean wooden floor method

1, for the water is not serious wood flooring, in addition to the shortest possible time to dry the surface water, the small area of ​​the vacuum cleaner can be used in the bubble floor of the floor of the splicing gap suction water vapor, or with a dryer with cold air dry, but thousands Do not use hot air blowing, to prevent the surface due to heat drying caused by dry deformation. Soaked area is relatively large, can be considered to use air conditioning to dehumidification, close the room doors and windows, air conditioning open to the lowest temperature, most of the day or so to dry.

2, if the wood floor water is serious, it is necessary to keep the floor is not deformed in the case of dry, conditional circumstances, in the clean-up site at the same time, it is best to inform the floor manufacturers professional customer service door processing. Because of the different materials, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring by water immersion treatment is also a slight gap.

3, if the solid wood flooring a large area soaked in water, should promptly notify the wood floor after-sales service, the wooden floor carefully pry, but also as soon as possible to the floor surface of the water dry, and then '' well '' shape superposition, The weight produced by the stack prevents the occurrence of deformation. In the placement should pay attention to the floor upside down to prevent the surface due to rapid drying caused by dry, and attention can not be placed under the sun exposure, it should be placed in the ventilation at the dry, one to two weeks after its recovery, Decide whether it can be used again.

4, if the floor soaked time not more than 12 hours, the furniture can be removed on the floor, try not to pressure, and quickly drain the surface water, such as dry wipes with the surface of the floor water all dry. And then quickly remove the floor of the baseboard, exposing the expansion joints, by the expansion of the water vapor will be distributed, usually about a week dry, good quality or immersion time is not long products can be self-recovery. If a small area of ​​laminate flooring soak for too long, the floor material expansion coefficient is too large, certainly difficult to restore, you can use local replacement way to solve, that is prying after the re-purchase with the brand, the same type of floor pavement.

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partition board knowledge, please continue

40 �� 50 �� 90L-type iron fixed in the site should be fixed. 3, according to the layout, from the side of the installation. If there are doors and windows on the partition wall, from the door and window openings to the two sides began to install. Alignment ink line, with a crowbar try to pry at the bottom, the top tight top, tight edges, the bottom of the wedge firmly, plus reinforcement. 4, the installation, at any time

check the flatness, perpendicularity and other related items of inspection. 5, buried pipe laying should be synchronized with the partition wall installation, partition wall openings, holes should be drilled before installation, the hole should not be greater than 80mm �� 80mm; plumbing hanging pieces can not exceed 80 kilograms, more than 80 kilograms of hanging Pendants, must be installed in the partition wall fixed

embedded parts. 6, electrical wiring switches, sockets and other four weeks, filling the application smooth. 7, after the installation of partition board, the adhesive material must be dry, in order to carry out the next procedure, the normal need to install the day 10-15 days to decorate. 8, the installed partition wall can not afford the skin, corner, hollowing and cracks, according to the calculation of the plane of each

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layout, from the side of the installation

filled with lightweight foam concrete. Second, polystyrene particles sandwich light-weight composite energy-saving wall material is thin fiber cement or calcium silicate board as a panel, the middle of a light-weight composite core material formed by a non-load-bearing lightweight composite sheet. The product is solid, lightweight, thin, high strength, impact resistance, hanging strong, heat insulation, sound

insulation, fire protection, waterproof, easy to cut, can be slotted, without the need for documents, dry work, environmental protection and other walls Body material can not be compared to the overall advantages. In order to achieve the purpose of energy conservation. This will lead the construction industry to move forward from backward wet construction to advanced dry construction so as to realize the

industrialization of production of housing components, the modernization of technical equipment and the intensification of large-scale production. Third, the GM board GM board, namely: Magnesia aerated concrete hollow light partition board, is formed by a variety of inorganic materials after the chemical reaction, since the development of the last century has been nearly 20 years, in the production, installation

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floor also maintained a rising trend

be described as the first to bear the brunt. In the furniture and flooring industry, the reporter found that some vendors are seeking new sources of sheet metal, which gives more room for further development. discount seven trust decking saleDomestic and international tightening of timber resources led to plate prices is an inevitable thing. Under such circumstances, the unanimous 'difficult decision' of raising the prices of various boards is like a last resort.[url=]cost of outside wooden deck flooring[/url] It is understood that the biggest producer of wood-based panel Jilin Mori Dew River plate following a price increase earlier this year, is brewing next year's price increases, the timing and extent of the alleged price increases are still open to

question. In addition, other domestic sheet metal plate manufacturers and imports, such as plate imports also joined the trend. German love grid plate China distributor Zhong Hongwen said that this year due to transportation, raw materials, imports of timber prices, the downstream flooring industry will be flat risk. The past two years,reclaimed suspended dance wood flooring the parquet market showed strong growth momentum. According to statistics from the China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Professional Committee, in order to promote the fitting season sales, Robin held a series of large-scale marketing activities.[url=]installation of wood panel composites[/url]On October 25, the Ministry of Commerce formally

announced the U.S. 'double-reverse' investigation of China's flooring products. It is understood that there are as many as 169 wooden flooring enterprises in our country that were investigated by the U.S. side. The case will have a huge impact on Chinese flooring export enterprises. After receiving the information for the first time,radar detect wood plastic China Association of Forest Products and Industry took immediate action to coordinate and deploy various parties to inform the relevant enterprises of the preparation for responding to the litigation and make suggestions on the next step.[url=]bamboo deck skirting[/url] The relevant departments such as the Ministry of Commerce and the State Forestry

floor also maintained a rising trend

financial institutions. Why did nature choose foreign capital? China's flooring industry is not lack of brand, but the Chinese brand made internationally renowned brands, there are some difficulties.can you put fence paint on decking The market globalization, brand globalization is the most important task of the future natural flooring. She Xuebin said: 'Why choose IFC investment, we hope that foreign strategic shareholders to help expand the global market, is to do globalization,[url=]floor plans for mobile home deck[/url] only through the globalization of shareholders can solve the global brand.' Why Morgan Stanley Why IFC? Morgan Stanley executives said: 'IFC is our long-term partner, the two major financial institutions

have their own strengths, because the investment in nature brand, is directly related to the development of forestry, with a great environmental protection Contact.At the same time,degree of slope to backrest of a bench IFC global network and talented people are very complete, so I think in this investment IFC is a very good partner. [url=]what is deck loading capacity[/url]'Xinhuanet Beijing June 10 (Reporter An Bei, Luo Sha) World Bank Group International Finance On the 10th, the Company invested 100 million U.S. dollars with Nature Flooring Brand of China Flooring Holdings Co., Ltd. with Morgan Stanley Company in the United States to support the further development of sustainable forest resources and promote the

sustainable development of China's forestry industry. IFC's investments in China Flooring Holdings Ltd include long-term loans of $ 20 million and long-term loans of $ 30 wood deck kits prices Morgan Stanley also invested another 50 million US dollars, but did not disclose the share of investment equity. According to reports, the funds will enable enterprises to develop fast-growing forests in Jiangxi and establish a stable supply of certified timber resources.[url=]how much do 2x4 for deck cost[/url] China Flooring Holdings Ltd plans to increase the use of certified wood resources independently and use 100% certified timber as a long-term goal. The company's accomplishments will be regularly assessed.

The slag double-stage crusher is recorded

Slag two-stage crusher is one of severe crushing equipment, so we must pay attention to safety in the process of use, according to use standard operation, switch machine order never made a mistake. The safety production of slag double-stage crusher is as follows:[url=]Pu Ro High Temperature Furnace for Sintering Metal Power atomization equipment with inuction melting[/url] 1.Before starting the two-stage pulverizer, check the lubrication system to see if it needs to be relubricated, wear and tear, and check whether new accessories need to be replaced. Adjust the tension of the belt to see that there is no need to replace, and all the bolts are carefully checked to be fixed. Ensure no residue in the cavity. 2.Start the two-stage grinder oil pump motor for 5-10 minutes, check the working conditions of the lubrication system, and start the main motor after normal operation.[url=]lab electri heating cerami porcelain sintering muffle furnace[/url] 3.The two-stage pulverizer must be idle for 20 minutes, ensuring that no abnormal conditions are followed before starting the feed. During the period, the feeding speed must be constant, the feed amount must be average, and not too long, so that the equipment is in a state of overload and the wear rate of the two-stage grinder is accelerated. Thus the service life of the equipment is reduced. 4.To complete the work, before the normal shutdown, must stop the feed first, after the slag double-stage crusher pulverizing the material in the cavity, then shut off the equipment, and finally cut off the total power supply. In addition, the two-stage crusher in the process of work, need to have special staff to check at any time, any anomalies found someone to stop immediately, then used for troubleshooting.[url=]Water-coole New High Vacuum Brazing Furnace For Cemente carbie[/url]