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Things to know before injecting fillers by Patcha Clinic, a beauty clinic that focuses on facial reshaping

A beautiful and youthful face after filler injections. It's one of the reasons why many people decide to get filler injections. But where should we inject fillers in order to get natural results? and safe for us as much as possible

What factors must be considered before injecting fillers?

Before we find out where to inject fillers is good. The doctor wants the patient Take into account all the factors the doctor is going to tell you about. Because every factor affects the results and our safety before we decide which fillers should be injected.

Where is the best place to inject fillers?

Should choose a clinic or hospital that meets the standards. and have a valid opening license from the Ministry of Health Because it will help to confirm that this clinic There is a doctor who actually cares.

should choose a clean clinic There is a standard patient management system. and have good sterilization of medical equipment

Should choose a clinic that is in the community. Easy to access, convenient to travel, not in a secret place

Should not choose to use services that have injections outside the place, such as at home or condo. Because normally the Ministry of Public Health has regulations prohibiting such actions. If someone offers an on-site injection service to a patient Suggest to be careful that it may not be a real doctor or a savage doctor.

What qualifications must the treating physician have?

Able to check the history of the treating doctor that is a real doctor Certified by the Medical Council of Thailand

Experienced in facial reshaping by using fillers Know the anatomy and problems on the patient's face very well.

Doctors are always updating new knowledge. through training from both domestic and international institutions

What filler products must be used?

The treatment clinic must use fillers that meet Thai FDA standards, which are hyaluronic acid because of its high safety.

Patients can check the fillers they inject in every box. The doctor removes the filler from the box to see it face to face. Check the details of the filler on the box and on the product. The patient can take the box home when the injection is complete.

Should choose a filler or filler model that is suitable for the area to be treated. which the doctor will recommend

Patcha Clinic

“The key point of beauty care is solving problems that meet your needs. on the basis of different problems in each individual.”

Patcha Clinic, a beauty clinic that focuses on adjusting the face shape to suit the individual's facial structure, provides services in thread lifting, fillers, botox, laser and skin care problems. on the main measures that focus on quality Safety and friendly service So that all patients are satisfied and feel comfortable like taking care of family.

Phisit Medical Company Limited Distributor of medical device products and services

Phisit Medical Company Limited Distributor of medical device products and services

          has been a distributor of medical equipment products and services Started since 2005 and has developed a business as a wholesaler. by developing from the seller is a manufacturer of hospital beds in Thailand. and importers of medical equipment products from abroad The marketing and service missions have been assigned to Pisit Medical Company Limited as a presenter. and quality service Consistently consistent with customer needs and aware of the safety of life and property of those involved as well as giving importance to the impact on the environment and continually develop the skills, knowledge and potential of the employees who provide information to be able to perform service tasks efficiently and effectively as well as encouraging employees to provide service to customers with ethics, code of conduct, honesty in their careers and such success As a result, customers are satisfied. and continually believe in our service

Selling medical equipment products

  • patient bed with hand crank
  • electric patient bed
  • wheelchair

Product / service

          Adjustable patient bed, hand crank, electric patient bed 3, 5 functions head-end ABS, normal patient wheelchair , Electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs to sit and take. wheelchair adjustable sitting-sleeping , shooting chair Shower chair, physical equipment, rollator, bedside cabinet Accessories used in conjunction with the patient bed, hand crank and electric patient bed parts. Wheelchair parts, on-site repair and bed design services. according to user requirements and medical equipment used in hospitals, steel work and stainless steel

Ordering medical equipment

The Pisit Medical Company Limited and Phisit Medical Company Limited Intergroup Co., Ltd. is a distributor of various medical devices. For use in hospitals and homes which for the electric bed We have a variety of options to choose from to suit the user. If anyone is interested can contact us by email or call 02-102-5262-63, 086-351-0685 and 081-908-6638. You can also contact us at LINE: @pisitmedical.

Things to know about VERSAILLES INTERTRADE, who specialized in the production of vinyl doors, vinyl windows


With experience specializing in production door-window (หน้าต่างไวนิล, ประตู UPVC, หน้าต่าง UPVC, ประตูไวนิล) and from standard vinyl manufacturers and one of the largest in Asia Until today, Versailles vinyl doors and windows are made of high quality. Standards are generally accepted in the construction of residential houses, office buildings. and factories that need beauty, strength and resistance to all climatic conditions, standardized production All Versailles vinyl doors and windows are manufactured from a standardized factory and modern machinery All connections were made under temperature. appropriate with control from computer system This makes the vinyl melt to connect homogeneously, thus creating strength. And prevent leakage is best. After welding, the weld will be cleaned by machine and the details of the workpiece are kept for beauty.

The entire internal structure is reinforced with steel. which has been coated with a good anti-rust substance, equipment, hinges, handles and locks Whether it is a normal lock system or a multi-lock system that locks once at the same time Many points, which are more secure, are designed. Exclusively for use with vinyl doors and windows. Versailles vinyl door and window factory Versailles Intertrade Co., Ltd. is a factory that consists of machines. modern and have technicians who have long experience in the assembly of vinyl doors and windows. Make you confident that you will receive Exquisite products with quality and the company also attaches great importance to to after-sales service which will make you Confident in the products of the company fully

Web Design in Bangkok | Relevant Audience Marketing Agency in Bangkok

Web Design isn’t just about making your website look pretty and eye-catching. It encircles many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. It includes web graphic design; user interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization

You will look good on any screen!

  • 57% of Online Consumers abandon a website after waiting more than 3 seconds
  • A/B test to be sure our hypothesis are correct
  • Integration with any analytics system to get deeper insights
  • Multi screen performance

What are the benefits of Web Design?

Good Web Design doesn’t only attract target audiences through a beautiful or cool interface but Good Web Design should also attract traffic through search engines, and SEO doesn’t need to put money into it.

  • Fast websites Enjoy a smooth and fast user experience
  • Analytics integrations Data, data and more data will keep you a step ahead of your competitors and help you avoid wasting money
  • Ecommerce Platforms Get an easy and efficient shopping cart today!
  • Expert Coders We tailor your needs on our website!
  • Best Performance A website that converts into sales.
  • SEO Friendly(รับทำ SEO) Search engine optimized

What is SEO?

SEO(รับทำ SEO) or Search Engine Optimization is a process for improving a web traffic’s quality and quantity from search engines without paying by placing related keywords on the content of your website and article, known as “Focus Keyword”. This could help you get organic traffic and it’s a part of search engine marketing (SEM)

Can I design my website myself if I’m not a Web Designer?

It’s not difficult to create your own website through a website builder. It’s fast but you may not be pleased with the ready-to-use web bundles they provide. Building a website from scratch isn’t an easy task.

Why do I need to hire Relevant Audience?

At Relevant Audience, we care about the online safety of your online business and we wish to help our customers reach their goal in online marketing. We have experts to take care of your website.

Relevant Audience is

a young and energetic Digital Performance Marketing Agency in South East Asia,

with offices in Australia, Singapore and Thailand. 

We have one focus,

help your business to reach the people looking for your product or services at the right moment,

We are bringing the best of both worlds.

We consider ourselves a boutique marketing agency.

We focus on a small number of clients per person,

which by de facto delivers better results

and keep the focus on the most important thing, your business.

expensive cost of safety syringes more than conventional, so why should we use them?

As you know, safety syringes(ไซริงค์) are priced higher than conventional (unsafe) syringes. But it is shortsighted —and erroneous—to simply compare the purchase price of the safety syringe to that of the conventional syringe.

A much more realistic approach should include the cost of tests to see if accidental needlestick injury victims acquire


a bloodborne disease as a result of the injury. In addition, the cost of safe disposal of the syringe should be included.

Bloodborne diseases are transmitted from one person to another in different ways. Unfortunately, a very efficient method of transmission is with a syringe that is reused or that causes an accidental needlestick injury (NSI). In either case, blood from a patient (which may contain one or more of a host of bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis or HIV) can contaminate the bloodstream of either another patient or someone else (such as a healthcare worker), often transmitting a serious—perhaps fatal—disease.


Upon the completion of an injection with a safety syringe(ไซริงค์), the needle is controllable and instantly retracted  from the patient into the barrel of the syringe. When this happens, the syringe is rendered non-reusable, and the contaminated needle is not available to prick the medical worker.


Most of the HIV/AIDS pandemic traditionally has been attributed to sexual transmission. However, several recent thought-provoking articles in medical journals have presented evidence that much of the transmission actually is caused by dirty needles.[1] Healthcare workers in the U.S. suffer an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 accidental needlestick injuries(สลิ้งฉีดยา) each year.[2] This amounts to one NSI for about every 6,000 injections given with a conventional syringe(สลิ้งฉีดยา).


Whenever a syringe is reused, or when a healthcare worker suffers an accidental NSI, it is imperative that tests be conducted to determine whether or not a bloodborne disease has been contracted. And often the tests must be repeated, because it may take several months before some pathogens can be detected. HIV sometimes lies dormant

in the human body for up to three years. Such tests are expensive: in the U.S., the cost is approximately $3,000.[3]


In instances where a bloodborne disease indeed has been contracted, treatment can be very expensive.Victims of NSI


are usually frontline healthcare workers: doctors and nurses that the world can ill afford to lose. And, of course,

there is no way to monetarily quantify human emotions such as fear and anxiety or potential damage to relationships.


Disposal costs must also be taken into account. This includes the cost of the sharps disposal box plus the cost of transportation to the incineration site and the cost of incineration. For a conventional (unsafe) syringe, the disposal cost is approximately $0.18 each. Activated   safety syringes(ไซริงค์) “nest” or pack together much more efficiently  than conventional syringes. Any sharps disposal box will hold at least two times as many activated (retracted) safety syringes as conventional syringes.


The actual (or true) cost of a syringe can be calculated as follows:

purchase price + testing cost + disposal cost = actual cost of a syringe

Even if the purchase price of a safety syringe were about two times as much as the purchase price of a conventional syringe(ไซริงค์), the actual cost of the conventional syringe would still be more expensive

When these costs are taken into account, it actually is much less expensive to use a truly effective safety syringe than to use a conventional syringe (or one of the marginal so-called “safety” syringes(สลิ้งฉีดยา) that do not do an effective job of preventing both reuse and NSI). It not only makes good sense to use the safest product, it also makes good economic sense.


AEC Trade Center-Pantip Wholesale Destination Center offers you a typical experience featured by the wide-ranging food, beverage, and kitchen equipment that are from across the globe.


The showcase aims to gather multiple local buyers and sellers in the food industry, food producers, exporters, and importers are welcome to experience the first comprehensive wholesale trade center that goes over and beyond with its solutions, including the use of omnichannel functions to help the business grow without boundaries in the age of the digital economy.


Beyond Exhibition

AEC Trade Center-Pantip Wholesale Destination Center offers you a typical experience featured by the wide-ranging food, beverage, and kitchen equipment that are from across the globe.



the region’s wholesale trade center(ค้าส่ง) with integrated services in the heart of Bangkok, debuting the FOOD DESTINATION CENTER campaign under the concept of BEYOND EXHIBITION


Why Visit

Beyond Exhibition presents the needs of buyers to source (ค้าส่ง), network, business matching and penetrate Thailand and ASEAN markets.


What's Happening


2 Nov 2021 – 24 Jan 2022



AEC Trade Center Pantip is a flagship project with a one-stop service wholesale center in the heart of Bangkok, the first in Thailand.



The largest wholesale center in ASEAN. A new dimension of wholesale(ขายส่ง) society.



Yiwu (YIWU) Republic of China, is the world’s largest wholesale city for miscellaneous goods.


The largest wholesale(ค้าส่ง) center in ASEAN. A new dimension of wholesale society. The best of the wholesale hub that combines upstream entrepreneurs and producers to become the largest new commercial society in the region with an area of ​​more than 300,000 square meters, total of 10 buildings, supporting 4,000 parking spaces, located on Phaholyothin Road Km. 52,  to meet all requires for buyers and sellers, reduce trading procedures and to provide convenience to the buyers, sellers(ขายส่ง) and service users of all groups.