candidalignersreview: Teeth Alignment In Adults And Children Candid Aligners Review

Teeth Alignment In Adults And Children Candid Aligners Review

12 Mar 2021 at 05:17am
Less than half of people naturally have smooth beautiful teeth. Defects of the dentition, regardless of the reasons for their appearance, cause considerable psychological discomfort in a person, and can candid aligners review also lead to more serious diseases.
Indications for teeth straightening
Teeth alignment is necessary in the following cases:

violation of the bite;
rather large dental gaps;
crowding of teeth in a row;
wrong direction of tooth growth;
the lower jaw is too forward.
An incorrect bite leads not only to an aesthetic defect, but also affects the condition and functioning of the entire jaw system. Due to the uneven distribution of the load, teeth deteriorate faster, which can lead to the loss of adjacent teeth and changes in bone tissue. In this case, the work of the digestive tract is disrupted, problems may appear in the work of some internal organs.

Orthodontics, the field of dentistry dealing with the treatment of dentoalveolar anomalies, is called upon to correct these problems. The Estetiks clinics in Moscow employ highly qualified experienced specialists who are able to achieve the best result in the most difficult clinical pictures. We use the following methods to straighten teeth:

Detachable systems

Removable orthodontic constructions are put on both one and both jaws - it all depends on the defect that needs to be corrected. It can be:

• Trainers - silicone plates with a recess for each tooth, which are mainly used for effective occlusion correction in children during the formation of teeth and jaw bones. Teeth straightening with the help of trainers takes about a year. They should be worn only for a while, wearing either at night or during the day, but no more than 1 hour. The device allows you to candid aligners review consolidate the achieved result after wearing braces, and also helps to change the position of the lower jaw, solve the problems of crowding of the front teeth, nasal breathing and eliminate some speech defects.

• Aligners. These are transparent onlays for the entire dentition, helping to fix the teeth in the desired position. This is a purely individual removable design, which is made according to the impressions of the patient's jaw. The aligners are changed every 1.5 - 2 weeks, since during this period of time the used linings fulfill their task and the next type of structure must be installed. During meals and hygiene procedures, the aligners are removed, the rest of the time they should be on the teeth. The course of correcting the curvature of the teeth in this way can last from 6 to 8 months.

• Orthodontic plates. They are a plastic construction on a metal frame. The plates are attached to the teeth with special brackets, and screws and springs are used for more reliable fixation. Alignment of teeth with plates can last from 1 to 2 years and is more effective in adolescents.

Removable orthodontic structures. Plates or aligners are more suitable for straightening teeth in children. In adult patients, they can only consolidate the effect of treatment in other ways.

Fixed systems

With more serious violations of the dentition, problems are solved with the help of non-removable devices.

Fixed orthodontic structures (braces). They consist of braces that are attached to the dental surfaces, and a metal arch, which gradually moves the teeth into the correct position with a candid aligners review certain pressure. Treatment with braces takes at least one and a half years, but it is the most effective.


The structure is attached to each tooth individually. If it is installed on the inside of the teeth, lingual braces are used, if on the outside, vestibular braces are used.

Braces are made from ceramic, sapphire or metal.

After installing braces, patients may experience discomfort, which will disappear after a couple of days. In order not to visit the doctor often, you can use self-adjusting non-removable structures.


Veneers are ceramic plates that are placed on the surface of the tooth. They are suitable not only for correcting crooked teeth, but also for restoring damaged units, reducing gaps between teeth. This candid aligners review aesthetic orthodontic construction practically does not differ from real teeth, has a long service life and does not cause any particular difficulties in care.

The only drawback of veneers is the inability to use when a large number of teeth are curved.

Composite restoration

Defects in the front teeth can be corrected with filling material. At the same time, the dentist carefully grinds off the top layer of enamel, gradually fixes the composite, grinds and polishes the filling, securing it with the help of a special lamp. This method can hide flaws, but not for a while. After 5 years, the fillings may darken and the effect of the restoration will disappear.

Solving alignment problems based on age

Solving alignment problems based on age
The alignment of teeth in children is much faster and more efficient. In childhood, bone and dental tissues are not yet fully formed, so the teeth are easier to align. Moreover, the sooner defects and malocclusions are noticed, the faster and easier the treatment process is. Trainers can be used to correct the curvature of teeth in young children; for adolescents, the installation of plates will give a greater effect.

It is more difficult and slower to align teeth in adults. Their jaw bones are already formed, so only braces are suitable candid aligners review for correcting defects. They even fit on crowns and pins. Only caries and diseases of the soft tissues of the oral cavity can interfere with the installation. The use of mouth guards can give a good result.
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