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Architectural ring mesh mode

6 Apr 2021 at 07:50pm
Architectural ring mesh mode

Architectural ring mesh is a ring topology composed of a group of IEEE 802.1 compatible architectural ring mesh nodes. Each node is connected with the other two nodes through the ring port based on 802.3 media access control (MAC). Architectural ring mesh Mac can be carried by other service layer technologies (such as architectural ring of sdhvc and MPLS) All nodes can communicate directly or indirectly.To get more news about architectural ring mesh, you can visit mesh-fabrics.com official website.

Architectural ring mesh refers to both physical ring topology and logical topology, in which the traffic is completely forwarded based on the forwarding rules of IEEE 802.1 specification, supporting architectural ring mesh services such as point-to-point, multipoint to multipoint and point to multipoint, including architectural ring mesh special line and architectural ring Mesh virtual private line, which supports various modes of communication, including unicast, multicast and broadcast, can prevent data disorder and duplication.
For the interconnection of architectural ring mesh, architectural ring mesh can be interconnected through three modes: shared node, link composed of two shared nodes, and multi ring / layer network formed by overlapping architectural ring mesh. Services can be transmitted end-to-end through interconnected architectural ring mesh.

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