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WINNIPEG -- Chad Simpson doesnt like to measure his career by statistics but the numbers certainly like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back. He racked up more than 1,000 yards in his debut season last year even though he only played in 14 of 18 games. "Pay attention to the stats, youll miss the mark all the time," he said Monday after practice at the teams training camp. Simpson played 25 career games with the NFLs Indianapolis Colts and three with the Washington Redskins before moving to the CFL. The five-foot-nine, 204-pound Miami native averaged six yards a carry with the Bombers last year and added 276 receiving yards. "Great things will come if you focus on, you know, your pads getting low, your vision, (your consistency), so I dont focus on the stats -- theyll come if I play right," he said. Simpson changed his workout and diet in the off-season and added a little weight. He also felt that he had paid perhaps too much attention to the need for speed he was told would come with a move north. "Last year I felt like I was a little bit too light," he said. If 2012 was a breakout season for Simpson, it was a disaster for Chris Garrett, who opened camp expecting to be Winnipegs starter and then tore an Achilles tendon. In 2011, hed managed 576 yards in just six games after replacing Bombers veteran Fred Reid, who suffered what turned into a career-ending injury. Garrett is now back and says he feels great entering his fourth CFL season -- all with the Bombers. "The foots feeling great you know, theres no soreness, Ive got good explosion off it," he said. "I trained really hard in the off-season to come back. Im out here running around without ... any weakness so Im pretty happy with how things are going with it." Winnipeg coach Tim Burke says there is room for both imports but it could mean only a practice roster spot for a third, although they might also find a spot on the expanded 46-man roster. He knows it could be an issue. "Not everybody wants to be on the practice roster so if that scenario comes up, that will be their decision," Burke said. The third running back on the depth chart right now is import Will Ford, who was Simpsons backup last year. The Bombers also have non-imports Carl Volny and Anthony Woodson on their roster. Both were injured last season. Woodson only dressed for two games before a season-ending shoulder injury. Volny spent half the season recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and made only one start in the finale against the Montreal Alouettes. The Bombers lost another receiver to injury Monday when Wallace Miles pulled a hamstring. He isnt expected to be out for long, said Burke. The team also added another Canadian to replace draft pick Michael DiCroce, gone for the season with a broken foot. The newcomer didnt have far to travel. Taylor Renaud played high school football at St. Pauls Collegiate in Winnipeg and led the Atlantic Conference in receiving the last two years with Acadia. He said he was back home to find a job when he got the call. "Being a kid I always dreamed about running out of that tunnel so stepping out on that field today was an amazing experience," he said. The team has also released import linebacker Daniel Sheffield. Burke said Sheffield decided to retire when he got a high-school coaching offer. Richie James Jersey. Halifax beat the Saint John Sea Dogs 7-5 on the strength of two goals apiece from Nikolaj Ehlers, Matt Murphy and Brent Andrews. Jonathan Drouin also scored and had three assists while Zachary Fucale made 17 saves for the Mooseheads (16-8-0), who led 6-1 after two periods. Dee Ford Jersey.J. -- Pitcher Carl Pavano is retiring after 14 major league seasons. http://www.custom49ersjersey.com/.B. - Sebastien Auger made 44 saves as the Saint John Sea Dogs edged the visiting Acadie-Bathurst Titan 2-1 on Saturday in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League action. Ben Garland Jersey. -- Nate Robinson has played for seven teams, so beating one of them is no longer a rare occurrence. Jimmy Johnson Jersey. LOUIS -- Roman Polak was celebrating even before Alexander Steen scored the winning goal in Saturdays 4-2 win over the Carolina Hurricanes.Major League Baseball has suspended Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and 2011 league MVP Ryan Braun without pay for the remainder of the 2013 season for PED use. That means hes out for the final 65 games of the season. As a result of the suspension, Braun will forfeit $3.25 million. This is what Braun and his lawyers came up with as far as a prepared statement: "As I have acknowledged in the past, I am not perfect. I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions. This situation has taken a toll on me and my entire family, and it ... has been a distraction to my teammates and the Brewers organization. I am very grateful for the support I have received from players, ownership and the fans in Milwaukee and around the country. Finally, I wish to apologize to anyone I may have disappointed - all of the baseball fans especially those in Milwaukee, the great Brewers organization, and my teammates. I am glad to have this matter behind me once and for all, and I cannot wait to get back to the game I love." Why didnt Braun say he did PEDs? While Braun agreed to the suspension, he does not expressly admit in his statement that he used PEDs; he just says mistakes were made. Presumably, that was done to avoid incriminating himself (any further). His lawyers want to insulate Braun from potential criminal or civil liability. While that may never come into play, his lawyers want to be extra careful with what Braun says and admits. Why a 65-game suspension? MLB suspended Braun under its Drug Policy called the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. The Drug Policy provides for a suspension of 50 games for the first violation, 100 games for the second and banishment for the third. The Drug Policy also provides that absent a positive drug test, MLB can rely on other evidence to show that a player has used or possessed PEDs. Thats called a non-analytical positive. Thats what happened here. The Drug Policy also provides that a player may be suspended if he has facilitated the sale or distribution of PEDs. For baseball, facilitation could include lying about a connection to Biogenesis, since that would interfere with the investigation into the anti-aging clinic. Back to the 65 games. The length of the suspension suggests that a deal was reached. While its tough to know for sure without being a performance enhanced fly on the wall during negotiations, the sides may have agreed to dispose of the matter, including a guarantee of no appeal, in exchange for meeting somewhere in the middle – or close to it. I thought baseball said it might suspend players for 100 games. So does the 65 game suspension suggest that MLB didnt think it had a great case? No - quite the opposite. In order to agree to a suspension without a positive drug test, while also forfeiting the right of appeal, Brauns lawyers must have concluded that the evidence against their client was substantial and overwhelming. If it wasnt, Brauns lawyers would have vigorously contested the matter. Indeed, the circumstances as a whole suggest MLBs case was strong. Didnt Braun test positive for PEDs back in 2011? Yes. Braun tested positive for an elevated testosterone level in 2011 (20 times the normal level), but that suspension was overturned by the arbitrator Shyam Das on a chain of custody issue involving Brauns sample. You might remember that Braun adamantly and dogmatically declared his innocence. In part, he said this about clearing his name: "I cant wait to get that opportunity. This is all B.S. I am completely innocent." Tell me more about the appeal. The Drug Policy provides that a sample is to be taken by a "collector", and further, the collector must, absent unusual circumstances, FedEx the sample out that "same day". In the case of Braun, the collector Dino Laurenzi, Sr. didnt FedEx the sample out that same day and Brauns lawyers successfully attacked the suspension on that basis. Baseball was incensed with Das ruling – and they had good reason. The same Drug Policy also provides that if a collector cant get a sample out the same day, he or she can store it in a "cool and secure" location. Thats precisely what the collector did; still Das found for Braun and reversed the suspension. Didnt Braun say something mean about the collector? He wasnt terribly polite. He said this: "There are a lot of things weve heard about the collection process, the collector, and some other people involved in the process that have certainly been concerning to us." Braun was suggesting that Mr. Laurenzi had somehow acted unprofessionally or unethically, and ultimately – and att the very least – had not properly discharged his duties.dddddddddddd Is that a problem from a legal standpoint? Defamation possibly comes into play. Defamation refers to saying something untrue that lowers a person in the esteem and minds of the public. Assuming that Braun was indeed dirty in 2011, Mr. Laurenzi could take the position that Braun defamed him. I dont think we will see Mr. Laurenzi file a lawsuit. Nevertheless, there is a reasonable basis upon which to consider the merits of such a claim. That last sentence was very lawyerly of you. Sorry. Ill try and avoid that. Does the 65 game suspension cover the 2011 positive drug test? Tough to know at this point. MLB did say it commends "Ryan Braun for taking responsibility for his past actions". So maybe the reference to past actions includes 2011. According to the T.J. Quinn from ESPNs Outside The Lines, the "evidence showed Braun used [a] sophisticated doping regimen for [an] extended period" of time. That may also suggest it did include 2011. Still, though, for now its not clear. Could the Brewers terminate Brauns contract? It would be tough. Very tough. Braun is owed $122 million through 2020, with a $15 million mutual option for 2021. Punishments for PED use are governed by the collectively bargained Drug Policy. So when a player tests positive, punishments are handled by the Drug Policy. Thats why the Drug Policy is there in the first place. Courts dont like it when a business has a specific policy in place dealing with a specific offence, and that business elects to ignore that specific policy and does its own thing. That is not, however, the complete answer. The player contract at Paragraph 7(b)(1) allows a team to terminate a contract if a player "fails, refuses or neglects to conform his personal conduct to the standards of good citizenship and good sportsmanship or to keep himself in first-class physical condition or to obey the clubs training rules." As well, Paragraph 7(b)(3), allows for termination if a player "fails, refuses or neglect to render his services hereunder or in any manner materially breach this contract." This is broad language and arguably may allow a team, for example, to allege that the use of PEDs had an adverse impact on a players health after he signed his deal, and on that basis he failed to discharge his obligations under his contract to keep himself in "first-class physical condition". That is hard to show. For example, unless a team can show a direct link between PED use and a players injury, they will fail in their bid to terminate or fire a player. A team could also argue that a player misrepresented himself before he signed a big deal, and on that basis they should be allowed to terminate the contract since they were not getting the player they thought they were getting. Again, though, the Drug Policy contemplates for drug use and how it should be handled. So thats your go-to document when a player tests positive. Fine....be that way. Could the Yankees terminate A-Rods contract? That would also be tough but may be worth considering. Rodriguez is 38-years-old as of July 27 and the Yankees owe him $86 million over the next 4 years (not including this season). The Yankees may believe they have better cheaper options available to them. Presumably, they would love nothing more than to rid themselves of his contract. In order to do so, they would have the very difficult task of showing that his injuries are the result of PED use. Again this is very tough to do and would likely not meet with success. However, the Yankees could look to void A-Rods contract with the real end game being a buyout on favourable terms. Why do lawyers charge for opening mail? Envelopes are heavy. Does Brauns suspension mean that all other players are also guilty? No. Braun accepting a suspension is not some type of admission that everyone else is guilty. Each case will be examined on its merits and different players may react differently. For example, another player faced with the same evidence as Braun may elect to contest the matter. That player could attack Anthony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis and a key source of evidence. As someone who may have engaged in criminal activity, he lacks credibility and may have assisted the league with a view to insulating himself from liability. Indeed, Bosch is flawed. There may be upwards of 20 players suspended and to conclude that all players will go quietly is premature. This may just be the tip of the PED iceberg. Eric Macramalla is TSNs Legal Analyst and can be heard each week on TSN Radio 1050. You can follow him on Twitter @EricOnSportslaw. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Big brother stood behind little brother during the first workout together at the gym, lifted off the bar with five-pound weights on either end and passed down the inspiration that would stick with him along with it.Pat Elflein dreamed of playing football at Ohio State. Matt Elflein was going to do everything he could to help him get there.I saw it in him, the drive, and I remember the very first time at Metro Fitness in Pickerington [Ohio], Matt, now 27, said. I told him, Hey, if you want to play at Ohio State, it starts right now. That stuck with him ever since, and I tried to ingrain that work ethic in his head.Our relationship is one of a kind. We click. Ever since he got into playing some sports, I was just trying to be the older brother to look out after him.That early influence on the younger brother clearly worked. Pat Elflein is a senior captain of the Buckeyes, the rock of the offensive line at center, an Outland Trophy semifinalist and a surefire NFL draft pick when the time comes.But eventually, the roles shifted in the family. Little brother was the one standing behind big brother, and the weight that was holding him down was brutal drug addiction that threatened to destroy their bond.And this time the message had far greater stakes.Blessed with the same athletic genes and the work ethic the family passed on as well, Matt Elflein turned himself into a college football player first. And thats where the trouble started.He had dealt with his share of bumps and bruises as any linebacker would, dating to high school. And while dabbling in rugby, hed once had somebody fall on his head, breaking his eye socket and needing a plate put in his face. His mom didnt sign the paperwork for rugby again, turning him into a one-sport star on the way to a career at Ohio Dominican.A torn labrum during his sophomore year came with surgery and a bottle of pills that wound up doing far more damage than the hit that injured him.Thats when the whirlwind started, Matt said. I was introduced to pain pills. I was in my dorm, living on my own and didnt really have anyone to hold me accountable. Dont get me wrong, I was an adrenaline seeker. I loved the adrenaline rush, an opium rush, any of that. Anything that made me feel good, I liked.Thinking back to when I was younger, I had this addictive personality. Anything that made me feel good, I wanted more of. That started with the gym, really. That was my first addiction. I was working out before practice, before school, during football, after football.Eventually that effect would wear off for him. By the time he was physically ready to get back on the practice field or in the gym, Matt was already focused on chasing a different high.What started as a recovery process instead spiraled violently the other way. And for a while he was able to continue functioning, making it through some classes, passing some qualification tests and holding down a couple of jobs, but the addiction was taking hold.Well, you know, everyones rock bottom is different, Matt said. Rock bottom is when you quit digging. For me, it was bouncing between those two jobs and sleeping in my car. Sleeping at the drug house, sleeping on the floor there -- it was bad. I mean, I couldnt go home. They heated the house with a stove. There were mice and everything. It was terrible, dirty, [like the kind of] place you see on TV you would never think you would be.There I was. I was f------ there. Sleeping on the floor, scraping change to get a dollar to get a cheeseburger. And I lost my family. They didnt want anything to do with me, they still cared, but it was from a distance.That mission that started in the Metro Fitness had been accomplished. Pat Elflein had just arrived at Ohio State, was battling for a job on the offensive line and ready to achieve everything hed talked about with Matt over the years.But he was distracted, hurting and trying to figure out how to help a brother he barely recognized anymore.It was one of the worst things Ive ever been through, Pat said. Going from someone who was so close to you and you looked up to so much, goes through this disease and it just changes who that person is. This person is now lying to you, stealing from you and is doing whatever they can to get that fix. Theyre a totally different person, and they dont have control over that.Its tough not knowing if hes coming home that night, where hes at, where hes sleeping because hes not sleeping at home. Its really a tough situation.That was certainly obvious to those around the Buckeyes, who could see that Pats mind was often elsewhere.The young offensive lineman had his own future and career about which to worry. And while he wanted to be around to support Matt, thats not always possible for somebody in the middle of a football season.Yeah, it was awful, coach Urban Meyer said. Pat is like a family member, and my wife Shelley is very close with him. She deals with addiction -- thats her career, shes a psychiatric nurse and shes incredible. Shes helped other players and players families, so we actually got all together. I love Pat, theres nothing I wont do for him.If someone you love is dealing with a hard time, his reaction didnt surprise me. And how he ended up dealing with it didnt surprise me. Hes an All-American center, but hes also an all-American person, which is even more important. I didnt want him to go through this by himself.Nobody can go through it alone.Matt fought that message four times, leaving rehab stints early and believing he had the answers for the problem without the help. Eventually it started to sink in as the distance between his younger brother and the family continued to grow.I was just hard-headed and refused to listen to the people that have all these degrees hanging on their wall or 15 years sobriety -- I thought I was different, that I could do it on my own, Matt said. Well, I couldnt. Finally my mom found me at work, like 5:30 in the morning, took me to McDonalds, got me a big orange juice and a steak-egg-and-cheese bagel, it was so good. Then we sat down and talked, cried, she came to me and she found me, but I was like, I need help. I need to go to rehab.I went back to work, she called me about three hours later and said, So, you want to go to rehab? Your plane leaves at 6. It arrived in Florida. After 47 days of inpatient treatment, the corner was turned. Three years later, hes sober, a project manager at work, a part-time firefighter, new dad -- and a rock again for his little brother.Pat Elflein stood on a stage at his high school in Pickerington, flanked by a senator on one side and an Army general on the other.His youth football coach, Wayne Campbell, who founded a nonprofit organization to fight drug usage called Tylers Light and had organized the event for more than 600 students as part of the push for drug-free clubs across Ohio, was in the audience.The Ohio State center was supposed to have 10 minutes to speak about his own experiences with his family, and Campbell was waving his hand to tell Elflein to wind it down.He just put his head down and said, Ive got another story to tell you, Campbell said. I went, Oh no, hes going way over. Pat what are you doing?Then he starts telling this story about his friend, I had never heard it because it just happened -- this place came to a standstill. You could hear a pin drop. Now Im thinking, It was meant to be. Im glad I didnt wave him off the stage and he got to say that part. Hes got it from a personal perspective, then his best friend.Drugs had just stolen another relationship with Elflein, this time for good. And while in this case there was no sign of a battle with addiction, Zach Hemmilas death hit Elflein hard after his childhood friend died in his sleep with a toxic mix of prescription pills in his bloodstream.The Arizona center had grown up down the street from him in Pickerington, best friends until a job took the Hemmila family to Phoenix -- where he would develop into another No. 65 on a Power 5 offensive line.Speaking to those kids kind of like fired off a rocket, Campbell said. Hes come to some awareness events before, and hell get up on the stage and talk. This was a completely different deal -- and the thing is, its away from football. We know youre popular over here, but look over here.He used that platform, and I think he really got excited about the feedback he got. Kids were just surrounding him. Pat, hes an All-American at Ohio State, but they wanted to talk about this. They didnt just want an autograph, they wanted to talk about this issue with him, which is really cool.The phone buzzes around three times each day, one Elflein to another.The fight never ends, but the older brother has a new habit for his addictive personality to chase -- staying sober. And when little brother needs a little motivation, he knows one easy way to find it.Hes my rock, thats my man, Pat said. If theres ever something I need, ups and downs, he calls me, I call him.Weve been through it all together.There was even another shoulder issue in the family to get through recently. And even though it was just a minor scope for Pat, there was another bottle of prescription pills around that couldnt help but give something of a scare to an otherwise imposing 6-foot-3, 300-pound lineman.Oh yeah, because I know how easy that stuff is to get addicted to, Pat Elflein said. I had my mom hold on to it so she was giving it to me when I needed it. Right when I felt like I didnt need it anymore, we got rid of them. They were gone.As soon as I could tolerate the pain with just Ibuprofen or something over the counter relief, those things were gone.That was one lesson among many learned the hard way.And now its a new message for the Elfleins to deliver when they stand behind somebody else needing a lift.It gives me chills to hear him speak, Matt said. Thats why Im so open about it as well. Addiction is a vicious cycle, and I feel that pain.Oh man, this is just all about helping other people.After having drugs splinter a one-of-a-kind bond, now the brothers can help tackle that problem together. Cedric Killings Jersey Store.500 on the season. The Jets are now 0-5-1 in the second game of back-to-backs. The game started the same way the Vancouver game started the night before, with the Jets taking the first two penalties of the game and killing off the first, but the Oilers getting on the board first, scoring on the second man-advantage. Bill Baumgartner Jersey Store. With the first unit struggling of late and Amir Johnson - one of the teams iron men - hobbling on an injured right ankle, Patterson knew he could get the nod in a challenging matchup against one of the leagues up and coming players at his position. https://www.chinacheapjerseys.net/peter-shorts-jersey-store/. LOUIS -- Valtteri Filppula assisted on three of Tampa Bays four goals, and the Lightning beat the St. Bobo Wilson Jersey Store. 1 position. The Mustangs (6-0), who beat Queens 50-31 last weekend, earned 17 first-place votes and 287 points in voting by the Football Reporters of Canada. Western was last ranked first in the country in October 2011. John Shonk Jersey Store. The Cleveland Indians, Tampa Bay Rays, and Texas Rangers all won on Sunday meaning the Rangers will host the Rays in a play-in game on Monday. If there is a mantra being whispered around the Washington Capitals camp?this fall it is this: If not now, when? And the answer is, If not now, then look out.The Caps are coming off a dominating regular season during which they won the Presidents Trophy by an 11-point margin over the Western Conference leader?Dallas Stars.? Washington finished 16 points ahead of the second-place?Pittsburgh Penguins?in the Metropolitan Division. Unfortunately for the Capitals, a familiar playoff scenario played out when they were knocked off by the Pens, the eventual Stanley Cup champions, in six games in the second round.You can make an argument we were right there with them the whole way, general manager Brian MacLellan said in a recent interview. Anything can happen in the playoffs. Thats life. But, as MacLellan acknowledged, for a Capitals team that has never won a Stanley Cup and hasnt been to the conference finals since 1998 (which is also the only time theyve reached a Cup finals), its a painfully familiar storyline.Its a never-ending narrative with us. But I like where were at, he said.Best new facesMacLellan looked at his lineup, which includes the defending Vezina Trophy winner Braden Holtby and perennial goal-scoring champ Alex Ovechkin, and decided there wasnt much he lacked. And hes right.The big addition was third-line center Lars Eller, who was acquired from the Montreal Canadiens for a pair of draft picks. MacLellan thinks Eller has better offensive tools than he has shown thus far. He skates well, has good vision and is big and strong. Hes got a lot of great attributes, MacLellan says of the 27-year-old Dane.If he works out, the Caps will be as good as theyve ever been down the middle, where Eller will fall in behind Nicklas Backstrom and Evgeny Kuznetsov, with Jay Beagle handling fourth-line pivot duties. The departure of Jason Chimera, a solid third-liner, will open up more opportunities for someone like Andre Burakovsky, who now has a chance to prove hes got a significant top end offensively.Biggest unknownsWhen youre as good as the Capitals werre for so much of last season -- they were second in goals allowed and goals scored per game, fifth on the power play and second on the penalty kill -- how do you get jazzed for another 82-game grind?We see this all the time with Cup winners or teams that fall just short.dddddddddddd They need to find motivation to stick to the game plan and play correctly in October while looking ahead to April. Of course, one assumes that getting bounced early in the playoffs will be its own motivation, but its a valid concern with a team that was as dominant as the Caps were last regular season. The biggest thing we have to guard against is [thinking, Lets just get to the playoffs right now and see what weve got, MacLellan said.Other issues: Can Ovechkin stay as durable as he has been, given his rough-and-tumble style of play? And will Kuznetsov continue his arc toward stardom after a disappointing postseason and an up-and-down World Cup of Hockey?Sure thingsWell, there are sure things, like Ovechkin challenging to win a goal-scoring title, Holtby being in the mix for a second consecutive Vezina Trophy and the Caps being very hard to play against under head coach Barry Trotz.And, yes, Washington will still light it up offensively. But the other certainty is that if there isnt success this season, next summer will be a time of great change. Wings?T.J. Oshie and Justin Williams are entering contract years, as is homegrown blueliner?Karl Alzner. MacLellan had a two-year plan for this team when he brought in Oshie and Williams last offseason to get them over the hump. One down, one to go.PredictionNobody will be sleeping on Trotzs watch, and the rest of the coaching staff, several members of which were courted by other teams looking for head coaches during the offseason, is top-notch. So dont expect much of a regular-season drop-off for a Capitals team that will once again be among the leagues finest. First in the Metropolitan Division. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

Rookie first-round pick Shaq Lawson will make his NFL debut

Sources indicate that Miami might scrap its feather striping and go with a simpler look as soon as can get the jerseys in (additional info here):?In addition, the Canes have posted their full home and road jersey schedule for the upcoming season:Click here for Lukas complete Uni Watch 2016 college football preview. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Jersey. At a news conference Tuesday where it was thought that the fiery Schallibaum may be shown the door after a dismal finish to the Major League Soccer season, team president Joey Saputo said no decision has been made on whether the Swiss Volcano will be back in 2014. Custom Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys. But Bourque, who has missed three games with a lower-body injury, wont be in the lineup when the Habs travel to Buffalo to take on the Sabres on Wednesday. https://www.cheapthunder.com/131h-al-wood-jersey-thunder.html. The move comes after the Canadiens were approached by the Buffalo Sabres for permission to speak to Dudley - a former Sabres player and head coach. "The Sabres called for permission and I appreciate that, Im flattered, Dudley told TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun of ESPN. Oklahoma City Thunder Store. - Connor McDavid scored 53 seconds into overtime as the Erie Otters came from behind to defeat the visiting Guelph Storm 4-3 on Saturday in Ontario Hockey League action. Cheap Thunder Jerseys. Giroud, who wasnt in the starting lineup for two matches after allegations about his private life and a decline in form, scored twice in the first half. Tomas Rosickys chip made it 3-0 before half time at Emirates Stadium, while defender Laurent Koscielny scored an unmarked header in the second half. Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy?will play Sunday against the Dolphins in Miami, but he could be on a snap count, a source told ESPNs Adam Schefter.?McCoy was listed as questionable for the game after suffering a hamstring injury in practice Wednesday but was not among the teams inactives Sunday.McCoy could play 25 to 35 snaps, but if hes feeling good, the Bills could allow him to keep running, depending on how the hamstring feels, the source told Schefter.?McCoy traveled with the Bills to Miami on Saturday. That came a day after he returned to practice on a limited basis.?I just felt all right, McCoy said of his return to practice Friday. I didnt do a lot of reps today. Just was real limited, just seeing how I feel.McCoy also hurt his left hamstring in a training camp practice in August 2015, an injury that lingered into the regular season and eventually caused him to miss two games in October.However,, McCoy said his injury this week was not nearly as bad as [last year].dddddddddddd So thats a good thing.A well-placed source told ESPNs Josina Anderson on Thursday that McCoy would not play against the Dolphins.If McCoy is limited Sunday, Mike Gillislee likely will see additional action at running back for Buffalo, which has won four straight.?In other Bills injury news, wideout Robert Woods, listed as doubtful with a foot injury, is inactive. Fellow receiver Justin Hunter is expected to start.Defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, listed as doubtful with a hamstring injury, is inactive.Rookie first-round pick Shaq Lawson will make his NFL debut after undergoing offseason shoulder surgery and coming off the physically unable to perform list.?ESPNs Mike Rodak contributed to this report. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

f 31 for 207 yards for Western Carolina and Detrez

When the New England Patriots acquired tight end Martellus Bennett, the idea was that he would form a dynamic duo with Rob Gronkowski that would strike fear into defenses.Gronk took to Twitter on Tuesday to poke fun at his fellow tight end -- and maybe make him a little less intimidating to defenses -- by posting a picture of Bennett in a Pikachu costume:According to Pokemon.com, a Pikachu is just over a foot tall and weighs in at 13.2 pounds, which would make Bennett -- listed at 6-foot-6, 275 pounds -- a very, very large Pikachu. Bennett hit back on Twitter:Bennett wore the costume for a visit to Bostons Childrens Hospital, where he read to the children. Meanwhile, the Patriots hope that both tight ends catch a lot of touchdowns this season ... and maybe worry a little less about Pokemon, unless its for a good cause.--Sam Henken Air Force 1 Mid Uomo. In taking its goal tally to 99 in all competitions already this season, City delivered another demonstration of its lethal firepower at Etihad Stadium to set up a fourth-round match at home to another second-tier team -- Watford. Air Force 1 Mid Nere. Pettersen, winner of last years Evian Championships, had nine birdies and three bogeys, holding off a series of challengers led by Marion Ricordeau of France. The second-ranked Norwegian made her season debut after missing the LPGA Tours opening event last month in the Bahamas because of a shoulder injury. http://www.airforce1outletitalia.it/. JOHNS, N. Air Force 1 Low Outlet Italia. "It doesnt get any better than that," Giambi said. "Im speechless." The Indians are roaring toward October. Giambi belted a two-run, pinch-hit homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give Cleveland a shocking 5-4 win over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, keeping the Indians up with the lead pack in the AL wild-card race. Lunar Force 1 Italia. A knee to the thigh might have stung him the most, but his sixth straight double-double made up for the brief burst of pain. CULLOWHEE, N.C. -- Tyrie Adams threw a 53-yard touchdown pass to Terryon Robinson with 54 seconds to play to lift Western Carolina to a 32-29 win over VMI on Saturday.The Catamounts (2-7, 1-6 Southern Conference) went 80 yards in five plays after Tahjai Watt blocked a 34-yard field goal attempt by Dillon Christopher of the Keydets (3-6, 1-5) with 1:37 left in the game.Adams completed four of five passes on the final possession and hit Spearman Robinson for a 2-point conversion.On the final possession, a Trey Morgan interception was wiped out by a peersonal foul penalty that moved the ball to midfield.dddddddddddd. Another penalty put the ball at the WCU 35, but on third down Morgan intercepted Austin Coulling again at the Catamounts 11 with 15 seconds to play.Adams finished 21 of 31 for 207 yards for Western Carolina and Detrez Newsome ran for 111 yards.Coulling was 18 of 25 for 261 yards but was intercepted three times. Daz Palmer ran for 136 yards and a touchdown. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

Bradwell was scheduled to become a free agent

MIAMI -- The Florida Supreme Court has suspended a lawyer from practice for 91 days for her actions in the NCAA investigation of University of Miami athletics.The court Thursday agreed to the Florida Bar recommendation in the case of attorney Maria Elena Perez. She was accused of violating legal ethics by sharing information with the NCAA from witnesses she interviewed while representing former Hurricanes booster Nevin Shapiro in a bankruptcy case.Shapiro is a convicted Ponzi scheme operator whose improper actions with recruits, athletes and staffers prompted the NCAA to strip Miami of football scholarships and put its athletics department on probation.The NCAA acknowledged it was wrong to pay more than $18,000 to Perez for information from Shapiro witnesses.Perez did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment. Air Force 1 Low Noir. Numbers Game examines the deal that sees Michael Del Zotto and Kevin Klein switch places. The Predators Get: D Michael Del Zotto. Air Force 1 Low Pas Cher. Most important, perhaps, it went off without a hitch. Organizers poked a little fun at the now-infamous opening ceremony gaffe that saw only four out of five snowflakes open up into rings, leaving the Olympics logo one ring short. http://www.siteairforce1pascher.fr/air-force-1-07-soldes/femme.html. The Croatian served 21 aces and hit 42 winners against Sijsling, who double-faulted to give Cilic a 4-3 lead in the deciding set. "All the players, they know me and they were really happy to see me and they were really happy that this is over for me," Cilic said. Nike Air Force 1 Low Soldes.com) - The Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks both take aim at their first wins of the season on Saturday, as the Canucks open their home slate at Rogers Arena. Air Force 1 Shell Pas Cher. Bradwell was scheduled to become a free agent Tuesday. Born and raised in Toronto, Bradwell is entering his sixth CFL season, with all six played for his hometown Argonauts. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

efore powering home to claim the title of

LONDON -- Milos Raonic knocked out Roger Federer on his way to the Wimbledon final and had been crashing down serves at more than 140mph.The great John McEnroe, in the 25-year-olds coaching corner, had his confidence flowing, too, and Andy Murray had a fight on his hands on Centre Court on Sunday.This was how the world No.2 took care of the talented Candians strengths and proved himself a great champion:Serving styleMurray usually tells it pretty much as it is, but when he said: I served very well and knew Id have to, he was being modest with the first part of his statement.He had won only 67 percent of his first-serve points in his previous 10 Grand Slam finals. As the graphic shows, he won 86 percent against Raonic. Even more remarkably, he only lost one point in the entire match when his first serve was hit to the forehand, the No. 6-seeds strength.The Briton did this predominantly by directing his serve down the Centre Court T, especially on the advantage court, making Raonics returns more predictable and improving his chances of dictating the subsequent rallies.He lost only four points in this area in total and hit five of his eight aces there.Court coverageMurray has developed a great deal over the last few years as an aggressive player and is known now for the attacking positions he takes up on the court, particularly on his opponents second serve.He is also known as one of the fittest players on the tour, and the heat map shows that he took a central position on the baseline most of the time, trying to dictate from there.Sitting in the middle of the court, the graphic shows he was well-placed to cover the court when he had to; he ran a total of 2,367 metres in the match.Both players refusal to give up even the slightest chance of making a return was a noticeable feature of the match, and some of the Raonic smashes Murray was able to track down were particularly impressive.Brilliant backhandMurray sprayed the ball around superbly with his backhand throughout the final, producing some world-class passing shots.As the graphic above shows, he preferred to hit it cross-court most of the time, but went down the line enough to keep Raonic guessing.The match statistics tell the story on their own: Murray hit 15 winners on his backhand to the 3 of his opponent. He wasnt bad on his forehand, either, making only one unforced error on that shot to the Canadians 13. Darron Lee Super Bowl Jersey. Miikka Kiprusoff had just announced his retirement after a decade-long run in Calgary and it would be up to Berra and Ramo to fill the void. Mitchell Schwartz Super Bowl Jersey. White came in fourth place in the event. He was the two-time defending gold medallist. The gold medal went to Swiss snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov. http://www.thechiefsshoponline.com/Youth-emmanuel-ogbah-chiefs-jersey/. A big centre with all the tools to be an elite player, Johansen paced the Blue Jackets with a standout game Saturday night. He had a goal and two assists for a career-high three points as Columbus beat the New York Islanders 5-2 to snap a five-game losing streak. Damien Wilson Super Bowl Jersey. LOUIS -- Theres no telling how these wacky World Series games will end. Derrick Thomas Super Bowl Jersey. Ronaldo produced a spectacular individual performance on Tuesday, scoring all three goals and guiding Portugal into the next years World Cup in Brazil with a 3-2 victory in Sweden. The Real Madrid forward has scored 66 goals in 2013, but the last three may be the boost he needs to upstage Messi after FIFA unexpectedly extended the voting period for the Ballon dOr to Nov. Two days ago, the name Kyle Chalmers would have left a lot of people scratching their head -- even after he swam in Australias Olympic bronze medal-winning 4x100m freestyle relay. How things change.Chalmers is Australias latest sporting hero after he became the nations first Olympic 100m freestyle gold medalist since Mike Wenden in the 1968 Games in Mexico City.So who is Kyle Chalmers?His father, Brett Chalmers, is a South Australian football icon who built his reputation with state league club Port Adelaide. He played 120 games that earned four premierships as well as a Jack Oatey Medal as man of the match in the 1998 grand final. Chalmers also played a total of 75 games for both Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide in the Australian Football League, and the allure of football seemed to be drawing his son in.Growing up in Port Lincoln, South Australia, Kyle Chalmers dreamed of following in his fathers footsteps. He stumbled into swimming only when he decided to participate in a school swimming carnival for fun. But powered by his enormous feet -- size 11 at age 11 -- Kyle stormed to victory in his school carnival, and things snowballed. Seven hour-plus journeys to compete in South Australian championships became de rigueur, and his swimming rose to levels that saw him qualify for national titles and thus commit more time to swimming than to football.Chalmers broke his first national age record in 2012, in the 13-and-under 100m freestyle. Since then, he has claimed every Australian age record in this event and added the world junior mark in the heats at Rio 2016.Chalmers was competitive as an under-age entrant at the World Youth Olympics in 2014, but it wasnt until the 2015 world championships that he began to stand out from the crowd. Australia failed to qualify for the 4x100m freestyle relay final, but Chalmers clocked a 47.92 split as the second man off the blocks. Of the 120 swimmers who competed in the heats, Chalmers time was the third fastest.He stamped himself a swimmer to watch with three gold medals at the 2015 world junior championships in Singapore, where he touched the wall first in the 100m freestyle (48.dddddddddddd.47), 50m freestyle (22.19) and 4x100 freestyle relay (48.41 split). Attending school at Immanuel College in Adelaide, Chalmers decided to concentrate on his Olympics preparation while undertaking work experience at AFL club Port Adelaide.Although he went to the 2016 Australian Olympic trials in Adelaide as a rising star, he still had not made his name. With 2012 Olympic silver medalist James Magnussen missing automatic selection, Chalmers went under the radar, even after he finished second to golden boy Cam McEvoy in a time that broke the world junior record.Chalmers arrived in Rio de Janeiro still not spoken about in major circles, and it wasnt until his split time in the 4x100m freestyle heats that people began to take notice. His time of 47.04 was easily the quickest of any swimmer in the heats. Then Chalmers played a critical role in securing Australia the bronze medal in the final of the 4x100m relay, as he swam the second leg and moved Australia from eighth to second. Still, many still thought McEvoy was the Australian to beat in the individual event.Chalmers turned in a seventh-place finish in the semifinal of the 100m freestyle, and many thought he had too much to overcome. Having built his fast-finishing style on that of childhood idol Ian Thorpe, however, Chalmers knew he was a chance.With his now size 15 feet powering him along, he had what it took. Chalmers touched the wall in 47.88, the second-fastest qualifying time, behind defending champion Nathan Adrian (47.83) and ahead of McEvoy (47.93). He then produced an identical game plan in the final: After another slow start, he turned in seventh place before powering home to claim the title of sprint king.The allure of AFL still floats around, but the mantra of being Australias swimming icon -- and an Olympic champion -- should suffice for now. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

van de Pas (13) 6-2 Mark WebsterAdrian

The latest Olympic hero for China is not even a gold medalist.Fu Yuanhui is popular for simply being herself -- unafraid to show her unfiltered, wacky facial expressions and candid words.Her smile lit up the deck as she took a victory lap with the bronze medal around her neck for her performance in the 100-meter backstroke. She didnt care that it wasnt gold, even if her country has long pushed athletes to get to the top of the podium.As if to prove the point, she thanked herself.I want to tell myself that ... your perseverance and efforts in the past have not been in vain, Fu said. Though I didnt win first place, I have already surpassed myself.Her candor -- paired with animated facial expressions -- is a rarity among Chinese elite athletes, who have spent so much time in the rigid state sport system that their vocabulary is often robotically limited by the state parlance that puts the countrys honor and national pride first.Just six years ago, a senior Chinese official chided short-track speedskater Zhou Yang for failing to thank the country first and only mentioning her parents after winning gold in the 1,500-meter event at the Vancouver Olympics.For decades, the Chinese public has been obsessed with Olympic gold medals but turned their nose up on anything less than the top spot on the podium. They even were downright cruel to athletes who failed to win gold and considered it a shame to come only second.The adoration piled upon Fu as her followers on social media swelled to nearly 5 million from 56,000 this week, the latest sign that China is moving away from the gold-medal mentality and starting to respect sportsmanship and athletes as individuals.The Chinese society has indeed changed. We still have the collective desire to remain first-class in the world, but we are respecting individual rights, opined the state-run newspaper Global Times -- known for its nationalistic stance -- on Fus soaring popularity.Although Fu Yuanhui is an exception, it marks changes in the generation of younger athletes. The echoing applause by the Chinese public marks a shift in the societal awareness, wrote the editorial, suggesting that Chinas politics is partly to be blamed for the restraints and reservation often exhibited by Chinese athletes.Born in an average family in the prospering eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, Fu began to swim at 5 when her parents hoped the water exercise could improve her health and alleviate her asthma, according to a 2015 Chinese media report. Her talent emerged, and the girl was recruited into the municipal swimming team. Considered a genius in the pool, Fu competed in London but came home empty-handed. Unabashed, she reportedly joked she had drunk enough of the foot-washing water of other swimmers.Fu apparently has not considered the Olympic gold a must in her swimming career, a departure from state athletes who are tasked with winning for the sake of the country.On her 20th birthday in January, she posted this on her social media account: I know for what I live. I know the kind of life I want. Its simple. Joy. Loving Heart. Gratitude.This is what I want. Being outstanding or not, it does not matter.Her parents also put no pressure on her.We set no goal for her, but whats important is to enjoy the process and to be happy, her father, Fu Chunsheng, told local media in 2013. But theres one principle that she should feel no regret when she looks back on this experience after 10 years.It doesnt look like she will. The swimmer claimed she used primordial force in Rio, and the term became an instant meme in Chinas social media. And her exaggerated expression of surprise in learning her speed has gone viral:Incredible. I am that fast? she said. I am very satisfied. Travis Kelce Super Bowl Jersey. Aduriz headed home Markel Susaetas cross in the sixth minute to open the scoring at San Mames Stadium. He bettered that with a long-range blast that went in off the goal frame in the 18th, and converted a penalty in the 72nd after Diego Mainz was sent off for fouling Aduriz with only the goalkeeper to beat. Marcus Allen Super Bowl Jersey. The team said Saturday that Lopez was hurt during its 121-120 overtime loss at Philadelphia on Friday. The Nets said they would issue another update next week after consultation with their doctors. http://www.thechiefsshoponline.com/Youth-Derrick-Nnadi-Chiefs-Jersey/. Here are his mid-season NBA awards. MVP: (KEVIN DURANT-Thunder) - Has been sensational this season and more importantly, the most consistent player in the league. Considering that his team has been without star guard Russell Westbrook and with the free agent departure of sharpshooter Kevin Martin, hes had to carry the majority of the load to not only keep his team afloat but more importantly, at an elite level. Martinas Rankin Super Bowl Jersey. The quest begins with what is supposed to be an easy one, although Germany has traditionally been a stubborn opponent to Canadian teams at international tournaments. Juan Thornhill Super Bowl Jersey. The 18-year-old American had five birdies in her bogey-free round for a 17-under total of 196. Lee held the overnight lead but mixed three birdies with two bogeys for a 70.Michael van Gerwen made a winning start to his defence of the Dutch Darts Masters title by defeating John Henderson on Saturday, but Gary Anderson was knocked out by Mervyn King. World No 1 Van Gerwen is bidding to win the PDC European Tour event in his home country for a third successive year and opened in style by taking five straight legs against Henderson, including an 11-darter, before securing a 6-3 win.The Scot hit back with three straight legs, but Van Gerwen landed his first 180 of the game in a 12-darter as he sealed victory by finishing 81 on the bull. He will play Justin Pipe next. You always try to win as easily as possible but I made it a bit difficult for myself Michael van Gerwen You always try to win as easily as possible but I made it a bit difficult for myself, said Van Gerwen. If you can win five legs in a row, you can also lose three, and I did that.Tomorrows a big day and I need to prepare myself but I know I can beat everyone when I play well and I want to do that on Sunday. Gary Anderson has crashed out early Anderson hit back from 2-0 down to level his clash with King, but the Norfolk thrower produced a key 11-darter as he pulled away for a 6-4 victory.ddddddddddddGarys a double world champion and youve got to take the game to him, and I did that, said King. Hollands got a special place in my heart. Ive been over here for more years than I care to remember and the crowds are top drawer. Saturday February 13 - Second RoundJustin Pipe (16) 6-5 Jamie LewisTerry Jenkins (11) 6-1 James RichardsonBrendan Dolan (14) 4-6 Daryl GurneyMensur Suljovic (15) 6-1 Rowby-John RodriguezIan White (7) 4-6 Simon WhitlockDave Chisnall (8) 6-3 Kevin ThomasJames Wade (4) 6-3 Ryan HarringtonJelle Klaasen (10) 6-4 Kevin PainterKim Hubrechts (5) 2-6 Devon PetersenMichael Smith (2) 6-3 Gerwyn PriceMichael van Gerwen (1) 6-3 John HendersonGary Anderson (12) 4-6 Mervyn KingBenito van de Pas (13) 6-2 Mark WebsterAdrian Lewis (6) 6-1 Remco van EijdenPeter Wright (3) 6-4 Stephen Bunting Also See: Sky Bets darts odds On Sky TV Schedule/Results Features Get Sky Sports Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

Tabb led Bethune-Cookman

Top-seeded Sara Errani beat Barbora Zahlavova Strycova at the Italiacom Open again, this time to reach the quarterfinals on Wednesday. Errani won 6-3, 6-2, a year after beating Zahlavova Strycova in the final for her second Palermo title. Errani will next face seventh-seeded Silvia Soler-Espinosa of Spain, who progressed after Croatian opponent Mirjana Lucic-Baroni retired while trailing 6-2, 1-0. Five-time winner Anabel Medina Garrigues was knocked out 6-1, 6-1 by Dinah Pfizenmaier of Germany. Renata Voracova of the Czech Republic also won her second-round match against local wild card Corinna Dentoni 7-5, 6-1. In the only first-round match, third-seeded Kristina Mladenovic of France rescued six set points on her way to a 6-1, 7-6 (5) victory over Portuguese qualifier Maria Joao Koehler. San Antonio Spurs Store. The 26-year-old Ireland striker, who has four goals this season, has signed a three-and-a-half year contract with his new club. Derrick White Jersey. The Lightning are 2-0 so far on a four-game road trip, giving the club five straight wins as the guest and improving Tampas away record this season to 11-8-2. https://www.cheapspurs.com/286j-david-robinson-jersey-spurs.html. It was the second consecutive win for the Pacers (2-5), who lost their first five preseason games. Jeff Teague led the Hawks (1-5) with 17 points and eight assists and Al Horford had 12 points and seven rebounds. Mike Scott scored 15 of his 17 points in the second half. Dennis Rodman Jersey.Y. - General manager Billy King says the Brooklyn Nets are looking to add a big man and confirmed the team worked out centre Jason Collins, who would become the first openly gay active NBA player if signed. Sean Elliott Jersey. Calgary scored on the first shift, and Michael Cammalleri scored twice as the Flames cruised to a 5-2 win over the Washington Capitals on Saturday. DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- J.R. Holder had 18 points, Devin Harris made 5 of 7 from the field and scored 12 with seven rebounds and Jacksonville held off Bethune-Cookman for a 76-66 win on Monday night.Darius Dawkins hit three 3-pointers and added 14 points, Darien Fernandez scored 13 and Cody Helgeland had 11 points for Jacksonville.Antwon Claytons dunk gave the Dolphins (6-3) a 15-point lead, their biggest, with 14:10 to go. Brandon Tabbs layup about six minutes later capped a 16-4 run by Bethune-Cookman that madde it 59-56 but the Wildcats got no closer.dddddddddddd Dawkins made a 3 that made it 68-61 with 3:31 left and Jacksonville made 6-of-6 free throws from there to seal it.Tabb led Bethune-Cookman (2-7) with 27 points, including six 3-pointers. He has scored 20-plus points in six of the last seven games.Jacksonville made 21 of 25 from the free-throw line while the Wildcats hit 9 of 17. Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

sixth-seeded Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic beat 1

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -- Prosecutors charged Western Michigan basketball player Jovieair Kennedy with murder and armed robbery Monday, accusing him of gunning down a fellow student during a robbery of a cellphone and money.Kennedy, 20, was arraigned Monday in the shooting of 19-year-old Jacob Jones at an off-campus Kalamazoo apartment on Thursday. Kennedy, who is from Muskegon, was denied bond and did not yet have an attorney.Kennedy is charged with murder, armed robbery and using a gun during a felony. The charging document says others were present.An uncle, Lucious Kennedy, told WWMT-TV at the courthouse: I dont know who did it but I feel bad for the family. This aint my nephew.On Friday, WMU athletic director Kathy Beauregard said an athlete had been suspended after being identified by police as a person of interest in the shooting. She didnt identify the athlete or the sport the student participated in.Kennedy, who has appeared in eight games for the Broncos this season, was not on the roster for Saturdays home game against James Madison. The school would not confirm that Kennedy was the athlete identified by police, but coach Steve Hawkins spoke a bit in general terms about the situation after the game.Its a devastating loss for our university. Its a devastating tragedy for everybody involved, Hawkins said Saturday. Lives were changed forever, and so, were very, very respectful of that. Were very shook by the whole thing. Now, its up to us to try and -- as you always do, trying to mentor young people -- you just try and pick up the pieces and move forward. Theres a lot not known. So thats where were at.Kennedy signed a letter of intent in 2015 to play for WMU. After redshirting in 2015-16, he was averaging 7.4 minutes a game this season.The Kalamazoo area has had to deal with several tragic events this year, including the random fatal shootings of six people and wounding of two others in February. In June, five bicyclists were killed in a road crash in Kalamazoo Countys Cooper Township.P.J. Fleck, the coach of WMUs undefeated football team, said earlier this month he hoped his team had been able to provide some energy and hope for the area.---Associated Press writer Ed White contributed to this report.---More AP college basketball: www.collegebasketball.ap.org and https://twitter.com/AP-Top25 Lonnie Shelton Jersey.Y. -- Canadas Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse have another World Cup gold medal after winning the two-women bobsled race on Saturday in Lake Placid, N. Mike Muscala Jersey. "No difference at all," chirped U.S. roommate and linemate James van Riemsdyk. "Its still the same cranky Phil. https://www.cheapthunder.com/471h-gary-payton-jersey-thunder.html. -- Matt Ryan needed one of the best games of his career to lead the Falcons and their depleted offence out of their three-game losing streak last week. Xavier McDaniel Jersey. LOUIS -- Roman Polak was celebrating even before Alexander Steen scored the winning goal in Saturdays 4-2 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. Hamidou Diallo Jersey. -- Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson asked his players a simple question during Fridays morning shootaround: How many of them had ever been on a team 14 games over . TORONTO -- Top-seeded Serena Williams advanced to the Rogers Cup quarterfinals Thursday, beating 13th-seeded Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium 6-0, 6-3. Williams, coming off a tournament victory 2 1/2 weeks ago in the Swedish Open, set up a match Friday against Slovakias Magdalena Rybarikova. "She wasnt able to play her game as much as she wanted to," Williams said. "When you play such a high-ranked player, you have to go in there with the mindset of do the best you can before they can step all over you." Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli retired because of an abdominal injury early in the second set of her match against Rybarikova. "Kind of excess of tiredness and exhaustion on my body," Bartoli said. "The pain is so large and we cant really say right now exactly (if) there is a tear at some point or if its just like a huge tightness." Rybarikova led 7-6 (5), 1-0 when the seventh-seeded Bartoli stopped playing. Playing her first event since returning from a hamstring injury that sidelined her since her major victory in London, Bartoli was in obvious discomfort ass she walked to the player bench area, where she had a trainer stretch her arm and leg.dddddddddddd. "Everything that happened for me since a month (ago), its not without any tiredness," Bartoli said. "It took me so much energy to win my first Grand Slam that at some point I will have a kind of low and its normal. Im human. At the end of the day I cant be winning after winning after winning without feeling at some point a kind of exhaustion." Earlier, fourth-seeded Li Na of China fought back from a three-game deficit in the final set for a 3-6, 6-1, 7-6 (5) victory over Serbias Ana Ivanovic. Third-seeded Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland also advanced to the quarterfinals, beating American Sloane Stephens 6-1, 7-6 (2). Fifth-seeded Sara Errani of Italy beat Alize Cornet of France 7-5, 7-6 (3); and Romanias Sorana Cirstea edged Serbias Jelena Jankovic 6-3, 6-4. In late matches, sixth-seeded Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic beat 12th-seeded Samantha Stosur of Australia 6-3, 6-3; and Slovakias Dominika Cibulkova topped 10th-seeded Roberta Vinci of Italy 6-3, 7-6 (4). Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

Johnson was 6 of 8 from long range for 28

PRO FOOTBALLTAMPA, Fla. -- Tampa Bay receiver Mike Evans sat during the national anthem Sunday, saying hes disheartened by the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.The third-year pro said his protest before the game against the Chicago Bears was because he feels electing a reality television star to the highest office in the nation is not a good look for America.I dont want to disrespect the veterans or anything. The men and women that serve this country, Im forever indebted to them. But the things that have been going on in America lately, Im not going to stand for that, Evans said.I told myself, `If this character -- Im not big on politics or things like that -- but I told myself, `If this happens, then America is not right right now, Tampa Bays leading receiver added. I said it a long time ago. When he ran I thought it was a joke. The joke continues.COLLEGE FOOTBALLWACO, Texas -- Baylor quarterback Seth Russell will have surgery on his fractured left ankle.The school announced the decision but didnt say when the senior quarterback would have the surgery that will force him to miss the regular season. It is also expected to end his Baylor career, even though the Bears (6-3) are already bowl eligible.Russell suffered the gruesome injury in the third quarter of Baylors 45-24 loss at Big 12-leading Oklahoma on Saturday.Russell has thrown for 2,126 yards and 20 touchdowns this season with eight interceptions, and also has 506 yards rushing with eight more scores. His 5,461 career yards passing is seventh in Baylor history, and his 60 TD passes rank third behind Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III (78) and Bryce Petty (62).Before the Bears lost their last three games, Russell had won his first 14 games as their starter.TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Alabama coach Nick Saban says he forgot about Election Day, not about voting.The top-ranked Crimson Tides coach said he had an absentee ballot. The comment came in response to an unrelated question.On Wednesday, Saban responded to a question about the presidential election by saying that he didnt even know yesterday was Election Day.He also added that, It was so important to me that I didnt even know it was happening. Were focused on other things here.Saban says he never said he didnt vote but that his remarks got blown up into a big story.He says Tuesdays are the busiest day of the week for the coaches.Saban and Auburns Gus Malzahn had filmed ads during the campaign season urging Alabama residents to vote.OLYMPICSDOHA, Qatar -- The IOC is backing Craig Reedies bid for a new three-year term as president of the World Anti-Doping Agency, despite the tensions that broke out between the two sides over the Russian doping scandal.The support for Reedie to continue in his role came after he assured the International Olympic Committee that he would respect the rules and responsibilities of WADA and its stakeholders, suggesting the agency will refrain in the future from publicly calling for a nation to be barred from the Olympics, as it did with Russia before the games in Rio de Janeiro.Reedie, a Briton who has been WADA president since 2013, is up for re-election at agency meetings in Glasgow, Scotland, next weekend. No other candidates have been put forward.The backing for Reedie was contained in a letter from the IOC to all of its 98 members. A copy of the letter was obtained by The Associated Press.SOCCERJUBA, South Sudan -- Gunmen attacked a bus carrying players and officials of one of South Sudans top-flight soccer clubs, killing the driver and injuring six others.The Confederation of African Football says the Young Stars team was traveling from the capital Juba back to their hometown of Torit when the attack happened.CAF says the club chairman was among the injured. It says the gunmen were unidentified.The Young Stars were going home after losing in the South Sudan Cup final.CAF says the bus attack followed an attack on a bar in Juba, where gunmen opened fire on people watching a soccer game on TV, killing 11.South Sudan has been in a near-constant state of civil war since it gained independence from Sudan in 2011.MOSCOW -- Russias national soccer team is often attacked for poor performances, but players will be paying special attention to their latest critic.With the 2018 World Cup hosts struggling on the field, Vladimir Putin isnt amused.The Russian president said to be honest, we havent seen beautiful play from the national team for a long time.Speaking two days after Russia lost 2-1 to Qatar in a friendly, Putins remarks were reported by state news agencies on Saturday.Russia has won just one of its last 10 games and crashed out of this summers European Championship without winning a game. Despite all this, the team has been set a target of reaching the semifinals in 2018.Russias next game is a friendly against Romania on Tuesday in Grozny, the capital of the Russian region of Chechnya. Wholesale Jerseys 2022.C. -- Rodney Hood connected from all over the court while freshman Jabari Parker was busy swatting shots and scoring in transition. Wholesale Jerseys. The Lightning are 2-0 so far on a four-game road trip, giving the club five straight wins as the guest and improving Tampas away record this season to 11-8-2. https://www.wholesalejerseysaaa.com/. First off, the fans ripped the Cubbies introduction of a fuzzy new kid-friendly mascot named "Clark". Wholesale Jerseys China. -- About a third of the way through the regular season, the Washington Wizards are at . Wholesale NFL Jerseys. In Europe, top teams seem to be largely happy with their squads after spending nearly $1 billion in the off-season. And although English league clubs are unlikely to splash cash in January, Arsenal and Chelsea could be tempted to strengthen their squads with new strikers. SAN ANTONIO -- Egor Koulechov made all six of his 3-point attempts for a career-high 35 points as Rice pulled away late to beat Incarnate Word 87-79 on Saturday.Koulechov was 10 of 16 from the floor and grabbed 13 rebounds for Rice (5-1), which has won four straight. Koulechov also made 9 of 10 from the line.The Owls held a 40-34 halftime advantage. Incarnate Word battled back to tie at 51 following Jordan Kites trey with 12:17 left. The Cardinals were either tied or cloose behind, but never took the lead in the second half.ddddddddddddMarcus Evans, who finished with 20 points, hit a jumper and Rice made 11 free throws down the stretch to hold on for the win.Shawn Johnson was 6 of 8 from long range for 28 points and grabbed 10 rebounds and had three steals for Incarnate Word (2-2). Simi Socks added 20 points. 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