buzai232: Wenbo College system adopted by ECUPL

Wenbo College system adopted by ECUPL

6 Dec 2017 at 05:31pm

East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) recently adopted a residential college system, originated from Western universities.

The university will pilot the practice with 1,100 law-related majors, or one third of this year’s freshmen, and expand it to the whole school next year with more residential colleges.In total, there will be four such colleges for students of law, political administration, economics and humanity respectively.

It will enroll students with general major classification from this year.Students of the residential college will receive liberal arts education during the first year and will not be distributed to specific academic study as before.

From the second year, they will have a second identity as students of academic colleges, but will not separate from the residential college. Instead, they will still enjoy the environment of liberal arts throughout their university years.

“The residential college, named after the first president of the university, will include a physical college, a liberal arts education system, mentors and a community,” said Li Jian, Party secretary of Wenbo College.

“We will renovate our dormitory buildings to create dorm rooms for teachers and space for community activities, such as study rooms and gyms. Students will be immersed in a whole environment of liberal arts in study and everyday life.”

The reform is expected to balance overall development and academic study in students.

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