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10 Cloverfield Lane

Michel (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has just experienced the lovelorn, accident on the highway overturned, when she woke up from a coma, found himself in the cellar, the injured leg was chained to the wall of the pipeline, Michel immediately thought in the escape plan, however, she soon found themselves imprisoned is Howard (John Goodman ornaments) this, claimed to be her savior, he told the truth #jeepokmk01 to Michel's surprise, the original cheap hot smoking wholesale 100s cigarette human has suffered from an unknown alien species attack, and in the cellar is safe. Together with Emmet in the cellar, John Galakhque is a former employee of Howard. The relationship between three people has gradually established mutual trust and dependence, just like a strange family. But gradually, Michel began to understand that two people living in the past peer disaster before the arrival of the details, she began to suspect that the real motive of Howard, think he is deceiving yourself, so Michel once again escaped newest tobacco from the cellar to carry out the plan, even if the outside world is waiting for her at the expense of the alien attack.