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30 Aug 2023 at 04:24am
How to Style Your Peaky Blinders Costume
Peaky Blinders is a popular show with a large and devoted fan base. Its costumes are stylish and unique. They can help you stand out from the crowd.

Luckily, you can mimic the Peaky Blinders look without breaking the bank! Besides, these outfits can be used as everyday clothing.

Tweed Suit
Cillian Murphy’s character Tommy Shelby is a charismatic gangster who commands the screen. His style is a combination of backstreet criminality and classic gentlemanly attire. A tweed suit is the first step to replicating his look.

A tweed suit is made from tightly woven wool and is often designed with patterns like pinstripes, Prince of Wales checks or houndstooth. These suits are a great choice for anyone looking to portray the Peaky Blinders era as they are rugged and durable.
Peaky Blinders Costume
Peaky Blinders Costume Accessories
The classic three-piece suit looks great paired with a thick overcoat. A black overcoat is the typical color worn by the Peaky Blinders and adds a little extra flair to your look. Pair it with a pair of black above-ankle length captoe oxford shoes with leather soles to complete your outfit.

The Peaky Blinders wear a lot of long coats. This is because Birmingham weather can be harsh, especially in the winter. Their coats are tailored from a thick heavy fabric and are dark colors, usually black or navy. They are longer than modern overcoats and sometimes have more pattern to them, but the show does a good job of showing the working class clothing in a pretty accurate way.

For more formal occasions, the Peaky Blinders wear a three piece suit. This is typically a darker tone and they may have gold or pearl studs. They also wear a bow tie or string tie. Occasionally they will wear a wing collar, but they are more often seen wearing the traditional Kent collar. They also wear a more elaborate cufflink, usually with chains.

Penny Collar Shirt
You can’t go wrong with a classic penny collar shirt to complete your Peaky Blinders costume! Whether worn alone with a vest, pocket watch, slider cap and blazing desire to take over Birmingham or tucked into your three-piece suit, this classic style will make you look like a true gentleman gangster.

England at the time Peaky Blinders takes place was undergoing some pretty pivotal style revelations. It was the era of Savile Row and men’s tailored suits in restrained shades of grey, blue or brown. This is the look Tommy Shelby wears to demonstrate his growing wealth while still remaining a member of the working class. The gang are subversively class conscious. They want to show that they are wealthy enough to dress like upper-class English gentlemen but choose lower-class working styles to maintain their roots as street gangsters.

The Peaky Blinders are a real gang that operated in Birmingham in the 1920s. They engaged in a variety of illegal activities, including burglaries, muggings, street fighting and even underground casinos and sports betting.

The show has sparked an interest in the gang’s unique style of clothing, with many men now dressing in grey or blue tweed suits, penny collar shirts, lace-up boots and peaked caps. The peaked cap is actually an eight-panel newsboy cap, not a flat cap as shown on the TV series.

Tweed is a tightly woven type of wool that’s both durable and functional, making it ideal for the rough lifestyle of the Peaky Blinders. The characters typically wear herringbone or Donegal flecked tweed, but there are also many other patterns that can be used.

In the Shelby world, what you wear says as much about your status in the local pecking order as the illegal activities you’re engaged in. This is why bespoke tailoring is such a huge part of [Cillian’s] look.

A tweed or wool-blend three-piece suit with short lapels and narrow-cut trousers is key to the Peaky Blinders look. Match the colour with a pair of black above-ankle length captoe oxford shoes.

A dark brown trench coat is another must-have for your Peaky Blinders Costume. It adds a touch of mystery and a sense of danger to the look. Finish off the outfit with a pair of cuff links and a wide, round-collared shirt with rolled sleeves. Add a newsboy cap and you’re ready to take on Birmingham. /a>

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