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Siemens using traders to circumvent Iranian Sanctions

Siemens AG, listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange (FWB: SIE), is a German multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with approximately 300,000 employees. Being very active in the oil and gas industry, having a hard to beat bribery scandals resume, focusing solely on the profit and executives’ bonuses, without considering the worldwide consequences of their action, gives Siemens AG two sides of the crime triangle: Desire and ability. The Opportunity On June 24 2010, US Congress adapts Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010 with a vote of 99-0 at the senate. These regulations and sanctions were intended to target US and non-US firms active in the US, from investing and providing goods and services for Iranian energy sector. In other words, any US or non US company active in US market or connected to the US financial network or work with US Dollar, is prohibited from proving any equipment, services or parts, valued more than $1 Million. None compliance of this act would result in possible sanctions and financial penalties. Siemens AG, while announces that they no longer provide equipment and services for final destination of Iran, uses this opportunity to use its partners and associate companies to circumvent the Iranian sanctions to maximize its profit. In one example, in late 2010 and 2011, Siemens AG, used HATCO (Hava Abzar Tehran) Corporation, which claims to be a partner of Siemens AG and Linde (another American company active in the oil and gas industry), as a middle man to provide three Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors with suctions pressure of 1 Bar and discharge 10 Bars to be installed and used at phase 19 of the South Pars Gas Field Development in Asalouyeh Seaport, north of Persian Gulf in Iran. The three highly technical compressors, which were an absolute must to operate the plant, purchase by HATCO (Hava Abzar Tehran), were manufactured at the Leipzig plant of Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH. A plant purchased by Siemens AG from PGW. The equipment and spare parts which were purchased by HATCO (Hava Abzar Tehran) from Siemens for about €6 Million and supplied to Petro Pars Iran ,the EPC contactor for phase 19 of the South Pars Gas Field Development and in listed of US sanctions, are Dual USE goods with military and nuclear enrichment applications. While the exact same machines with same specifications, engineering and even tag numbers, were custom made by Siemens in 2007 and 2008 for two other South Pars phases in Iran (Phases 15/16 and Phases 17/18), and “made to order” nature of these machines, it was crystal clear to Siemens that the machines that were purchased by HATCO (Hava Abzar Tehran) was for Iranian end user. The equipment and spare parts were handed over to HATCO (Hava Abzar Tehran) in Germany and it is unclear in what applications these machines are being used, bearing in mind the desperateness of the Iranians for technology to expand their ballistic missile and nuclear enrichment programs. HATCO (Hava Abzar Tehran) claims that the equipment are handed over to Petro Pars Iran (PPI) on their website: US authorities have started an investigation on this matter in 2020 but the result is yet unknown.

Canadian Tax Years

As a citizen or immigrant moving from Barrie to Airdrie, one of the obligations to fulfil is to fund certain taxes to make you eligible to enjoy many facilities. However, many people have problems with getting accustomed to tax-paying tips and dates. This article will help you get past the challenges you will have with tax dates and other things. For 2021 1/1/21: The start of the year and the beginning of the tax year 2/3/21: The deadline for the contribution to RRSP for the previous tax year. 22/1/21: The EFILE service is shut due to inhouse care. 24/2/21: E-filing available for citizens and immigrants. 28/2/21: Final issuing of T4s, T4As, and T5s 15/3, 6, 9, 12/21: Part bill demand dates. 22/4: Final day to structure a pre-approved debit clearing for 2020. 30/4: Day for the previous years tax returns. 15/6: Day for previous years of tax returns. December 31: Final day of the present tax year. Tax Advice for the country As an immigrant or citizen, you need some tips on the manner tax is scheduled in the country. Citizen and non-citizens The tax payment pattern differs because it is based on whether a person is residing or not. Everyone living and working there is obliged to be billed tax on earnings on whatever they earn. Under this is also a tax-free allowance. While the residents pay for tax on what they have, non-permanent residents should state what they earn not only in Canada but worldwide. However, they are billed tax on what they make as earnings. If you occasionally stay in some other country, you may be referred to as not a residing immigrant tax-wise. Tax-Free Allowance According to 2020, any resident can make money without being asked to pay tax. However, it may be impossible to gain credit, and it can only be chosen by TD1. The TD1 is a tax form you are required to complete when you start earning in Canada. You can only claim a tax-free allowance when you make no less than 90% of your overall earnings in the year from the county. TD1 This form needs to be filled the moment a change in your job in Canada is done. They are divided into two, the Federal form and the regional form, and it is determined by the location you decide to work in. Personal Expenses You may be expected to pay expenses which include work-related and medical costs. However, this is subjected to the nature of the work you have. Two situations qualify claims. If the job contract demands the payment of expenses by you and if you are not receiving any stipend to cover the fee or an employer provides the allowance, it is included in your overall earnings. Filing and processing Your Tax Return If you possess no T4, you must have a pay slip attached to a file, and it must be completed before April, 30th which is the deadline for the last tax year. You can make a filing of the tax return in the 2nd month of the year since the 4th month of the year is the last month. You may receive a refund under certain situations such as: 1. After paying excess in a Canadian Pension Plan 2. After paying excess to an Employer Insurance

Gifts for Russian Women

The pioneer of gifting started to impress a special woman. The tradition started a lot of time ago and still, it is running with full sewing and it will continue till the end of the world. Russian gifts are popular all over the world because of their traditional value. There are a lot of gift items available in this list that a man can gift his lady. Necessity The necessity of gifting can not be written completely. The most important fact is that it is one of the best ways to impress girls. If you are in love with your partner and want to impress her it is the best method. On the other hand, if you are in trouble with a relationship with your life partner it can bring a solution to your broken connection. Again, it is a great way to surprise your lady. Lastly, it is noted that it is also a good method to establish effective communication with both males and females. What to know Every female person bears different characters, attitudes, and lifestyles. So before going to gift a female it is a must to learn about her to know her choices and taste. Russian women are not an exception to the other women. They are also difficult to read. But make sure of their choice and taste before going to buy a gift for them. It is very helpful to determine what kind of gift items to buy. Choice Variation The choices of a Russian woman largely depend on some factors. Profession, character, lifestyle, etc are the major factors that affect the choices of her. The choices of a service holder woman must differ from the choices of a housewife. The choices of a professional woman are corporate culture-oriented and the choices of a housewife are family culture oriented. The first one may prefer plastic flowers for long-lasting whereas the second one may choose roses in the garden. Shortlist Every corporate woman feels happy when she gets a watch as a gift from her husband. The Russian housewife loves cooking very much so if her husband buys her the best kitchen sets, she will be very glad. Moreover, every Russian woman loves her country and culture very much. So any kind of Russian gift that bears the identity, Russian cultural value can be accepted by any Russian woman. Matryoshka dolls, Memorabilia of the past Soviet Union, imperial eggs, collectible gifts are best suitable for them. Prices The prices of Russian gifts for women have a large range. It ranges from 5 dollars to 5000 dollars or more. The rare and unique gifts cost more. Stp is a very famous name for Russian gifts. It is a pure Russian store. So it is sure to get an authentic Russian gift for a woman at an affordable price. Verdict Women are special and the gifts are also special. So every woman deserves the best special gift from her husband. It is easy for a Russian man to make her happy because they live in a culture enriched with their gifting items.

Things to consider before moving your cars

If you don't want to drive during a city change and need to transport your vehicle, there are some precautions to take. For those who need to move to a more distant city, or even make an interstate move, it is often necessary to use a professional service. This need arises for several reasons, such as distance, road risks, additional costs, and convenience. This option can be quite worthwhile, especially in cases of changes that require a lot of load. You can quickly and quietly transfer everything from in the large truck that will also be transporting your car. But what do you need to bear in mind before transporting your car? Here they are; Empty your car of personal belongings The first tip is that the car must be empty. Transporting a loaded vehicle on a stork is extremely dangerous. Even a small number of objects can endanger transport. In the case of interstate changes, when there is a need to transport a vehicle from one city to another, it is usually an idea to take advantage of the car's internal space. Here items that should be moved are placed such as suitcases, bedding, objects of decoration, books and everything else that can easily fit in. For this reason, it is best to keep your car porous enough to allow for more use of it. Get insurance for your vehicle alone Removal companies do not usually take responsibility for belongings that are left inside the vehicle if you choose to, in the case of broken items, collisions, thefts, among others. Some carriers have the option of taking out additional insurance, where an inventory of items to be placed inside the car is listed out. This is a useful decision since many road safety rules prohibit transporting a full car, and if by misfortune, some damage happens, you will be left to bear the loss alone. Get a Removal company to do the dirty job The most recommended is that a removal company transports all your belongings. Companies like bestmoves can be hired expressly for the service. They should have insurance to avoid inconvenience and damage, considering that any transport can cause traffic accidents. This way, you will be compensated in any situation, as you will have a contract signed for that purpose and within the law. Choose the specific truck for your car movement The change of belongings must be made by specific trunk trucks, where the objects are packed and protected, for example, with blankets and mooring straps so that the impact of braking does not cause damage. These specialized companies have professionals, trained and know how to accommodate and transport everything safely and stably. Conclusion Moving demands a lot of time and energy from you, so why not have things done right by ticking all the necessary boxes before the car(s) hits the road. This way, you won't have to worry about losses, and you won't need to spend more time cleaning up the mess of mistakes and errors made due to poor planning.

What items can you get from Stpgoods?

Stpgoods is one of the great companies where you can get some unique and exclusive items. You might not find those items in other international companies for sure. Now the question comes what products or items you can get from the stpgoods. Well, there are a lot of products you can get from this company. If I have to mention all the products right now, you may need to read for hours that is impossible and boring. That is why I am going to talk about some unique products or items you can get from stpgoods. Holidays In every year, we enjoy a lot of holidays. For each and every holiday such as Christmas, New Year, and others, we purchase different items related to those holidays. Now, you surely do not want to purchase an item similar to what everyone is buying, right? It is our human nature to try to be unique and different from others. In that case, the stpgoods offers some amazing holiday items that you may not find in many other companies. Gift items In those holidays or any party, it is our tradition to offer gifts to others. Similar to any other things, we want to be unique here as well. Gifting someone something unique can set us apart from others. This company can be a great option for you to choose something unique from others. Kitchen products We want everything necessary from one site. That is why Amazon and Walmart are so popular because we can get almost everything from those companies. Similar to those companies, you can get kitchen items in this company. And you know the best part? Well, as I mentioned earlier that this one offers some quality and unique kitchen items. Home and bedroom Moreover, you will find home and bedroom items along with the kitchen items from this company. From pillow to craft items, you get almost all types of classic and good looking home and bedroom items from this company. These items are unique to some extend too. Clothing No website or e-commerce shop is completed without the clothing items. Stpgoods is not different at all. You will find some quality clothing items from this company. There are different types of clothing such as occasional, ethical, Russian, and lots of others. Jewelry Other than that, there are jewelry items that you might not see in many other international companies. This is where this company sets itself apart from other companies, according to me. That means if you are interested in jewelry, then surely this is the company you should choose. Either you go to a historical shop to find some unique and amazing jewelry items, or you can choose this company. Conclusion These are some main types of products you can get from this company. Unlike many other e-commerce websites, this one becomes a unique and quality shop for many people with trust. So if you want to set yourself apart, this is the company for you. 

Best Products of StpGoods

Nowadays there are a lot of online sites are growing up all over the world on various business purpose on different types of products. All of them are not trusted and all of the sites do not provide good quality products. Only a few sites available who are ready with a large collection of good quality products for sale. Stp goods is one of the leading sites that have good fame of standard quality. Today this article will describe the best products of it. Gifting items This site has no alternative in this section because they have a huge collection of unique products that can be given someone. Clothing, Jewelry items, dolls for children, fashionable gadgets, books etc are the major items for gift. Stpgoods has a large collection of the most of the gifting items of different range of prices. Matryoshka dolls This is the doll that can represent the cultural background of Russia. This is one of the oldest types of doll in the world heritage. A large collection of all types of matryoshka nesting dolls of different colors and sizes are available in their collection. It is unique in shape and color. The children prefer it most because of its attractive design and shape. Even different types of toys for the kids are also available in this reliable source. Kitchen things Kitchen is the one of the busiest working places in the world all the yearlong. The women are very serious about their kitchen kits. Because of the frequent use the things needed in a kitchen are needed to be durable. All kinds of things from cooking to decoration in kitchen are available in the site. All kinds of cookware, Kitchen textiles, decoration items, storage & organization and other important elements are also available here. Health products Everybody knows health is wealth. Almost everybody is concern about his health and he tries his best to keep his health fit. Thinking the fact for the people the site arranges different kind of health developing products. Healthy foods and exercise items are arranged ready for sale. Orthopedic mat, massager, healing wool are the major health related products in its collection. Books Book is called as the best friend of man. In leisure time it gives a great company. The site also has large collection different types of books and audio books. Russian classics, Children book, Cook, Collectible books are major categories in the arrangements. There also categories for memoirs, biographies and bestselling books. Home decor In this section all kinds of products usable for home decoration and comfortable environment are listed. Classic designed pillows, throw blankets, bedding are the major kinds of home decors in their collection. Musical instrument, board games, hobbies and crafts that are useful for home entertainment are also available in Verdict This is the site that updates their products regularly on basis of current demands of the people. So all kinds of trending products useful in lifestyle are available there. Moreover the site collects all kind of classic products for the classic people.

What is and how does Bitcoin mining work?

Mining bitcoins is not an easy task; there are few people who know how to mine bitcoins correctly, that is why the universe of Bitcoin miners is so small. We will tell you the secrets that many miners do not want to tell. What is and how does Bitcoin mining work? We tell you everything about how to mine bitcoins. What is Bitcoin mining? There are three main ways to obtain Bitcoin: buying them on an exchange, accepting them in exchange for goods and services, or participating as a miner in the currency's network. Mining is a process that is responsible for adding transaction records to the Bitcoin public ledger called the Blockchain. This exists so that every transaction can be confirmed, and every user on the network can access this record. The mining process also allows a legitimate record of transactions to be kept in order to determine which ones are valid and which ones are being carried out without actually having the funds to do so. The Blockchain is so-called because it is literally a chain of blocks, which contain the lists of transactions made during a certain period of time. When a block of transactions is generated, the miners such as, put it through a process and this site is trusted by By applying a complex mathematical formula to the information in the block, they subsequently cut the sequence out of the block, turning it into a random sequence of letters and numbers called a "hash." A hash not only contains information from the transaction block, but other data is also stored. More importantly, the hash of the previous block stored in the blockchain is included. Although it is relatively easy to produce a hash from a collection of data as a block of transactions, it is virtually impossible to tell what data was used just by looking at the hash sequence. Also, each and every hash within the network is unique, and changing a single character in a Bitcoin block completely changes the hash sequence. The hash functions as a kind of digital wax seal. If someone manipulates a single block of transactions, their hash will change immediately, and so will all subsequent hash sequences in the blockchain. Therefore, any fraud attempt within the Bitcoin network will be easily detected by everyone who uses it. Rewards Essentially, the miners are serving the Bitcoin community by confirming each transaction and making sure that each of them is legitimate. They all compete with each other, using software written specifically to mine blocks. Every time a new block is 'sealed', it means that a miner has successfully created a correct hash sequence, and for such work, they get a reward. Complications This is done through a required “Proof of Work ". It is a system that requires some work from the service requestor, which generally means processing time by a computer. Producing proof of work is a random process with low probability, which means that a lot of trial and error is required to generate a valid proof of work. When it comes to Bitcoin, the hash is what serves as proof of work. New Trusted Cloud Mining By Get 0.004 BTC in Less Than 6 Days Instantly FREE 1500 GH/s On First SIGN UP

How to choose the best shelves

The shelf is very important furniture for decorating a room. Almost every home all over the world has a shelf to organize things to enhance the decoration. There are a lot of types of shelves are available in the markets. Those are different from each other in terms of types, quality, design, and materials. So it is not easy to choose the best shelf from the market for your room. Requirement to choose To choose the best shelf for you it is a must to have enough knowledge about different kinds of shelves. An expert and experienced man can give you a better idea. So if you have not better knowing in this sector you must have consulted with him to choose the best one from the stock. Some basic knowledge about the materials, colors, sizes, installing process, etc can help a man greatly differentiate among the shelves and select the best one. Materials It is a major criterion which determines choosing decision the most. The shelves are mainly made of stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, plastic, wood, and even some shelves are made of concrete. Concrete shelves are permanent and most sustainable than all others. It costs higher than the other materials. Plastic and wooden shelves are rarely used. Glass shelves are also used especially in the showrooms. The most used shelves are stainless steel shelve because of their material sustainability and longer durability. Nowadays the use of plastic shelves is increasing day by day because of its cheap price. But these are less sustainable and vulnerable to light, heat, and fire. Types The market is full of different kinds of shelves. The prices of the shelves vary depending on the type of shelves, materials, quality, and sizes. Ponomasteel is a great source to buy the best shelf because they have a huge collection of shelves of different sizes and colors. The most useful and common types of shelves are Fixed shelf, Adjustable shelf, rotating shelf, floating shelf, Pulling shelf, Hidden shelf, Portable or moveable shelf, etc. These types of shelves are the best in their corresponding uses because all of them have a different use. So, choosing a decision also depends on the particular use. Wooden shelves were frequently used in the past but at present, its use has been decreased. Nowadays the wooden shelves are used only for the luxurious purpose. Fixed shelves These shelves are fixed in one place for a lifetime. Generally, these are used for permanent use. In this case, concrete shelves give the best result. These are more costly. You can buy stainless steel fixed shelves from markets or make it by special order from the manufacturers. Remember plastic shelves, wooden shelves, and glass shelves are not permanent because of their vulnerability to external effects. Adjustable shelf These types of shelves are not fixed. You can easily adjust the shelves of the set according to your need. For this, you just need to alter the placement of the shelves parallelly because the shelves can be drawn upward or downward and can be fixed at a certain desirable place. You can also add shelves or remove several shelves from the set. Floating shelves It is a modern design shelf and its demand is increasing day by day because of its quality service. It is installed at a right angle with a wall into a supporting frame. The frame is attached to the wall and when the self is completely installed the supporting is not seen from outside. As a result, it looks like it is floating in the air, even any part of it without the shelves is not seen from outside. It is mostly used in modern decorated homes. Hidden shelves This kind of shelf is installed in a way so that it can be hidden. Normally it is not seen from the outside, it remains hidden generally within walls or any other mother furniture. At the time of using it is brought outside with an unlocking system. It is generally the best used for confidential use. Verdict Shelves are important for arranging books, organizing things, displaying showpieces, and also for showing products in the showrooms. It has various kinds of use and types. Different types of shelves are unique on basis of their particular use.

How to get white teeth fast

Everyone desires to get white teeth. No one likes yellow teeth at all for sure. However, as we grow up, our enamel from the teeth starts decaying. As it happens, the dentin starts showing which is yellow. That is how we start showing our yellow teeth. There is no cure for it as you cannot grow the enamel once again. However, there are some ways that can help you whiten your teeth. But how can you whiten your teeth fast? Well, to know that, you have to read this article until the end. So without any further delay, let’s get started. Here we go. Use Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide One of the best ways to whiten your teeth is by using the baking soda along with the hydrogen peroxide. You can simply mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste of this mixing and apply it to the teeth. It is said that this paste can help to whiten the teeth. You will find some toothpaste containing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. These toothpaste can help as well. So use this mixer or toothpaste regularly to make your yellow teeth white. Though it is not guaranteed, you can try it.   Activated charcoal In some rural areas in the world, people use charcoal to brush their teeth. It sounds weird but it is true. And it is said as well that activated charcoal has a great impact on the teeth whitening. Even it is believed that activated charcoal can destroy bacteria and germs from the mouth as well. Since there is no such bad effect using this, you can easily try it and see how it works. Simply take a piece of charcoal to your mouth and use your brush to gently brush your teeth.   Use teeth whitening product If none of these methods work fine for you, you can simply use a teeth whitening product. However, where the market is full of contaminated products, it is tough to find out the right one. In that case, you can simply visit to get the right product. However, since there might be some side effects that can damage your teeth, it is advisable to consult a dentist first. After that, you can use any product you want. These products work best to whiten the teeth.   Keep your teeth healthy Finally, try to keep your teeth healthy all the time. As you know that yellow teeth are the result of enamel decay, as long as you keep your teeth healthy, the enamel will destroy less. So try everything possible to keep your teeth healthy. For example, you should brush regularly, take a proper diet, and do other things as well. These will help a lot.   These are the things you can do to whiten your teeth. When you follow these methods, it will be easier for you. Otherwise, you may not get the result you are looking for. So make sure you follow all those ways. 

How to choose the right stainless steel floating shelf

Stainless steel floating shelf is a great way to make your home more comfortable, beautiful, and spacious. Also, when you choose a steel shelf, you help to save the environment. On the other hand, stainless steel is more durable and easier to maintain. However, it is not that easy to find out the right shelf for your home. If you are new in this field, it becomes tougher for you to choose the right one. That is why we have come up with some amazing tips by following which, you can easily pick the right one. So without any further due, let’s get started.   Choose the right brand One of the best ways to find out the right stainless floating shelf is that you need to choose the right brand. Think about Apple. They produce some really good products. You will rarely see those producing bad products. Similarly, all good brands produce good products most of the time. That is why if you can choose a good brand, it will be easy for you to find out the right shelf. Ponomasteel can be a good option. They offer some good stainless steel shelves so that they can be considered as one of the best brands for stainless steel furniture. Check that out. Maybe you will find a good brand for you.   Check out the materials Along with the good brand, make sure the materials it is made of are good enough. You know, the quality of the shelf completely depends on the materials. If the materials are good enough, then the quality will be good enough most of the time. On the other hand, if the materials are not good, it is more than sure that the quality will not be good at all. So make sure the materials are good enough and corrosion-resistant.   Consider your room style You know, not all types of things suit well in all rooms. Maybe your room is not suitable for the shelf. So make sure you have considered the room style and it is suitable for your room as well. Other than that, no matter how good your shelf is, it will not make your room beautiful at all.   Make sure the finish is good Finally, check out the finish of the shelf. When it comes to steel furniture, it is a common problem that many furniture does not have a good finish at all. As a result, it ruins the beauty completely. So make sure you have a good finish. In that case, a good brand can help you again. Most of the good brands produce quality shelf with a great finish. This finish enhances the beauty of the shelf a lot.   These are some main things you should consider when looking for the right steel shelf for your room. When you consider these things, chances are really high that you will end up buying a good steel shelf for your home. So follow these tips and pick up the best one.