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Tool fans 'may have been exposed to coronavirus' at show

Fans who watched US band Tool in New Zealand last week have been warned they may have been exposed to coronavirus. A man in his 30s, who attended the gig in Auckland's Spark Arena, has been confirmed as the nation's fourth case of the virus. "He was in the general admission standing area กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ in the front left-hand quadrant," said health officials. They added the risk of catching the virus was "low" but advised audience members to be aware of the symptoms. The man, who had recently arrived back in the country from northern Italy, has been isolated at home since Wednesday. His partner was announced as New Zealand's second case earlier this week. At present, it is not known how Covid-19 spreads from person to person, but similar viruses do so via droplets, such as those produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. New Zealand's director-general หลุดหลุ่มลับ of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said fans in the vicinity of the man at the Tool concert were considered "casual contacts". "They are at low risk and the appropriate action for them is to just be aware of the symptoms [and] call healthline if they are concerned or if they have any symptoms," he said. Concerts cancelled Concerns about coronavirus are disrupting the whole entertainment industry, with the release of the new James Bond film postponed until November, and the International Indian Film Academy Awards, known as Bollywood's Oscars, called off. Artists including BTS, Mariah Carey, Mabel, Khalid, Pixies, Foals Green Day and Stormzy have also delayed or cancelled concerts, with dates in Asia particularly affected.

Coronavirus: Chinese app WeChat censored virus content since 1 Jan

China's most popular messaging app has been censoring key words about the coronavirus outbreak from as early as 1 January, a report has found. Toronto-based research group Citizen Lab found that WeChat blocked combinations of keywords and criticism of President Xi Jinping. The report also found that WeChat, owned by Chinese firm Tencent, blocked more words as the outbreak grew. China has for years censored what its people read and say online. But this report suggests China began censoring discussions weeks before officials began acknowledging the severity of the outbreak. It was on 31 December that China first alerted the World Health Organization to an outbreak of a new coronavirus in the city of Wuhan. But authorities initially withheld information from the public - under-reporting the number of people infected, downplaying หลุดหลุ่มลับ the risks, and failing to provide timely information that could have saved lives. It was only on 20 January that Chinese president Xi Jinping publicly addressed the issue of the virus, saying it had to be "resolutely contained". It's not clear if the social media platforms blocked these keyword combinations based on government directives - or if it was done of its own accord. However, the report suggests that it could be the result of companies "over-censoring in order to avoid official reprimands". Authorities have confirmed more than 92,000 cases of the virus worldwide - of which more than 80,000 are in China. The keywords censored A report released by the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab on Tuesday กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ looked into two Chinese social media platforms - WeChat and live-streaming site YY. YY was found to have added 45 keywords to its blacklist on 31 December - which made references to the virus that was then unidentified. These key words included the terms "Unknown Wuhan pneumonia" and "SARS outbreak in Wuhan". WeChat was found to have censored 132 keyword combinations between 1 - 31 January. As the outbreak continued, WeChat censored 384 new keywords between 1 - 15 February. These include keywords that referenced Chinese leaders - including President Xi - as well as neutral references to government policies on handling the epidemic, and responses to the outbreak in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Some examples of censored combinations are "Local authorities + Epidemic + Central (government) + Cover up" and "Wuhan + Obviously + Virus + Human-to-human transmission". References to Dr Li Wenliang also accounted for 19 censored keyword combinations. Dr Li Wenliang was among a group of doctors in Wuhan who issued the first warnings about the virus in late December. He was later told by police to stop making "false comments". Dr Li later contracted the virus himself and died of the disease aged 33. The report adds that it is possible that WeChat has unblocked keywords as the outbreak continues to develop. YY is known to have unblocked certain keywords. It is not clear what keywords, if any, continue to be censored on these platforms. The report adds that censorship in China works through a system of "self-discipline" where companies are held liable for content on their platforms. The censorship is particularly damaging because WeChat is such a central part of many people's lives in China - it is, in effect, WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple Pay and more, rolled into one. App users are able to book flights, hail taxis and even transfer money - all on WeChat alone. And it's not used by individuals alone - government authorities often also release official statements on the app.

Coronavirus: China orders travellers quarantined amid outbreak

Travellers from countries with severe coronavirus outbreaks who arrive in southern China will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine, state media say. Shanghai will also ask new arrivals from countries with "relatively serious virus conditions" to be isolated. Beijing is worried the virus might be imported back into the country. Numbers หลุดหลุ่มลับ of newly infected in China are falling. Although most virus deaths have been in China, Monday saw nine times more new infections outside China than in. Authorities are also asking overseas Chinese to reconsider travel plans. "For the sake of your family's health and safety, please strengthen your precautions, carefully decide on your travel plans and minimise mobility," officials in one southern Chinese province said. One กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ of the countries worst affected outside China - Italy - on Monday saw a jump in its death toll from 34 to 52.

Coronavirus: Global shares suffer worst week since financial crisis

The Dow Jones recorded its biggest ever points fall on Thursday The three main US indexes ended the week down 10% or more from last Friday, despite a last-minute rally in prices. Earlier, the main European markets fell sharply, with London's FTSE 100 index down 3.2% for the day. Investors are worried the coronavirus could spark a global recession. The Dow settled 1.4% lower on Friday, recovering from earlier lows, while the S&P sank 0.8% and the Nasdaq was หลุดหลุ่มลับ roughly flat. Amid the sell-off, Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell put out an unusual statement, saying the US central bank was "closely monitoring" developments. "The fundamentals of the US economy remain strong. However, the coronavirus poses evolving risks to economic activity," he said. "We will use our tools and act as appropriate to support the economy." Why should I care if share prices fall? The news of more coronavirus cases, notably in Italy, has raised concerns of a much larger economic effect than previously expected. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney on Friday warned the outbreak could lead to a downgrade of the UK's growth prospects. Other countries are also reassessing their economic forecasts, as hundreds of firms warn of disruptions to their supply chains and a decline in consumer demand. US tech giants Apple and Microsoft are among the companies that have said their business will be affected, while กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด18+ investment bank Goldman Sachs warned on Thursday that the coronavirus is likely to wipe out any growth in US company profits this year. Shares in airlines have been especially hard-hit as travel bans are imposed and companies limit staff travel. On Friday, airline group IAG - which owns British Airways and Iberia - said its earnings had been affected by "weaker demand" as a result of the outbreak.

Bruce Lee's daughter sues fast food chain over image use

A company run by Bruce Lee's daughter is suing a popular Chinese fast food chain over its use of an image of the late martial arts star. Shannon Lee's Bruce Lee Enterprises alleges Real Kungfu has used the image in its logo without permission. The firm wants the แทงบอล2020 fast food chain to immediately remove the image, and is reportedly seeking $30m (£23.1m) in compensation. The restaurant argues local authorities approved its use of the logo. The image depicts a dark-haired man in a martial arts pose. "The Real Kungfu chain's logo is one that the company had applied for and เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด2020 obtained after a rigorous screening by the national trademark agency, we have already been using this for 15 years", the company said in a statement posted on China's Weibo platform. "We are baffled that after so many years we are now being sued, and we are currently energetically studying the case and preparing our response." The Guangzhou-based fast คาสิโนออนไลน์ food chain, which is known as Zhen Gongfu in Mandarin, was founded in 1990 and has around 600 outlets across China. Bruce Lee Enterprises handles the merchandising and licensing of the kung fu star's image. In a statement on its website, the company said it is "dedicated to sharing the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee to inspire personal growth, positive energy, and global harmony and aims to keep the martial artist's energy alive". Bruce Lee Enterprises did not immediately 12BET respond to a request for comment. The case is likely to be watched closely as the Chinese government has in recent years promised to increase protections for intellectual property rights.

'Ghost boat' containing human remains washes up on Japanese island

Five corpses and two human heads have been discovered inside a shipwreck on the coast of Japan. The boat washed แทงบอล2020 ashore on Japan's Sado Island, northwest from the mainland, on Friday and authorities gained access on Saturday. The heavily damaged vessel had Korean lettering painted on its side. Police could not confirm whether the two เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด2020 heads belonged to the corpses but Japanese media said the remains were "partially skeletonised". This could indicate คาสิโนออนไลน์ the victims had been at sea for a long time. "Ghost boats" believed to hail from North Korea are a fairly common discovery on Japanese shores. Why are N Korean 'ghost ships' washing up in Japan? North Korea country profile The North Korean women who escaped twice They are generally empty or contain only human remains. During winter, exposure and starvation are the most likely explanations for crewmembers' deaths. In previous incidents there has been speculation that crew found on the "ghost boats" are defectors or spies from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's repressive regime. But it is also thought that poverty is forcing North Koreans to fish further from home. In 2017 a fishing crew was discovered alive on board a drifting vessel and asked to be sent back to North Korea. Ongoing tensions between Japan and North Korea could make a full investigation into the latest shipwreck difficult. On Friday, Japanese national broadcaster NHK accidentally 12BET reported a North Korea missile launch before correcting the error. They apologised and said the newsflash was intended to be a training exercise. In November, North Korea threatened Japan with a "real ballistic missile" and called Prime Minister Shinzo Abe an "imbecile" and "political dwarf", accusing him of mislabelling its latest weapons test.

Annular solar eclipse: Crowds in Asia gather to see 'ring of fire'

People across Asia are witnessing an annular solar eclipse, which is also known as a "ring of fire". Crowds เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด2020 have gathered to watch the natural phenomenon in a number of countries, including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Saudi Arabia. In an annular eclipse, the แทงบอล2020 moon covers the centre คาสิโนออนไลน์ of the Sun, giving the appearance of a bright ring. There are usually two solar eclipses on Earth every year, and they 12BET occur only when the Earth is completely or partially in the Moon's shadow. When is the next solar eclipse in my country?

Hong Kong protests: Christmas sees no halt in clashes

Christmas Day in Hong Kong has seen no let-up in clashes between police and pro-democracy protesters. The police used tear gas and pepper spray as เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด2020 demonstrators gathered again in a number of shopping districts. The latest protests began on Christmas Eve, with police battling activists who were throwing petrol bombs. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said many residents and tourists had seen their Christmas celebrations "ruined by a group of reckless and selfish rioters". "Such illegal acts แทงบอล2020 have not only dampened the festive mood but also adversely affected local businesses," she said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. The protests began in June, focusing on a bill that would have allowed the extradition of suspects to mainland China. The bill was later withdrawn, but demonstrations have since evolved into a broader movement demanding investigations into police brutality and democratic reform. The protests, which had been largely peaceful in recent weeks, คาสิโนออนไลน์ have turned more confrontational over the festive season. On Wednesday hundreds of activists marched through shopping centres shouting slogans such as "Liberate Hong Kong! Revolution of our times!" Police arrested several people after using pepper spray. The clashes were on a 12BET lesser scale than Tuesday, when activists set up barricades and threw petrol bombs across the city, while police used pepper spray and batons. Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, after which it was returned to China under the "one country, two systems" arrangement. Under the agreement, Hong Kong is expected to have a high degree of autonomy from mainland China, and residents enjoy more freedoms than those on the mainland.

Macau: China's other 'one country, two systems' region

Macau, a tiny former Portuguese colony, is marking the 20th anniversary of its return to China. The Special Administrative Region, which measures 12 sq miles (31 sq km), uses the same political model as Hong Kong - "one country, two systems". That guarantees a "high degree of autonomy" for the regions for 50 years with Beijing maintaining control of defence and foreign affairs. But this is where the similarity between Hong Kong and Macau ends. For the past six months, there have been large protests in Hong Kong over a now shelved bill that would have allowed extradition to mainland China. But while millions have taken to the streets there, the Chinese government has praised Macau's "patriots" for keeping the peace เว็บแทงบอลที่ดีที่สุด and being a shining example of the one country, two systems model. At the 20th anniversary celebrations on Friday, Chinese President Xi said Macau's "tradition of valuing unity must be preserved". He also reiterated that China would not "tolerate" any interference in Hong Kong or Macau. "I wish to stress that the handling of [Hong Kong and Macau] affairs is strictly China's internal matter, there is no need for any external force to dictate things to us... we will never tolerate any external interference," said Mr Xi. Mr Xi also swore in the region's new Beijing-backed chief executive, Ho Iat-seng. The changing face of Macau Macau is a เว็บแทงบอล small but important port city on the south coast of China, just south of Guangzhou and about 65km from Hong Kong. It was leased to Portugal in 1557 and officially became a Portuguese colony in 1887. "When the Portuguese had complete rule of Macau, they had to negotiate with China because it is so close. All food came from China so the Portuguese always worked and co-operated with them", says Agnes Lam, director of the University of Macau's Centre for Macau Studies. In 1987, Portugal and China signed W88 the Sino-Portuguese joint declaration which said the territory would be returned to China on 20 December, 1999. Under one country, two systems Macau has its own government, legal and financial affairs. It has its own local currency, the patacas, and differing local laws, including legal gambling, which makes up a huge chunk of the economy. The region's leader, the chief-executive, is chosen by a 400 person Beijing-approved committee comprising of politicians and businessmen. Ordinary citizens do not have a direct say in the appointment of the chief executive, the same as Hong Kong. "We do not have any kind of open arguments with China about one country, two systems. We understand the boundaries quite well," Ms Lam told the BBC. The legacy of communication with the Chinese government was, she said, คาสิโนออนไลน์ one reason why one country, two systems is more effective in Macau than in Hong Kong. Ms Lam added that there has been a big focus on improving the region's economy as well as its education system. Home to just over 600,000 people, Macau has the third highest per capita GDP in the world, behind Luxembourg and Switzerland. Last year Macau's government handed out 10,000 Patacas (£923; $1,246) to permanent residents as part of a wealth-sharing programme. "The Chinese opened up Macau to big American gaming industries and turned Macau into a global gaming centre internationally and expanded the economy phenomenally," said Steve Tsang, director of the SOAS China Institute in London. "Macau, previously a poor cousin to Hong Kong in economic terms, now enjoys a substantially higher pro-capita GDP than Hong Kong. "Nearly half of the current population in Macau came as immigrants from China. So you can see from the Chinese government's perspective, Macau is a poster boy for the one country, two systems model." Have the Hong Kong protests spread to Macau? Hong Kong is now into its sixth month of protests, but Macau has mainly remained silent. "This dissent does not exist in Macau," Jason Chao, an activist and former president of the New Macau Association, a pro-democracy party, tells the BBC. "A major difference between Hong Kong and Macau is a wish for autonomy. Hong Kong people need autonomy, freedom and rights and they are fighting for it. This does not apply to Macau. The majority of the population are pro-China. "They have a very comfortable life. This makes pro-democracy and human rights activism very difficult in Macau."

The most read BBC News stories of the last decade

January 2010. Barack Obama was one year into his US presidency, Instagram hadn't been invented and the word Brexit had never been uttered. Being trapped underground in เว็บแทงบอลที่ดีที่สุด darkness, with hardly any food or water, is "the stuff of nightmares", says BBC Latin America online editor Vanessa Buschschluter, who reported from the San Jose mine in northern Chile after 33 miners became trapped deep underground. It was the nightmarish quality of the miners' situation, she says, that moved not only Chileans, but people around the world. For 17 days the collapse of a Chilean copper and gold mine was not widely covered outside the country. That was until the miners tied a note to a probe sent deep beneath the ground saying they were alive. And with that, "people were hooked", says Ms Buschschluter. เว็บแทงบอล Rescuers drilled down as the miners' desperate families watched on, keeping vigil from what became known as Camp Hope. "When one of the drills finally reached the miners, the camp's bell rang out and relatives hugged and jumped for joy, some fell on their knees praying," Ms Buschschluter adds. The 33 miners were brought to the surface one by one in a specially-designed capsule via a tunnel just wider than the men's W88 shoulders. Winching them to safety took 22 hours. People sang the national anthem and waved Chilean flags, as champagne corks popped. It was the stuff of movies - and sure enough their ordeal made it on to the big screen in a Hollywood film starring Antonio Banderas. A story with a happy ending? Not quite. Many คาสิโนออนไลน์ of the miners, who were trapped underground for a record 69 days, struggled to cope with their newfound fame, and some faced health and financial difficulties in the years after. It was the worst case of civil unrest in the UK for a generation. The police shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in Tottenham, north London, prompted a protest that turned violent. Over four hot August nights, looters ran free and armed rioters set fire to two police cars, then a bus, and shops. The unrest spread just like the flames - first across London, to Hackney, then Lewisham, Peckham, Woolwich, Ealing and Clapham - before erupting in other major cities including Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Wolverhampton and Liverpool. The Met Police officers later said they had been outnumbered and were afraid to take on rioters, some of whom were carrying machetes. Five people died and more than 3,000 were arrested. In the year that followed, 1,400 of them were jailed and handed much tougher sentences than magistrates would usually give for such offences. Research by sociologist Juta Kawalerowicz found deprivation and tensions between communities and police were main factors behind the riots. The issue of police stop and search powers being used to target black people came up in the University of Oxford research. But Ms Kawalerowicz said they were not "race riots", and rioters did not come from one ethnic group. The race was expected to be tight. But on election night, America's first black president stormed to another victory, securing a second term. Barack Obama's re-election was particularly important, says our senior North America reporter Anthony Zurcher, because it proved US voters "were comfortable enough with a black man as president to want to keep him in the White House". Mr Obama, a Democrat, had run a largely solid, professional campaign, painting his Republican opponent - Mitt Romney - as an elite, corporate executive who was out of touch with mainstream American voters, says our reporter. In his first term, Mr Obama, who took office amid one of the worst recessions in decades, had overhauled the US healthcare system and overcome strong Republican opposition to pass a programme designed to boost the economy. And in his first speech after re-election, Mr Obama told America: "The best is yet to come." He would go on to strike a climate change agreement in Paris, negotiate a deal to curb Iran's nuclear potential and restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. But Mr Obama's second term was also punctuated by frustration, notably problems with his healthcare system and his failure to push through gun control legislation. "Of course, four years later, Democrat Hillary Clinton was unable to rebuild Obama's winning coalition of young, minority and working class Americans," says Mr Zurcher.