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Christchurch shootings: Brenton Tarrant pleads guilty to 51 murders

A man accused of deadly attacks on mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch a year ago has pleaded guilty to 51 charges of murder. Brenton Tarrant, 29, also admitted the attempted murder of another 40 people, and one terrorism charge. He had previously denied the charges and was due to go on trial in June. The gun attacks at two mosques sent shockwaves around the world. In the wake of the killings, New Zealand brought in stricter gun laws. New Zealand is in a state of lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak and the plea was made at a scaled-down court hearing in Christchurch High Court on Thursday. No members of the public were allowed in to the hearing and Tarrant, from New South Wales, Australia, and his lawyers appeared via video link. A representative of the two mosques that were attacked was allowed to attend the hearing to represent the victims and their families. Judge Justice Cameron Mander said: "It is regrettable that the Covid-19 restrictions that presently apply do not permit victims and their families to travel to be present in the courtroom when the defendant entered his pleas of guilty." Sentencing on the 92 charges will take place at a date yet to be set. Tarrant was remanded in custody until 1 May when the court hopes to be able to set a sentencing date. Justice Mander added: "There is no intention to sentence the defendant before the court returns to its normal operations and at a time when the victims and their families can attend court in person." Farid Ahmed, who lost his wife Husna in the attack on Al Noor Mosque (Masjid An-Nur), told TVNZ that many would be relieved they did not have to go กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด through the trial, but others would feel very sad, still thinking about their loved ones. Speaking of the gunman, he said: "I have been praying for him and he has taken the right direction. I am pleased he is feeling guilty, it is a good start." Minutes after Brenton Tarrant changed his plea, families of mosque attack victims began finding out on the rumour mill. And to everyone it seems to have been a huge shock and surprise. I was in Christchurch just a couple of weeks ago for the first anniversary of the attacks. The trial looming in early June was something many told me they were dreading. Witnesses being forced to revisit what happened; graphic CCTV and the head-mounted camera of the attacker being played frame by frame. But a few said they were - in a way - looking forward to it, to seeing justice being done. It gave them a focus. One father told me he สมัครเข้ากลุ่มลับ had learned that his son's actions in Al Noor Mosque had been heroic. He had wanted to see and hear that in court for himself - and for the world to see and hear it. People like him will no longer have the opportunity to get that level of detail to what happened to their loved ones. And, because of the Covid-19 lockdown, they did not even get the chance to hear the guilty pleas in person. But not having a trial takes away one real fear: that Tarrant would use the occasion as a platform to push his right-wing agenda of hate, something the justice system, the media and most importantly เว็บแทงบอล the Muslim community were desperate to avoid.

Wall Street rallies after Trump declares virus emergency

Wall Street shares rallied on Friday after US President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus outbreak a national emergency, freeing up money to fight the spread of the disease. As the president spoke, the three main US indexes jumped more than 9%. Earlier, London's FTSE 100 closed up 2.5%, retreating from an early surge, while other European indexes made similar moves. The rally comes a day after Wall Street suffered its biggest losses since 1987. Investors fear economies could slide into recession as a result of the pandemic, as business is disrupted, events are cancelled and schools in many countries close in an effort to contain the spread of the virus. Many indexes around the world have now fallen more than 20% from their recent highs - a red flag for recession. On Friday, the European Union said it will put in place a package of measures, including a €37bn euro (£33bn) investment initiative. And German finance minister Olaf Scholz said his country could part-nationalise firms to tackle the crisis. 'Whatever we need' In the US, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, said her members would pass a bill that provides paid sick leave, among other aid. But Republicans and the White House have not said they will support it. US Secretary Steven Mnuchin pledged the US would use "whatever tools we need". The national emergency declaration helps speed some kinds of funding to local governments. In an interview with US broadcaster CNBC, he said he believed the coronavirus slowdown would be short-term and said the situation in 1987, when markets dropped some 20%, was a "much scarier time". Read more at :: กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด20+ หลุดไลฟ์สดพริตตี้

Why a media mogul was arrested in Pakistan

The authorities in Pakistan have arrested one of the country's leading media magnates on charges he illegally obtained government land more than 30 years ago. Mir Shakilur Rahman is the editor-in-chief of the Jang group which owns some of Pakistan's most widely circulated newspapers, as well as the popular Geo television network. The arrest is being seen by journalists and human rights activists as more evidence that free media and political dissent are being silenced in Pakistan. Mr Rahman, who denies the accusations against him, appeared in court on Friday and was remanded in custody. He has not been formally charged. What was Mr Rahman detained for? The charges against him relating to the purchase of several plots of land in Lahore go back to 1986. Pakistan's anti-corruption agency, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), has alleged that in that year, when future PM Nawaz Sharif was chief minister of Punjab province, he let Mr Rahman illegally acquire more government-owned-land than he was allowed by law. Dawn newspaper quoted a NAB official as saying Mr Rahman was entitled to four acres of land under the Lahore Development Authority's "land exemption policy", but he acquired more than 13 acres. NAB says this was illegal and amounted to a political bribe. Mr Rahman says he bought the land from a private party and paid all the necessary taxes and duties, for which he has documents. He also says the purchase is a civil matter and therefore beyond the writ of an anti-crime agency like NAB. Is that what it's really about? Irrespective of the merits of the case, many doubt NAB is carrying out its duties honestly. It often takes action against those who question government policies. The arrest has triggered widespread criticism from journalists' bodies, rights groups and the political opposition. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed "deep concern" over the arrest. Read more at :: กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด20+ หลุดไลฟ์สดพริตตี้

Coronavirus: Coachella music festival postponed

One of the world's biggest music festivals has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Coachella was set to take place next month in the California desert with Rage Against The Machine and Frank Ocean among กลุ่มลับนักศึกษา18+ the headliners. The event's organiser Goldenvoice has now postponed it until October, at the request of local health authorities. Latest figures show the US has more than 1,000 confirmed cases of the disease and 28 deaths. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the world's most high-profile music events with many celebrity attendees. This year hundreds of acts were set to perform including Travis Scott, Calvin Harris and Lana Del Rey. Stagecoach, a country music festival organised by the same company, has also been moved from April to October. "While this decision กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ comes at a time of universal uncertainty, we take the safety and health of our guests, staff and community very seriously," Goldenvoice said in a statement.

Coronavirus: RBS to allow customers to defer mortgage payments

Taxpayer-owned bank RBS will allow borrowers affected by the coronavirus outbreak to defer mortgage and loan repayments for up to three months. The bank, which runs the RBS, NatWest, and Ulster Bank brands, also said savers could close fixed savings accounts early with no charge. This is designed to allow people to access cash if they need it as the impact of the virus is felt. Extra support for businesses was กลุ่มลับนักศึกษา18+ announced by the bank on Monday. Other support for individuals facing financial difficulties owing to the virus includes: Refunds on credit card cash advance fees The option of applying for an temporarily increased credit card borrowing limit Asking for an increased cash withdrawal limit of up to £500 A spokesman for RBS said: "We are monitoring the potential impact of coronavirus across all our customers to ensure we can support them appropriately through any period of disruption. "We also have operational resilience plans in place that reflect guidance from Public Health Authorities to ensure we can continue to serve our customers." Changes to mortgage agreements in some way mirror the situation in Italy, one of the areas most affected by the outbreak. With significant restrictions on the population in place, Laura Castelli, Italy's deputy economy minister, said mortgage payments would be suspended across Italy. Lending to businesses RBS said on Monday that it was offering more flexibility over loans to businesses. Other banks are following suit. Barclays said it was offering 12-month capital repayment holidays on existing loans over £25,000, and would also offer extended or new overdraft facilities to business customers. "Our network of relationship managers กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ has been reaching out to SMEs across the UK to see if they require additional support during this time, as we do regularly when we see any events which may have an impact on our clients," said Ian Rand, chief executive of Barclays Business Banking. "Barclays is ready to help, whether that's with managing cash-flow or any other support, and we encourage any customer who needs guidance to call us or contact their relationship manager.

Parasite becomes UK's most successful international film465

Oscar-winning South Korean movie Parasite has achieved another milestone by becoming the highest-grossing non-English language film in the UK. The winner of the best picture Oscar has taken a total of £11.5m at the box office since its release on 7 February. Its success ends the reign of The Passion of the Christ, which had held the top spot with £11.1m since 2004. Bong Joon Ho's black comedy made history as the first international film to win the best picture Oscar. It won four Oscars overall at this year's event, also taking home the famous statuettes for best director, best international film and best original screenplay. The film is a vicious social satire about two families from different classes in Seoul - one who live in poverty in a semi-basement, and another who live in a large home in an affluent area. The story revolves around the poor family's plans to infiltrate the life and home of the much wealthier one. It opened in the UK later than in other countries and was able to take full advantage of the buzz created by its Academy Awards success. On its opening weekend in the the UK, Parasite made £1.4m in the run-up to the Oscars, which took place on 9 February. It climbed to the second spot in the UK the following week after it was expanded from 137 cinemas to 428 sites and increased its takings by 133%. Crowds and protests greet Passion of the Christ Globally, the film has grossed $257m (£197m) so far, with more than $50m (£38m) of that total coming from the US. The film has enjoyed the biggest post-Oscar boost for a best picture winner in the past decade. The UK's top 10 highest-grossing non-English language films 1. Parasite: £11.5m*, released 2020 2. The Passion of the Christ: £11.1m, released 2004 3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: £9.4m, released 2001 4. Amélie: £5m, released 2001 5. Apocalypto: £4.1m, released 2007 6. Hero: £3.8m, released 2004 7. House of Flying Daggers: £3.8m, released 2004 8. Life is Beautiful: £3.1m, released 1999 9. Volver: £2.9m, released 2006 10. The Motorcycle Diaries: £2.8m, released 2004 Read more at :: กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ กลุ่มลับนักศึกษา18+

Coronavirus: How is the UK planning for an outbreak?

Measures to delay the spread of coronavirus in the UK are being considered by health officials. So what could happen and is the NHS well prepared? Could schools close and public gatherings be banned? The government has powers it can กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด20+ use to protect people from infection. What measures will be used are still being decided, but they could include: School closures. Laws to allow bigger class sizes if there are teacher shortages may also be introduced Restrictions on the use of public transport The stopping of big gatherings Troops supporting the emergency services Police focusing on the most serious crimes and maintaining public order New legal powers to make people stay in quarantine A public information campaign will be launched to help people protect themselves. The main focus will be on regular and thorough hand washing. EASY STEPS: What can I do? A SIMPLE GUIDE: What are the symptoms? MAPS AND CHARTS: Visual guide to the outbreak VIDEO: The 20-second hand wash When could these powers be used? Exactly what steps are taken will depend upon the severity of the outbreak. The spread of coronavirus is being monitored by health officials. And the government's emergency Cobra committee - made up of ministers, civil servants and officials - is co-ordinating the response. Drastic steps such as closing schools would have major social and economic consequences. Because of this, ministers have stressed the need not to over-react. It is also virtually impossible to stop all social contact. As such, measures designed to stop people mixing may be most likely when there are local outbreaks. This could be in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus and limit the number of cases ahead of an expected peak. Is the NHS ready for coronavirus? Up to a fifth of the UK workforce could be off sick during the peak weeks of a major outbreak, the government says. It believes there could be an increase in deaths, especially among elderly people and those with pre-existing conditions such as heart or lung problems and diabetes. The NHS has detailed plans to cope with outbreaks of disease and surges in demand. Assessments are being made about which patients can be advised to stay at home and isolate themselves to allow hospitals to focus on the most severely ill. The illness caused by the virus for many seems to be mild and passes. Can coronavirus be contained? Public Health England officials have said widespread transmission of coronavirus in the UK is "highly likely". They believe some people infected have no link to overseas cases. Efforts are now on delaying the spread of the disease, the aims of which include: Pushing cases further away from winter pressures on the NHS, so there is more capacity Allowing time for the UK to improve its response, or develop measures such as drugs and vaccines. The government หลุดไลฟ์สดพริตตี้ has pledged £46m for urgent work to find a vaccine and develop a rapid test Push cases towards summer, when the rate of transmission could be lower Work to contain the disease is also continuing. That involves tracing people who have had close contact with infected people and getting them to self-isolate.

Ronaldinho in court in Paraguay over fake passport claims

Former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho and his brother appeared in court on Saturday over allegations the pair used fake passports to enter Paraguay. Prosecutors say the brothers were given the false documents when they landed in the capital Asuncion on Wednesday. The pair were taken into custody on Friday, just hours after a judge refused หลุดไลฟ์สดพริตตี้ to uphold a prosecutor's proposal for an alternative punishment. The prosecutor argued the brothers had been tricked. They deny any wrongdoing. Ronaldinho 'taken by surprise', prosecutor says The pair, who were questioned by police, said they thought the passports were a courtesy gesture. Officers later searched their hotel. At the court in Asuncion on Saturday, a judge ordered that Ronaldinho and his brother, Roberto Assis, be placed in pre-trial detention. In July 2019, the player reportedly had his Brazilian and Spanish passports confiscated over unpaid taxes and non-payment of fines for illegally building on a nature reserve in Brazil. Ronaldinho retires from football "I respect his sporting popularity but the law must also be respected. No matter กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด20+ who you are, the law still applies", Paraguay's Interior Minister Euclides Acevedo told local media this week. The 39-year-old had travelled to Paraguay to promote a book and a campaign for underprivileged children. Ronaldinho was the 2004 and 2005 World Player of the Year and reached the prime of his career at Spanish giants Barcelona. He won the World Cup for Brazil in 2002 alongside fellow superstar forwards Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Ronaldinho's net worth is estimated at £80-100m and he is reported to charge around £150,000 for a single promoted Instagram post. Ronaldinho (C) and his brother Roberto Assis (R) arrive to face a judge at a court in Asuncion

Manmohan Singh: Former PM says India situation 'grim and morose'

Former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh has warned of "social disharmony, economic slowdown and a global health epidemic" facing the country. "The current situation is very grim and morose," he wrote in a sharply critical op-ed in The Hindu newspaper. The article comes in the wake of the most violent หลุดหลุ่มลับ riots to take place in capital, Delhi, in decades. Mr Singh also referred to slowing growth and the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak. More than 50 Indians have died in recent religious riots sparked by clashes over a controversial citizenship law in Delhi. "The India that we know and cherish is slipping away fast. Wilfully stoked communal tensions, gross economic mismanagement and an external health shock are threatening to derail India's progress and standing," Mr Singh wrote. He said he worried deeply that "this potent combination of risks may not only rupture the soul of India but also diminish our global standing as an economic and democratic power in the world". Mr Singh, who belongs to the main opposition Congress party, was the prime minister from 2004 to 2014. Delhi riots: How Muslims' homes were targeted and burnt Anger as judge critical of Delhi violence removed How serious is India's economic slowdown? Mr Singh said it was "well accepted" that a lack of new investment from the private sector only highlighted a "floundering" economy. "Social harmony, the bedrock of economic development, is now under peril. No amount of tweaking of tax rates, showering of corporate incentives or goading will propel Indian or foreign businesses to invest, when the risk of eruption of sudden violence in one's neighbourhood looms large." India's growth slumped to 4.7% last month - the slowest pace in years as drop in manufacturing affected overall economic health. The former prime minister said a lack of investment meant fewer jobs and lower incomes, leading to diminished demand in the economy. "A lack of demand will only further suppress private investments. This is the vicious cycle that our economy is stuck in." Mr Singh also addressed the threat of coronavirus in India, saying the country needs a "full-scale operation" to deal with the health crisis. He warned that an outbreak would have a significant impact on Indian business. "India's economic growth was already tepid and this external health shock is bound to make things much worse." Mr Singh concluded his article with some advice to the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, saying they must "reassure" the country. He said the government should embark on a "three-point plan": containing the coronavirus threat, withdrawing or amending the citizenship law กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ and a fiscal stimulus to boost demand and revive the economy.

Formula!1 Teams formally object to Ferrari engine settlement

Seven of the 10 Formula 1 teams have formally objected to the handling of Ferrari's engine controversy last year. Last week, governing body the FIA said it "reached a settlement" with Ferrari after investigating their engine. Ferrari's rivals have issued a collective response expressing their "strong objection" to the confidential deal. They say they will "pursue full and proper disclosure" and "reserve our rights to seek legal redress". Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Racing Point, Alpha Tauri and Williams all released identical statements to that effect on Wednesday morning. The only teams not to sign other than Ferrari are Haas and Alfa Romeo, who use Ferrari engines. The statement from the other seven teams said they were "surprised and shocked" by the FIA's statement concluding its investigation into the Ferrari power-unit in 2019. It added: "An international sporting regulator has the responsibility to act with the highest standards of governance, integrity and transparency. "After months หลุดหลุ่มลับ of investigations that were undertaken by the FIA only following queries raised by other teams, we strongly object to the FIA reaching a confidential settlement agreement with Ferrari to conclude this matter. "Therefore, we hereby state publicly our shared commitment to pursue full and proper disclosure in this matter, to ensure that our sport treats all competitors fairly and equally. We do so on behalf of the fans, the participants and the stakeholders of Formula 1. "In addition, we reserve our rights to seek legal redress, within the FIA's due process and before the competent courts." Ferrari declined to comment. The FIA said it would issue a statement on the matter. The teams are concerned that the FIA's attempt to draw a line under the matter does not make it clear whether Ferrari's engine was legal at all times last year or not. An FIA statement issued on Friday said it had concluded a "thorough technical investigation" into the Ferrari engine and said that "the specifics of the agreement (reached) remain between the parties". The statement added that "the FIA and Scuderia Ferrari have agreed to a number of technical commitments that will improve the monitoring of all Formula 1 power-units for forthcoming championship seasons". Teams believe fundamental questions are กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ raised by the way the FIA has chosen to end the Ferrari investigation: Does the lack of punitive action against Ferrari mean that the car was legal at all times in 2019? If so, why not say so? Why the need for a "settlement", and what was that settlement? What confidence can teams have in F1 if the FIA is not able to conclude a technical investigation without saying whether the car in question was legal or not? The issue arose during last season when rivals - particularly Red Bull and Mercedes - began to have doubts about the level of superiority of the Ferrari car in straight-line speed. Discontent rumbled throughout much of the season and the issue came to a head at the US Grand Prix in October when the FIA issued a rules clarification in response to a detailed series of questions from Red Bull. These centred on whether it was possible to interfere with the mandatory fuel-flow meter in ways that made it bypass the regulation limit of 100kg per hour. The FIA clarification made it clear that any intervention with the mandatory fuel-flow meter that could lead it to exceed the maximum permitted fuel flow would be against the rules. In F1's complex turbo-hybrid engines, the fuel-flow limit works to promote efficiency and is effectively a ceiling on the amount of power an engine can produce. It means teams cannot increase power simply by increasing the rate of fuel flow through the engine, and must do so instead via efficiency savings, in other words increasing the amount of power extracted from the available fuel by advances in the engine/hybrid system. The FIA clarification was issued on the morning of qualifying in Austin, and later that day a run of six consecutive Ferrari pole positions came to an end. The team did not set a pole position in any of the remaining two races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi either. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto said the two matters were not related, and that apparent differences in the car's straight-line performance seen by rivals were caused by the team changing the way they ran it and addin