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Guide to BCW and Ultra Pro Trading Card Toploaders

Guide to BCW and Ultra Pro Trading Card Toploaders A trading card toploader is a plastic card holder, which is used to protect your sports or game cards from tearing, bending and getting damaged at their edges and corners. As the name suggest, a toploader allows cards to slide into the holder from the top. In many cases, it is used together with a soft sleeve in order to provide more protection to the cards. Trading card toploaders are important because they keep your cards clean, neat and presentable.Get more news about toploader holder production,you can vist our website! Depending on the type, thickness and size of cards you intend to keep or display, there are various types of toploaders in the market from which you can choose your favorite brand. The most famous toploaders in the contemporary market are the BCW and Ultra Pro brands. In this article, I will provide you with a complete guide to the two major brands of card protection goodies. BCW Toploaders for Standard Size Cards This type of BCW toploaders are used to hold cards with standard thickness and dimensions. These sort of cards are made using standard sized papers. Compared to thick or larger trading cards, standards cards are more delicate and vulnerable to physical damage and careless handling. 1. BCW 3 x 4 mm Standard Toploader-25ct Pack The BCW 3 x 4 is the most popular toploader in the collectible card industry because of its standard size and attractiveness. Coming in a pack that contains 25 toploaders, this product is essential in protecting, storing and displaying various types of collectible trading cards. Some of the cards it can store include football, baseball magic cards, hokey, Dragonball Z and Pokémon among other trading cards. The BCW toploader is made of 12-mil high-quality rigid PVC material that doesn’t contain stearates or plasticizers. 2. BCW 3×4 mm Premium Toploader-25ct Pack Just like the standard model, BCW 3×4 Premium card holder comes in a pack that contains 25 toploaders. The model is known by many consumers as the most rigid card holder. It offers maximum protecting, storage capacity and attractive display of your trading cards. Just like the standard model, you can use BCW 3×4 Premium model to hold different types of collectible cards, such as football cards, hokey cards, baseball cards, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering among other trading cards. It is also made of high-impact grade PVC material, which neither contain stearates nor plasticizers. The BCW Premium toploader holds standard size trading cards, with a crystal clear view. Its exterior dimensions measure 3” x 41/16” x 1/16”, while its interior dimensions measure 2” x 3 7/16” x 1/32”. It has similar features and dimensions with the Rookie Imprinted Gold BCW and Rookie Imprinted White BCW brands. 3. BCW Tobacco T-206 with Sleeves-10ct Pack A pack of this model is configured to contain 10 toploaders and 10 sleeves. Just like other BCW toploader models, Tobacco T-206 is made high-quality PVC materials that offer a rigid storage space for individual cards. This ensures maximum protection from physical damages, as well as attractive visual display of the cards. On the other hand, its BCW cards sleeves are made of high-quality polypropylene material that is crystal clear. The card holder provides a perfect storage and display for mini trading cards such as Topps T205, Allen, Topps T206 and Ginter among others. It helps in protecting your cards when handling them. The interior dimensions of each toploader measure 1 23/32” x 2 15/16”, while the exterior dimensions measure 2 1/16” x 3 1/8”. Dimensions of each sleeve measure 1 12/32” x 2 7/8”. The toploader is preferred for cards with 1 15/32” x 2 11/16” of dimensions.

7 Best Toploaders for Trading Cards in 2023

7 Best Toploaders for Trading Cards in 2023 It’s time to protect those rare Pokemon cards from even the slightest mark or crease as we check out the best toploaders for trading cards!Get more news about toploader holder manufacturer,you can vist our website! Trading cards have been around in one form or another for a very long time, but it’s only in recent years that collectors, traders and players of trading card games have caused a massive explosion in the need for their card collections to be protected. This means that there’s a huge number and variety of protective products on the market that’ll take care of your trading cards, with rigid toploaders being the best option if you have any expensive or particularly rare cards in your collection. The value of cards can reach four figure sums or in some cases, much more. Seriously, prepare to have your jaw dropped if you check out our rare Pikachu cards list, which goes to show why protection for trading cards is so important to many collectors. If you do have any of the most rare Magic The Gathering cards or some of these rare Pokemon cards, you’re definitely going to be wanting to take a look at this list! With Ultra Pro being such a reliable, respected and popular brand when it comes to protecting trading cards, it’s no surprise that we here at Retro Dodo recommend their standard clear Toploaders as the number one choice on our best Toploaders for trading cards list. These particular Premium Toploaders are acid-free (so your cards won’t become discoloured from long term storage) and clear in terms of their transparency. Which means that there’s no issue of clarity when it comes to being able to view the cards being protected by these toploaders. So not only are Ultra Pro products so consistently high quality, but they tend to be widely and readily available too, in numerous pack sizes – so you can be sure to find enough whenever you need to protect those high value cards (such as the most valuable McDonalds Pokemon cards!) One of the best trading card toploaders I own is by a company called Quiver. They are well known in the USA, but not so much here in the UK because of the shipping prices. But that aside, these are great toploaders that fit sleeves cards incredibly well. Each one holds the card very tightly, with close to no chance of falling out if thrown, dropped or aggressively handled. Though they can be pretty expensive, these VaultX Rigid Toploaders are another solid choice for gamers or collectors looking to take good care of their rare and valuable trading cards. We found that cards aren’t particularly easy to remove from these toploaders. but to a certain extent that’s true of many toploaders. And given the types of cards likely to be displayed in them, it’s not likely that you’re going to want to be moving them in and out of these protective shells either! In fact, we at Retro Dodo liked them so much that you’ll even find these VaultX toploaders on our best Magic: The Gathering sleeves list too, which is an incredibly useful list if you’re looking for sleeves that’ll allow you to actually play with, rather than just store or display, your trading cards!

The Best Ring Lights and Video LED Panels for 2022

The Best Ring Lights and Video LED Panels for 2022 You've probably seen it as you scroll through Tiktok or admire someone's incredible Instagram selfie: a tell-tale ring of light in the subject's pupils. That halo in the eye is a reflection from a ring light. It's the illumination option of choice, as it lets you centrally locate a recording device, usually a smartphone, right in the middle of a light that diffuses over your face or whatever you're photographing or recording. It zaps away the shadows with uniform light.Get more news about Best Cold Light Line,you can vist our website! Light rings come in several sizes, from 10 to 22 inches in diameter. Most have hundreds of small surface-mounted LEDs that can be manipulated for brightness, as well as something arguably more important: color temperature. That's what gives light the appearance of a warm orange at the low end (1,000 Kelvin) all the way up to a blinding, bright blue at 10,000 K. Most ring lights keep the range between a warm white at 3,200 K and a cool white at 6,500 K. They're (usually) easily adjusted, either digitally or with a dial, to find the most flattering color temperature. Light rings typically come with a tripod of some sort. Usually, it can adjust in height to be used on a desktop or standing fully upright to capture a subject far away. A mount in the center of the ring holds a phone, typically those measuring 3.6 inches wide or smaller. Many brands seem to use the same phone bracket, and it's not going to work with a tablet or even a very fat smartphone. Most light rings offer an option for a threaded tripod mount that works with high-end digital cameras and even some webcams. Some come with special carry bags, extra-flexible arms, or Bluetooth camera-shutter activators. If you search online for ring lights, you'll find hundreds of models, many from Chinese companies you've never heard of before such as Ubeesize, Aptoyu, and Mactrem. We narrowed the selection down to names like Neewer, Yesker, and Lume Cube that had some good reviews, and we even found devices from Razer, the company behind some of PCMag's favorite laptops. We purchased five models to try in 12-, 14-, and 18-inch versions, all priced between $60 to $120. None of the light rings, not even the Razer, bowled us over, which is the trade-off for keeping the price down. But some were quite effective, and many could have the right combination of features and performance for your budget. Another category of illumination might better suit some people, especially work-from-home types: LED panels (aka light panels). These are fill lights for a camera, trained on you for meetings or while streaming, and engineered for use on or around the desk where you work or perform. They come in many shapes and sizes, and some have hefty price tags. But depending on your video presence, a light panel may be the better fit. A ring light or LED panel may be just the beginning of your spiffed-up online persona. You may also want to learn How to Get Started in Game Streaming, and it's a perfect time to learn TikTok Tips for Beginners and Aspiring Influencers. Or maybe you just want to look nicer in a video conference. For even more ways to improve your look and even your sound, be sure to check out The Best Webcams and The Best USB Microphones. Razer's 12-inch offering is a standard, low-end unit with few bells and whistles. It sells for $80 direct ($20 less on Amazon). It comes in the usual great Razer packaging, however, so you feel like you're getting a treat even if the contents are pretty standard. Inside is the light, a tripod that can adjust for desk or floor use, a flex bracket to hold a phone, and a ball-joint bracket for other cameras (such as the Razer Kiyo webcam) that have a threaded tripod mount. The button controls for the light are all found on the power cable, which plugs into a USB-A port on a PC, outlet, or power block (but a 5V 2A power block is not included). You don't get a range of color temps, only three pre-sets of 3,000 K (warm white), 4,500 K (balanced), and 6,500 K (cool white). Brightness is pre-set to 50% to start, but you can go down to 10% or up to 100% (500 lumens). The light has a threaded tripod hole, so you can mount the light ring on other tripods or holders; the included tripod goes up to 53.2-inches high. I found the flex mount for the phone a little hard to work with. But once things are in place, this is an effective light to get your influencer career started. It can work behind the monitor as a decent fill light for meetings if you have the desk space. It's not perfect for either job, though the price is.

8 Face Masks Which Quickly Give Dewy

8 Face Masks Which Quickly Give Dewy Glass skin is all the rage today, whether you refer to it by calling it dewy skin, glowing skin, or the infamous ‘dolphin skin’. All about a shiny and well-moisturised skin barrier, it can be achieved without using makeup. We explain how and recommend some face masks which can give you glass skin almost instantly.Get more news about Glowing Mask Glowing Glasses,you can vist our website! What is glass skin? Glass skin or ‘chok-chok’ skin is a Korean import that has the world in a chokehold. All about dewy and smooth skin which looks plump with hydration, it refers to that glistening skin look we see on many celebrities. However, while many celebrities use makeup for an amplified glass skin look, a more natural version of it can be created without makeup, using just skincare. If you want to know whether a product will give you glass skin, see if any of the following ingredients are in the top half of a products’ ingredient list: • Skincare products with plant juices like aloe vera juice, bamboo water, or birch juice are great for glass skin. • Products with hyaluronic acid also help give that plump and dewy glass skin look. • Snail mucin is another Korean ingredient which is amazing for repairing damaged skin whilst moisturising it. DIY masks for glowing glass skin 1. Honey face pack Honey is a humectant which is great for giving skin that dewy glow. So, make a face mask with it for a glass skin look. All you need to do is apply honey on cleansed, damp skin, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and your skin will thank you for the hydration! 2. Yoghurt and rosewater pack Yoghurt has lactic acid which exfoliates dead skin and brightens dull patches. It also has fats to repair dry, damaged flakes, making crusty skin look smooth. Rosewater is hydrating and makes skin glow. A sheet mask is always a great way to get glass skin in minutes. This one contains skin-plumping collagen, elastin, peptide, cellulose, and hyaluronic acid. In addition to these, it has skin-soothing ingredients like allantoin, aloe vera extract and niacinamide which help calm inflammation, and make the skin barrier look healthy and smooth. If you aren’t into making sticky DIY honey masks at home, try this sheet mask. It has hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing panthenol along with honey. Great for giving dry and dull skin a glow, it’s an easy way to cheat your way into getting glass skin. There aren’t too many wash off masks which give one glass skin, but this one does. Ideal for dehydrated and flaky skin, this has humectants like glycerin, allantoin and hyaluronic acid. But it doesn’t end there. It also contains skin-healing ingredients like cica, Korean ginseng root extract and sea buckthorn fruit oil to repair damaged skin, and make it look glowing and flawless. In addition to that, it has hydrating birch juice to plump the skin, but also anti-acne salicylic acid and nourishing castor oil for reducing flakes and crusty patches.

Mos Burger unveils new Rice Burger Katsu Curry

Mos Burger unveils new Rice Burger Katsu Curry There are a lot of tasty things to eat in Japan, but when you want something filling, comforting, and delicious, it’s hard to beat digging in to a plate of curry rice topped with katsu (pork cutlet). Soon, though, Mos Burger is going to be offering that wonderful eating experience without the plate.Get more news about Rice Burger Forming,you can vist our website! Joining the menu at the fast food chain later this month is the Yoru Mos Rice Burger Katsu Curry. Part of Mos’s rice burger series, which subs in two lightly toasted discs of white rice for the bun, the sandwich is a katsu curry meal that you can hold in your hand and eat without any utensils. Instead of a hamburger patty, the core of the sandwich is a pork cutlet slathered with a curry sauce. Some home chefs in Japan insist that the best curry comes from mixing various versions together, so Mos’ sauce is made from a blend of four kinds of curry powder and three types of curry roux. They also add dashes of soy and demi-glace sauces for a flavorful result meant to excite the taste buds without punishing them with fiery heat. Accompanying the cutlet are shredded cabbage on top of the katsu and lettuce underneath. Katsu curry in sandwich form sounds like a can’t-miss concept, but there’s one unusual twist to be aware of. According to Mos’ announcement, the curry sauce is “served cold.” It’s not clear if that means that it’s chilled or simply serve at room temperature, but either way it seems as though it’ll at least be “cold” compared to curry ladled piping hot right out of the cooking pot. The Yoru Mos Rice Burger Katsu Curry is part of Mos Burger’s Yoru Mos (“Night Mos”) lineup that’s offered from 3 p.m. It’s priced at 590 yen and goes on sale March 24.

Herbapol-Lublin with new investment in Fajsławice

Herbapol-Lublin with new investment in Fajsławice The Herbapol branch in Fajsławice (Lublin Province) performs extremely important tasks in the field of purchase and preparation of herbal raw materials, which are present in almost every product category of individual brands of the company. The plant was founded in the early 1980s. and gradually took over the purchasing tasks of former branches, such as Lublin, Łańcut, Zamość, Izbica, Zabłotce and Chełm. Its location is crucial due to Herbapol's cooperation with local harvesters and growers. The herbs are purchased from contracted crops (controlled by the company) as well as from the natural state.Get more news about Kolor Sorter Optyczny,you can vist our website! Until now, small quantities of herbal raw materials were temporarily stored in the Fajsławice branch. Now, thanks to the commissioning of the new warehouse and production building, these possibilities will be greatly expanded. The warehouse was equipped with more than 1 800 pallet spaces in the formula of high storage. In addition, two modern loading ramps were built in it. A modern tea sorting line is currently being installed in the production part. This process consists of sieving tea of appropriate purity and granulation, i.e. removing organic and inorganic impurities, dust, as well as color segmentation (it is possible to distinguish inadequately dried leaves, e.g. by their color). The whole process is fully automated. In the Fajsławice plant, herbs are not only purchased and stored, but also prepared for further stages of tea and tea production. Raw materials undergo a process of drying, sorting and standardisation here. It is worth emphasizing that this branch, as one of the few in Poland, conducts the fumigation process, which allows cleaning herbs without the use of artificial substances. Fumigation involves introducing herbs into autoclaves, i.e. capsules in which CO2 is pumped under 20-pressure. The whole process takes about an hour and naturally neutralizes unwanted organisms. Most importantly, it is completely safe for herbs, in no way affecting their qualities. An ultra-modern optical sorter will be installed on the tea sorting line, which ensures exceptional accuracy in this process. It allows you to identify even the smallest undesirable elements and separate them from the tea, which then goes into the bags. The new building in Fajsławice was also equipped with one of the first such modern fire protection systems in Poland. Herbapol has expressed its full openness to this installation being used by firefighters to train effective cooperation with such an innovative system.

Lapitec sintered stone cladding outdoor spaces

Lapitec sintered stone cladding outdoor spaces Lapitec's sintered stone slabs clad outdoor spaces with large surfaces and technical characteristics designed to withstand the open air. A stone with a wide range of colours and finishes that is suitable for a wide variety of contexts, from swimming pools to facades, and even for cladding yachts and ships. Get more news about Sintered Stone,you can vist our website! Lapitec material for architecture, interior and product design is made from a blend of 100% natural minerals with no resins, inks or petroleum derivatives. When milled or processed, the sintered stone has a final 'full-body' appearance. This ensures that the surface is identical and consistent at every point, guaranteeing aesthetic cleanliness, high performance and functionality. Due to its high resistance to atmospheric conditions, UV rays, temperature changes, and prolonged contact with salt water or chlorine, Lapitec sintered stone becomes a material suitable for the outdoor environment, which can be used for a variety of purposes: from paving and walkways to facades and swimming pool cladding. The flexibility of Lapitec for the outdoors manifests itself with large surfaces, finishes with high friction coefficients and a wide range of colours: Absolute White, cream, greys, warm colours and black flanked by the veined colours of the Musa collection, implemented in 2023.

Automatic cnc lathe machine basically has the function of precision and accuracy

Automatic cnc lathe machine basically has the function of precision and accuracy Generally speaking, automatic cnc lathe machine manufacturers have high processing accuracy in analyzing high-precision CNC lathes. The processing accuracy of automatic cnc lathe machine manufacturers can generally reach 0.05-0.1MM. Automatic cnc lathe machine calculates accuracy with numbers. Each time the CNC device outputs a pulse signal, the moving parts of the machine will move a pulse equivalent (usually 0.001mm), and the CNC device will compensate for the average recoil and pitch errors of the machine's feed drive chain. Therefore, the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools is high.Get more news about Automatic Cnc Lathe,you can vist our website! The initial machine tool is generally the machine tool of the automatic cnc lathe machine manufacturer. At the beginning, it was a general-purpose machine tool, but there were only some changes in the automatic transmission, tool holder or table and handle. Automatic cnc lathe machine manufacturers because of the large amount of cutting, the continuous processing of heat is very easy to affect the precision of the workpiece, and because of automatic control, it cannot be manually intervened at any time like ordinary machine tools in the processing. Therefore, its design requirements are stricter than that of general-purpose machine tools, and its manufacturing requirements are more precise. Therefore, in the design of automatic CNC lathes, many new measures have been taken to enhance rigidity, reduce thermal deformation and improve accuracy, so that the external shape, overall layout, transmission system and tool system of automatic CNC lathes have undergone great development Variety.

Forex scammer list South Africa

Forex scammer list South Africa South Africa is considered one of the top trading places in the world, with the trader community developing rather well in recent years. The number of those wanting to earn money in the international financial market is rising, but so is the number of scammers. In this article, you will find the Forex Scammer List South Africa, learn about the basic signs of a scam and the fraudulent schemes that are used.To get more news about forex scammer list south africa, you can visit wikifx.com official website. Is Forex Legit in South Africa? Forex trading is fully legal in South Africa. It is regulated and controlled by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). This regulatory authority makes sure that brokers do not violate the law. In addition to the FSCA, there are also other regulators. When you choose a broker in South Africa, it is important to find a company that not simply offers good conditions, but also operates in the legal field. This will be a guarantee of safety of your personal information and that your financial partner will operate in good faith. Forex is an international currency market, where banks, financial institutions and traders buy and sell assets, and earn money on their changing value. For retail investors, Forex is available only through a broker that acts as a connecting link and is responsible for ensuring fair trade execution and that traders can quickly withdraw their money. This kind of a financial partner provides a trading account, software, leverage, etc. Forex Scam Broker List in South Africa 90% of novice traders who decided to try Forex trading lose their money. There are several reasons for that: lack of skill to correctly dispose of money, risky transactions, lack of knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis, etc. However, the most frequent reason for novice traders to lose their money is scam Forex brokers, who do not miss an opportunity to get into your wallet and get all your money. We have prepared a Forex Broker Blacklist in South Africa. Here are Top 10 companies that certainly cannot be trusted. 24FX is registered in Cyprus and is a part of a large financial group Rodeler that has been providing services for over 13 years. Unlike many other scammers, this company is officially registered and has a CySEC license. This, however, did not stop it from scamming traders. You can find revealing reviews on various independent forums. The key signs of a scam are as follows: Forex-Metal was established in 2004, registered in the territory of Panama. The company was regulated by the FSA and CySEC. The broker did not have a license in South Africa; it became a scam in 2014. The clients were attracted by the low minimum deposit, multilingual support and generous bonuses. The key signs of this scam are as follows: 4XP was established in 2009 and even obtained a license of the CySEC for legal activity. Forex Place Ltd is the mother company. The broker provided access to trading a wide range of assets (currency pairs, CFDs, binary options, etc.). The broker’s license was revoked due to improper performance of obligations and low quality of service provision to traders. In 2016, police raided the office of 4XP in Israel. The broker was found to be a participant of a large fraudulent scheme, with average loss per victim exceeding EUR 100,000. The key signs of the scams are: 770capital is also on the list of Forex Scam Brokers. The broker positioned itself as a modern intermediary for working in the financial markets and actively promoted its offer. The company began operating in 2009 and quickly increased its client base in different countries, including the Republic of South Africa. The broker attracted traders with promises of profitable trading and a wide choice of instruments. 770capital is an unlicensed and unregulated financial partner that stopped performing its obligations and was placed on the blacklists of many independent review websites. The minimum loss in the project is USD 500. The key signs of this bucket shop are: The ACFX brand is operated by Atlas Capital Financial Services Limited, a Cyprus-based entity. The broker was established in 2007. Initially, the company obtained a license of the CySEC, but in 2016 the license was revoked for failure to perform obligations and scamming its customers. The company concealed this information and continued to operate without the license. The scam broker lures traders with a demo account, generous leverage of up to 500x, powerful education section and welcome bonuses. The key signs of this scam are:

Omega Pro – Scam or Legit?

Omega Pro – Scam or Legit? Who is Omega Pro?   According to the founders of Omega Pro it is a broker that provides its clients access to a wide variety of trading instruments such as currencies, commodities, crypto, stocks and indices, with well over 200 assets in total. They also offer investment packages, with insane returns of 200% to 300% after a period of 16 months guaranteed, laughable considering that markets are fractal and it is impossible to predict a specific return over a specific amount of time, no body can tell the future and accurately say that the market will be at a specific level in almost a year and a half, what is surprising is that withdrawals are actually encouraged but investors are then also sold on the idea of compounding their gains by either leaving the money in the account to continue leveraging the investment, if clients do withdraw they are only allowed to withdraw 60% of their funds and must reinvest the remaining capital, alarm bells start ringing at this point. Once you have invested and obtained membership you are then introduced to the real motive behind Omega Pro, and MLM or Multi Level Marketing program that earns you additional income by recruiting new members, the entry fee is $29 and packages range from $150 AL the way to $15 000, remember that where any kind of recruitment is involved, it is most likely a pyramid scheme. Although some may operate within legal bounds, 9 out 10 pyramid schemes are fraudulent.To get more news about omega pro scam or legit, you can visit wikifx.com official website.   Omega Pro Legitimacy   Some don‘t know this but Omega Pro was actually founded in 2018 and eventually launched to the public in 2019, the business was registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines and using a virtual address in the United Kingdom, but to date have not been licensed with the Financial Conduct Authority even though they make claims about being legally licensed on their Facebook page, which means when Omega Pro closes it’s doors, a refund will be nearly impossible, if it happens at all, the CNMV Spanish regulatory agency also released statements that Omega Pro is an unauthorized financial services provider and the FSMA a Belgian regulatory agency issued a public warning about a potential ponzi scheme at Omega Pro as well as the FSC in Mauritius issuing an investor warning against Omega Pro business practices, although they encourage withdrawals they actually seem to use this to blind their victims by baiting them with the idea of “compounding gains” to achieve the full 300% return after 16 months, and also trapping them by forcing them to reinvest a percentage, this kind of business model still serves toward the same end goal as a ponzi scheme, paying old investors with new investors money, shameful!   Honestly, in our opinion this company exhibits every aspect of an well thought out scam, unrealistic returns, compounded gains, ridiculous withdrawal policies, trading platform that is constantly reported as inactive or “coming soon”…. With all these red flags we would like to urge all investors to proceed with extreme caution or just stay away completely.   After all the warnings by international regulatory agencies and people realizing what was actually going in with Omega Pro, the company went silent for a short while, more recently the company has once again surfaced and is becoming increasingly active and heavily marketing in Nigeria and South Africa from posting business proposals on YouTube in April 2022 to holding virtual events come mid May 2022, WikiFX will be attending to help our members identify its legitimacy but after doing current research I can say that the company is definitely active still unlicensed by the FCA and showing all the same red flags as previous years, this company remains a high risk investment, in fact, Omega Pro is currently under investigation in Congo, where two arrest warrants were obtained for two of Omega Pro officials in the region, if you have already made financial commitments to the company please be mindful your funds. Conclusion   Based on the company history, past and present business models and especially the long warning list made by financial authorities, Omega Pro is does not seem like the type of firm that should be entrusted with investments, there are just way to many red flags to consider when investing with Omega Pro and without the necessary regulations, investments here are extremely risky…   Omega Pro has repeatedly been labeled as a scam, and does not seem to have changed much.   At WikiFX we plan to keep our finger on the pulse and report on Omega Pro as and when the news breaks, download our app to stay in touch with this developing story.