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Eyelash extensions can be infested with skin-eating mites

Eyelash extensions can be infested with skin-eating mites Recent reports called the creatures eyelash lice when they're actually mites, a "problematic" confusion according to doctors. Gregory Nixon of the Ohio State University College of Optometry told USA Today people are confusing the term demodex for lice when it's actually mites, and there's an important distinction between the two.Eyelash extension manufacturers He said lice are parasites that suck blood and can often be seen by the naked eye, whereas mites are microscopic and eat dead skin cells.Dr Nixon added that mites don't normally cause issues, but problems can arise if there's a buildup of them around the eye. This can cause itching, irritation, redness, scaling and flaking. He said the best way to prevent an infection is to establish a daily routine of washing around the eyes with warm, soapy water, something he found a lot of eyelash extension-wearers neglected. "When you get eyelash extensions, a lot of patients neglect the normal hygiene that go into taking care of your normal eyelash," he told USA Today. Ophthalmologist Craig See of the Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute said irritation from false lashes or eyelash extensions is often from the adhesive, and usually disappears after the lashes are removed. He said a buildup of mites can be treated with tea tree oil or, in rare cases, medication. Doctors are warning eyelash extension fans the beauty accessories are helping lice spread.Some optometrists say they're seeing an increase in cases of lash lice, known by its medical term, Demodex. The tiny lice can survive an eye hair follicles as well as on the scalp. Doctors are encouraging those who use eyelash extensions to clean them properly by using a lash shampoo two to three times a weekNot cleaning your eyelash extensions can lead to bacteria build-up which can cause redness, itchiness, inflammation as well as eyelash lice.

Eye doctors warn of lash mites after growing trend of eyelash extensions

Eye doctors warn of lash mites after growing trend of eyelash extensions With the popularity of eyelash extensions, eye doctors are now warning people to be more cautious saying people can develop infections or lash mites.Pre-made Fans Volume Eyelash Extensions It’s a growing beauty trend. Eyelash extensions are meant to give a fuller, more lush look for women. But some eye doctors say it can also be a breeding place for bacteria, if you’re not careful.Dr. David Burstein says he’s treated patients for lash mites and some of those patients have lash extensions. “When you’re using things like extensions, and you create a little bit of inflammation, that knocks down the immunity and allows these mites to create an infestation,” said Dr. Burstein of Kenmore Eye Care. But Burstein says lash extensions aren’t the primary cause of lash mites. In fact, he says he sees them in many elderly patients as well.“It sounds bad and it sounds a little eerie but it’s really, a fairly normal thing to have,” said Dr. Burstein. Eye doctors are urging people to thoroughly wash their eyelashes and eye lids, which can be an easy place for lash mites or lice to develop.“That’s where they go, wherever there’s a hair follicle, that’s where they are unfortunately, certain ways of getting transmitted for lice,” said Burstein. Burstein says if that happens it’s treatable with the right products such as those containing tea tree oil. He says there are scrubs, cleansers and wipes available.Burstein says this isn’t to scare people from getting extensions, but to serve as a reminder to thoroughly clean your eyes.“You want to be kind of rough on your lashes, don’t be gentle. You want to get right down to the base of those lashes,” said Burstein. Burstein says it typically takes about 2 to 4 weeks to treat lash mites or lice. Then, he says, a patient is put on a treatment for maintenance. He says if people ever notice any issues with their lashes, whether they have extensions or not, it’s best to go see a doctor.

Living in Hangzhou:

Living in Hangzhou: Living in Hangzhou has been a whirlwind experience for Helen and even though she’s now in a different country she carried with her some great memories of China! We truly believe there is no better way to learn about a new city, new country or a new culture than living there. Our Living Abroad series is designed to tell stories of living overseas and show people that the world is really not such a scary place. We hope it inspires more people to pack up their bags, travel slow and see what it’s really like to live in a different place. If you’d like to tell your story, there’s more information at the end of Helen’s story. Living in Hangzhou I am originally from Bristol in the UK. Since graduating I’ve worked in various jobs, mainly customer service, retail, and the theater. However, in 2014 I started traveling and haven’t stopped (much) since. It was September 2015 that my boyfriend and I moved to Hangzhou. What is it like to live in Hangzhou as an expat/ foreigner? I think living anywhere is very different to simply traveling somewhere. We live in a very local community so we stand out a lot from everyone and get some very funny looks sometimes. Overall, though, people are very friendly, and it’s been very useful to learn some basic mandarin to get by. I worked as a primary school English teacher, although it was part-time hours, I would wake up early at 6.15am every day as classes started at 8am. An average day for me has 4 classes with some time in between to relax and prepare lessons. Every day is different with teaching which is why I love it. The classes and topics vary. With primary students, I had to make sure I had lots of activities planned to keep all the children engaged! In the evenings, my boyfriend and I would go out to eat in the local restaurants and do some work for our other jobs online. I’d also keep everyone up to date with my blog and we’d plan some trips for our weeks and National holidays as we loved exploring more of China. Why did you choose Hangzhou? We knew that we wanted to travel and teach somewhere in Asia (very broad!). However, it was when we were in Poland last year that we met a guy who lived in Hangzhou for 4 years. He really recommended the city and set us up with some contacts who helped us to get our jobs. What did you love about living in Hangzhou? I love the hospitality I received and the support and kindness from the other teachers. I made some wonderful friends and loved trying lots of new food (I wasn’t a fan of all the food!). I mostly loved that it was a totally different culture to anywhere else I’d ever been, and living there means I got a real insight into what life was like. What are the local people like? The locals were very friendly, despite our very basic mandarin speaking skills. The language was definitely challenging though when we first arrived and it was difficult to communicate with neighbors and when ordering food. I think they appreciated us trying, though. What is the cost of living in Hangzhou? Our teaching agency paid for our flat which was approximately 2000 RMB a month (about £200) – it was a very basic flat, though! As for everything else, the cost of living is super low. If you use public transport and eat locally you can easily get by on 2000 RMB a month. Of course, we enjoyed meeting up with others for drinks on the weekend and traveling so we spent more like 4000 RMB a month. This is still very low compared to the cost of living in London.

The Private School in shanghai

The Private School in shanghai The SMIC Private School is a private, coeducational K-12 school located in the Zhangjiang Science City of Shanghai, China. The school was founded by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) in 2001 and by 2009 had over 1,450 students. 2017 marked its 16th anniversary. The School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the East Asia Regional Council of Schools.Shanghai private school The school was initially founded to provide education for employees of the SMIC company. Since 2004, the school has been open for public enrollment. The school grew rapidly since its founding; the school had 75 students in the 1st year, and almost 700 students in its 4th year. The school had its first English track graduating class of 7 in 2006. In 2009, the school had over 1800 students from 22 different countries. The school is authorized and approved by The U.S. College Board as an official SAT and AP testing center. The school provides two academic tracks: an international division that uses an American curriculum with a Chinese requirement and a Chinese track that is based on the local academic curriculum but with strong English emphasis. The SMIC Private School is accredited by the Pudong Board of Education and was awarded as an "Excellent Private Elementary School and Middle/High School in China" in December 2009. In 2018, the school was at the center of a major food safety scandal in which its cafeteria contractor Eurest, a subsidiary of Compass Group, was found to have supplied expired and substandard food. During an inspection of the cafeteria, visiting parents of students at the school discovered moldy vegetables, expired seasoning, and food labeled with a production date in the future. The incident was reported on international media. As a result of the incident, the school headmaster Zhu Ronglin and two other administrative staff members were dismissed and are currently under investigation by government authorities. Following the incident, Shanghai food safety authorities ordered an investigation of cafeterias across the city. Expired items were also found at Concordia International School Shanghai, whose supplier is also Eurest. As a result of the investigation, the schools were ordered to cut ties with Eurest. In 2019, the school assigned a textbook to eighth grade students containing assignments for the winter break. Parents reported finding a lewd short story in the textbook titled "Mommy's Washcloth" which described a child seeing his father having extramarital oral sex with their maid.[5] The publisher of the book has apologized and has fired the editor of the textbook.[6] However, the school is still to be held liable for failing to properly scrutinize the textbook which was not government-approved. According to the Communist Party mouthpiece China Daily, "[the] school will be severely punished for the sexually oriented joke" by the education authority.

Chinese news outlet Caixin aims to raise up to $200 million for tech development

Chinese news outlet Caixin aims to raise up to $200 million for tech development News outlet Caixin Media Company Ltd, founded by one of China’s most respected journalists, Hu Shuli, is seeking to raise up to $200 million in its latest funding round to finance growth, said two people with direct knowledge of the matter.To get more news about caixin, you can visit shine news official website. The Beijing-based firm is looking to raise $100 million to $200 million with a target valuation of about $500 million prior to the funding round, said one of the people. Caixin, backed by tech giant Tencent Holdings Ltd and investment firm China Media Capital (CMC), plans to primarily use the proceeds to develop business-related technologies and finance expansion, said the second person. The dollar fundraising comes as Caixin, which has mostly raised yuan-denominated capital, looks to go public overseas in the coming two to three years, with Hong Kong the preferred listing venue, the person said. The people declined to be identified as the matter was private. Caixin declined to comment.Caixin, with its eponymous flagship magazine, has grown from a pure business publication to a comprehensive, influential media group in the world’s second-largest economy. It mainly provides Chinese corporate, political and financial news and analysis, as well as publishing business data and indices, including the Caixin/Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index. Hu, widely seen as outspoken and well connected, established Caixin in 2009 after leaving her post as editor-in-chief at another well-known business publication, Caijing, where she had a high-profile tussle for control with the latter’s owners. Under Hu’s leadership, Caixin has attracted a devoted following among the country’s policy makers, business leaders and academics. It also brought in CMC chief Li Ruigang, a Chinese media mogul, as its chairman following CMC’s 2013 investment. China has seen rapid growth in the media industry in recent years, with its gross market value expected to reach 3 trillion yuan ($447 billion) by 2020, showed a report by Tsinghua University. The industry, however, has faced various challenges ranging from media censorship, copyright violation and disruption from non-traditional players such as news aggregator Toutiao. In 2017, Caixin became China’s first mainstream media outlet to introduce a pay wall subscription model for its digital products, as part of efforts to protect content from copyright infringement and boost revenue. Its Chinese-language website has page views and unique visitors of 130 million and 50 million per month, respectively, said one of the sources.Last year, overseas English-language arm Caixin Global and private equity firm CITIC Capital bought financial information provider Global Markets Intelligence Division for $180.5 million.

U.S. Third-Quarter GDP Growth Revised up to 2.1%

U.S. Third-Quarter GDP Growth Revised up to 2.1% U.S. economic growth picked up slightly in the third quarter, rather than slowing as initially reported, amid a stronger pace of inventory accumulation and a less steep decline in business investment.To get more news about gdp growth us, you can visit shine news official website. Gross domestic product increased at a 2.1% annualized rate, the Commerce Department said in its second estimate of third-quarter GDP on Wednesday. That was up from the 1.9% pace estimated last month. The economy grew at a 2.0% pace in the April-June period. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast third-quarter GDP growth would be unrevised at 1.9%. When measured from the income side, the economy grew at a 2.4% rate in the last quarter. Gross domestic income (GDI) increased at a rate of 0.9% in the second quarter. The income side of the growth ledger accelerated despite a drop in profits. After-tax profits without inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustment, which corresponds to S&P 500 profits, decreased $11.3 billion, or at a rate of 0.6%, as they were held down by legal settlements with Facebook and Google. Profits increased at a 3.3% rate in the second quarter. The average of GDP and GDI, also referred to as gross domestic output and considered a better measure of economic activity, increased at a 2.3% rate in the July-September period, quickening from a 1.4% growth pace in the second quarter. There are signs the economy slowed early in the fourth quarter amid a cooling in consumer spending and a deepening downturn in business investment. The Trump administration's trade war with China has eroded business confidence, contributing to the second straight quarterly contraction in business investment. The fading stimulus from last year's $1.5 trillion tax cut package is also sapping momentum from the expansion, now in its 11th year. Growth has slowed from the 3.1% rate notched in the first three months of the year. But the risks of a recession in the near term have subsided as the housing market has rebounded from last year's soft patch, driven by lower mortgage rates. The Federal Reserve last month cut interest rates for the third time this year and signaled a pause in the easing cycle that started in July when it reduced borrowing costs for the first time since 2008. Growth in consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, was unrevised at a 2.9% rate in the third quarter. Consumer spending is being supported by the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years. But moderating job growth, ebbing consumer confidence and stalling wage gains are raising doubts about the consumer's resilience. Business investment dropped at a 2.7% rate in the third quarter, rather than contracting at a 3.0% pace as previously reported. The declines in spending on nonresidential structures such as mining exploration, shafts and wells, were not as steep as previously estimated.

world-renowned rock climber, dies after falling over 900 feet off of cliff in Mexico

world-renowned rock climber, dies after falling over 900 feet off of cliff in Mexico Brad Gobright, a world-renowned rock climber, died after falling "nearly 985 feet" while climbing in Mexico on Wednesday, according to CNN. He was 31. Gobright was trying to rappel down from a cliff in El Potero Chico on the El Sendero Luminoso route when he plunged to his death. His climbing partner, Aidan Jacobson, survived. To get more news about world renown, you can visit shine news official website. A friend of Jacobson's told CNN that the pair's rope got stuck, which lead to them both falling 20 to 30 feet to a ledge below. Jacobson left the scene with only an ankle injury after getting caught in the brush on the cliff, which stopped him from falling any further. Jacobson recalled what happened when the two were attempting simul-rappelling: "All of a sudden, I felt a pop, and we started dropping," Jacobson told Outside Online. "It was basically a blur. He screamed. I screamed. I went through some vegetation, and then all I remember is seeing his blue Gramicci shirt bounce over the edge." On Thursday, first responders were not able to get to Gobright's body and on Friday a group of climbers plan to help in the recovery. Other climbers have shown their support and love for Gobright, including Alex Honnold, the star of the Oscar-winning documentary "Free Solo." "He was such a warm, kind soul — one of a handful of partners that I always loved spending a day with," Honnold wrote about Gobright in an Instagram post.Brad was a real gem of a man," he continued. "For all his strengths and weaknesses (like his insanely strong fingers, or living out of a Honda Civic…) at the core he was just a good guy." A frequent climbing partner of Gobright's, Alice Hafer, also paid her respects on social media.

double-encrypted VPN is used by over a million people worldwide

double-encrypted VPN is used by over a million people worldwide When it comes to protecting your online information and security, a VPN is a must-have. A VPN, short for virtual private network, is software that encrypts your internet traffic and masks your online identity by hiding your IP address. In simpler terms, it helps keep your information private while you surf the web.VPN download Why is this so important? Imagine you're looking for a Wi-Fi connection while out and about, and decide to connect to a network called "Free Coffee Shop Wi-Fi." In reality, it's a dummy network that was set up by someone attempting to hijack your browsing session and actually pose as you online. Without a VPN, it's likely that these hackers could access valuable personal information -- from online passwords to your bank account information. But if you were accessing that Wi-Fi through a VPN, you would be in the clear as long as you had changed your IP address.Buy VPN However it's not enough just to have a VPN. Yes, most of them work. But with something as important as cybersecurity, you're going to want to know you have one of the most secure and reliable VPNs on the market. An added benefit to NordVPN is that it has a "no logging" policy, which means that any data it comes into contact with won't be recorded. It's like a fail-safe way to know your information is protected, no matter what. In addition, you can surf the web completely free from any specific country restrictions and without fear of someone accessing your data as you roam. The VPN is even smart enough to shut down any browsing activity you're doing as soon as the VPN connection falters, so there is truly no worry of a breach. Still not sold? NordVPN is currently used by over a million internet users worldwide, and got an "outstanding" rating from PC Mag. On top of that, it has received 5 out of 5 stars from TrustPilot, CNET and PC Mag. So if you're looking to make your surfing safer, do it with one of the top VPNs on the market. A two-year subscription with NordVPN might be the perfect place to start. When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

Nord VPN Discloses 2018 Breach

Nord VPN Discloses 2018 Breach A virtual private network that markets its “advanced security” said on Monday that one of its services had been compromised last year.unblock websites Nord VPN, which is based in Panama, said on the company’s website that it discovered the breach a few months ago at a data center in Finland. The company’s statement comes after allegations on Twitter by security researchers alleging Nord had been hacked. Tom Okman, a Nord advisory board member, said the hackers only had access to a single “exit node,” the part of the service that masks its customers’ IP address, and not its internal databases. The hackers appeared to have access for about two months, he said. Okman was made available for an interview by the company. The breach was done by “exploiting a vulnerability of one of our server providers, which hadn’t been disclosed to us,” according to the company’s statement. “No user credentials have been intercepted. No other server on our network has been affected. The affected server does not exist anymore and the contract with the server provider has been terminated.” Nord VPN has 12 million users worldwide, according to spokeswoman Laura Tyrell, but she said the company estimates only 50 to 200 customers used the breached server. VPN services anonymize internet activity by routing traffic through servers that mask a user’s identity and location. Okman said it was hard to determine if hackers obtained information on the internet usage of Nord users because the company doesn’t collect logs of activity on its servers, a selling-point to privacy-conscious customers. “I think that the worst case scenario is that they could inspect the traffic and see what kind of websites you could visit,” Okman said. He said this would only apply to Nord users who used its Finnish server and were accessing websites that didn’t use the secure protocol HTTPS. Okman said Nord was slow to inform its users of the 2018 breach because it wanted to verify that none of its 5,000 different servers had the same issue. That process is still ongoing, he said. “We would rather not disclose this now but due to the concerns of our users we had to do this now,” Okman said. Nord plans to inform its customers of the breach via email. Okman said the breach was the fault of Nord’s data center provider, a Finnish company called Oy Creanova Hosting Solutions Ltd., which he accused of having “very bad security practices.” Creanova introduced software that led to hackers gaining access without Nord’s knowledge, Tyrell said. But Niko Viskari, Creanova’s chief executive officer, blamed Nord for the breach. “They had a problem with security but because they do not take care of security by themselves,” he said, in an email. Nord, he said, was trying “to put this on our shoulders.” For Nord, security is a key selling point. In a tweet from August, Nord claimed the service would protect its users from hackers. “Hackers would love to grab your sensitive data right out of your screen,” the tweet says. “And they can -- unless you encrypt your traffic with NordVPN. When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432

Best VPNs for Cryptocurrency Transactions in 2019

Best VPNs for Cryptocurrency Transactions in 2019 Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are known as a useful security tool. They help you to increase your privacy and anonymity level by introducing an extra layer of encrypted data between you, your internet service provider, and the websites you VPN Since cryptocurrency protocols are already protected with cryptography, you don’t have to use a VPN to transact in cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, having an extra layer of protection doesn’t harm you either, especially if you use a proven privacy-oriented VPN which doesn’t log your activities. In fact, it’s highly advisable to have one if you have an issue with other people spying on you (be it government agencies, hackers, or advertisers). So, if you are one of those rare people who still value their privacy and anonymity, here are five best privacy-oriented VPNs for cryptocurrency transactions. They don’t store your logs, have handy features like automatic kill-switch, and are generally most suitable for all crypto enthusiasts. NordVPN is by far the most secure and privacy-oriented VPN for cryptocurrency transactions. Coming from Panama, it allows all sorts of internet traffic, including P2P and streaming services. Most importantly, it enforces a strict no logs policy and has an automated kill-switch, which protects your IP even if your connection to the VPN server fails. Besides, it accepts cryptocurrency payments. At the moment, you can get a plan with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Tron (TRX), and BitTorrent (BTT) cryptocurrencies. NordVPN is the leading VPN in terms of pricing, too. You can get a three-year subscription of NordVPN for only $107.55 if you sign up via this link. 2. TorGuard TorGuard is based in Orlando, US, which is far from ideal for a VPN service provider. However, it doesn’t keep any user data, which means there’s nothing to hand over to third-parties. It doesn’t have any previous records of data leaks, too, which signals the company is loyal to its users. Although the service is oriented towards P2P file exchange services such as Torrent, TorGuard works well with cryptocurrencies, too. It’s lightning fast, secure, and offers many useful features for both beginners and advanced users, including:When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432