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What to do if the high-pressure pump does not produce water

1. Check whether the oil level of the reducer, the oil level of the high-pressure pump and the water level of the emulsion tank are at the specified oil level and water level. 2. Check whether the safety valve, pressure gauge, electric contact pressure gauge, water level gauge, and liquid level indicator are sensitive and correct; the pressure gauge and safety valve are calibrated once a year, and the safety valve is regularly tested for exhaust to prevent the spool from sticking and The valve hole is blocked. 3. Check all parts of the pump, valves, solenoid valves, pipelines, etc. are good, there must be no water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, check whether the electrical zero (ground) wire is firm and reliable, and measure the main motor when stopping the pump for more than one week Whether the insulation is good; check whether the contact signal with the hydraulic press is correct and reliable. Reminder from Shanghai Sunshine Pump Industry Expert.  4. Pumping sequence: (1) Check whether the valves, suction valves and circulation gate valves on the water pump, water storage (gas) tank and pipeline to be started are all in the open position, open the pump head air release valve of the high pressure pump and the cooling water valve of the lubricating oil pump; (2) Start the lubricating oil pump and run it for 1 to 2 minutes, the oil pressure is 0.15 to 0.2 MPa. After the lubricating oil indicator shows normal, start the main motor of the high-pressure pump; (3) After the pump head is exhausted, close the exhaust valve immediately; (4) After the high-pressure pump is operating normally, close the power supply of the solenoid valve of the circulation valve and plug in the power plug. After the water level rises above level 4, close the solenoid switch of the lowest level valve. When the water level rises to level 7 (according to The design of the pump room can also send out a "workable" signal in advance) to send a "workable" signal to the hydraulic press, and the hydraulic press starts to work. 5. When opening and closing the valve, stand on the side of the valve stem and rotate slowly. read more:

Knowledge and skills of gear pump maintenance

With the increase of service time, the gear pump will have insufficient pump oil, or even no pump oil and other faults, the main reason is that the relevant parts are excessively worn. The wearing parts of gear pump mainly include driving shaft and bush, passive gear center hole and pin, pump housing inner cavity and gear, gear end face and pump cover, etc. When the main technical indexes of the lubricating oil pump fail to meet the requirements after wear, it shall be disassembled and disassembled, the worn parts and degree shall be checked, and the corresponding measures shall be taken for repair. 1、 Repair of worn driving shaft and bushing When the driving shaft and bush of gear pump are worn, the fit clearance increases, which will affect the pump oil quantity. In this case, the normal fit clearance can be restored by repairing the driving shaft or bushing. If the drive shaft is slightly worn, just press out the old bushing and replace it with a standard size bushing, and the fit clearance can be restored to the allowable range. If the wear between the driving shaft and the Bush is serious and the fit clearance exceeds the standard, not only the Bush should be replaced, but also the diameter of the driving shaft should be increased by chrome plating or vibration surfacing, and then it should be ground to the standard size to restore the fit requirements with the bush. read more:

Discussion on the working stage of plunger pump

Plunger pump manufacturers tell us that plunger pump is an important device of hydraulic system. It relies on the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder block to change the volume of the sealing working chamber to achieve oil absorption and pressure. Let's look at the working stage of the plunger pump. When working, under the action of the cam and plunger spring on the camshaft of the fuel injection pump, the plunger is forced to move up and down, so as to complete the task of pump oil. The process of pump oil can be divided into the following three stages. ① The total stroke l of plunger reciprocating motion is constant, which is determined by the lift of cam. ② The amount of oil supply for each cycle of the plunger depends on the oil supply stroke, which is variable without being controlled by the camshaft. ③ The start time of oil supply does not change with the change of oil supply stroke. ④ Turning the plunger can change the end time of oil supply, thus changing the oil supply quantity. Through the description of the plunger pump manufacturer, I believe you have understood the working process of the plunger pump. read more: [url=]Low temperature aluminum vacuum brazing furnace[/url] [url=]Aluminum Pot 60Kw Brazing Machine[/url] [url=]Single Stage Vacuum Pump[/url]

Failure of plunger pump and its causes

The pump vibrates too much. When the plunger pump is running, the whole machine vibrates, the noise increases, the screws of the connecting parts become loose, and the pipeline vibrates. The clamp retraction connecting the cross tappet and the plunger rod is loose; Motor or pump rolling bearing damage. (3) The fixing screw of the pump base connection is loose; (4) The gland of packing assembly loosens and exits, colliding with the connecting clamp; (5) insufficient pump liquid supply caused by empty pump. In the process of pump operation, the indicator of pump pressure gauge swings, the running current decreases by 5 ~ lO %, the discharge decreases, and the pump efficiency is lower than 8O %. Pump effect decline is due to the lack of water supply and pump head high pressure area seat, valve disc sealing caused by the following reasons: (1) water tank level below the lower limit, pump inlet pressure is less than 0.03mpa. (2) Due to the valve seat, the surface of the valve disc stab groove and other reasons to seat valve disc sealing lax. The equipment factors of the plunger pump also directly affect the pump efficiency injection station is a single well single pump flow, each pump is three plungers, each plunger's work directly affects the pump efficiency, when some of the plunger pump in operation for a period of time, there is not working, so that the pump efficiency decline. The other is that the piston's work also affects pump efficiency. read more: [url=]Improvement of heat treatment process for heavy duty gear[/url] [url=]Environmental protection type zinc crucible melting furnace[/url] [url=]Mini Glass Tempering Furnace Double Bell Oven[/url]

Power selection of induction heating equipment?

Induction heating equipment, intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, specializing in the production of various types of heating equipment, stable performance, simple operation, professional and technical personnel development production experience, welcome to inquire. The power of the power supply unit depends on the power density value (PO) of the workpiece surface in kW/cm and the primary heating area (A) in cm. The selection of power density depends on the heating surface area and quenching conditions. The lower the current frequency, the smaller the workpiece diameter and the shallower the required hardening layer depth, the higher the required power density. The hardened depth of carbon steel at different frequency and power density. When using high frequency and super audio power supply, PO is usually 0.6~2.0kW/cm. When using intermediate frequency power supply, PO is usually 0.8~2.5kW/cm. The same hardened layer depth can be achieved with different power densities and different holding times. Lower power density and longer heating time correspond to higher current frequency. Lower power density and longer heating time correspond to higher current frequency. The former heating workpiece surface to the center conduction heat energy, thermal efficiency is higher; The latter has stronger thermal conduction and lower thermal efficiency. From the perspective of energy saving and the workpiece hardening layer transition zone should not be too long, the surface quenching workpiece heating time should not exceed 10s, slightly longer than 15s, except for special requirements. Modern induction quenching machine tools, quite a few of them have been equipped with energy monitoring devices, which control the heating temperature and hardening depth of the quenched workpiece with the electric energy of kW. S. According to the required power x kW·s, firstly set the heating time ys, and then calculate the required power Z kW with X kW·s/ys (the energy monitor generally refers to the oscillating power). Is the relationship between the hardening depth and the power consumed at different current frequencies. According to this table, the power consumed by a certain heating area (kW·s) can be calculated according to the energy density values required by various hardening depths at different frequencies. read more:

Performance of aluminium bar heating furnace

High energy saving aluminum bar furnace is the latest product. It adopts high-tech and advanced materials, saving 80% energy than traditional aluminum bar furnace. Its heating quality is advanced in the world, and it is known as "industrial revolution of aluminum bar furnace". Features: 1. High energy saving natural gas heating, energy consumption is about 90 yuan / ton aluminum rod. Electric energy heating, energy consumption is about 120 yuan / ton aluminum rod; 2. High quality cylinder structure, combined with special thermal energy internal circulation intelligent control system, makes the temperature in the furnace constant, and ensures the uniform heating of aluminum bar; 3. High control can accurately control the actual temperature of the aluminum bar, and there will never be the phenomenon of raw bar, burning bar, bar foaming and melting bar. 4. The high intelligent system is controlled by PLC touch screen, which can automatically memorize and identify heating time, heating temperature and aluminum bar material, and realize full-automatic operation, and can also select the bar for use. 5. It can save manual operation from feeding and discharging to automatic operation of feeding port of extruder. 6. The furnace body of the provincial site is a cylinder structure, which can be placed at will. read more:

"Heat treatment network" into a new engine for industry development

At present, the development of mobile Internet is profoundly changing China's business ecology. The huge gold mine of the mobile Internet has attracted countless start-ups to compete, but how can traditional heat-treating companies take advantage of this emerging market without falling behind? Facing the new opportunities brought about by this huge change, how can the heat treatment industry seize the opportunity to develop itself? Sun Jizhi, the person in charge of the heat treatment network, said: "Workers want to do their best, they must first sharpen their tools. The marketing strategy of the entire network is an inevitable choice for enterprises under the background of the booming mobile Internet." read more:

Avoid other damage to heating elements

Silicon carbide rods are the recrystallized products of silicon carbide. Alkali, alkali metal, sulfuric acid and boron compounds can corrode it at high temperature, and water vapor has a violent oxidation effect on it: hydrogen and a large amount of hydrogen-rich gas at high temperature Silicon carbon rods will be differentiated from time to time, and it is necessary to pay close attention when using them. Through practical experience, it is proved that good daily maintenance and repair work is of great benefit to prolong the service life of the experimental electric furnace. Therefore, the maintenance work of the experimental electric furnace must not be ignored. read more: [url=]Induction Furnace for Mold Casting[/url] [url=]Drawer type box type furnace[/url] [url=]What is the difference between plywood press and veneer press[/url]

Brief introduction of maintenance measures for high and low temperature impact test chamber

     The high and low temperature impact test chamber is an indispensable helper for industrial development today. Users should pay attention to the daily maintenance and protection of the equipment while using the equipment. In today's society, although the test equipment is not a luxury, its price is not very cheap. Therefore, it is necessary for users to maintain the equipment in daily life. In the process of maintenance, it does not need to be perfect, but there is still a normal maintenance method. The editor in this chapter provides a daily maintenance secret for the equipment: read more: [url=]Laboratory 1700 degree muffle furnace[/url] [url=]Testing method of tool hardness in heat treatment[/url] [url=]Laboratory 1700 degree muffle furnace[/url]

The principle of the condensing boiler and heat pump combined system of the experimental electric furnace

    The combined system of condensing boiler and heat pump not only uses the principle of energy saving and environmental protection of condensing boiler, but also uses the principle of heat pump to improve low-grade heat energy to high-grade heat energy. In this system, in order to enable the heat pump system to recover the lower-grade heat energy as much as possible, reduce the installed capacity and power consumption of the heat pump system, and achieve as much energy saving as possible, first return the hot network water and the high-temperature exhaust smoke from the body of the condensing boiler Perform heat exchange to cool the flue gas to a certain temperature, and then pass the low-temperature flue gas through a condensing heat exchanger (a corrosion-resistant material, such as stainless steel) to recover some of the latent and sensible heat in the flue gas. In order to maintain the stability of the temperature of the low-temperature heat source at the evaporation end of the heat pump and reduce the average temperature difference of heat transfer at the evaporation end, the flue gas is first passed through the partition-wall condensing heat exchanger (such as plate type, tube type, etc.) or contact condensing heat exchanger (such as Liquid column type, packing type, etc.), use low-temperature water (cooling water) to exchange heat with the flue gas first, and then pump the heated cooling water to the evaporation end of the heat pump with water, and generate heat with the heat pump working fluid (such as R11, etc.) exchange. The following introduces the combined heat energy recovery system of the condensing heat exchanger and heat pump. The system has two types: as shown in Fig. 1 the partition wall condensing heat exchanger and heat pump combined heat energy recovery system and Fig. 2 the contact condensation heat exchanger and heat pump combined heat energy recovery system . read more: