wangkiky: effects on the ridge; if the floor is low

effects on the ridge; if the floor is low

6 Dec 2017 at 08:14pm
pets on the ground And so on, nano-photocatalytic antibacterial floor is the destruction of most of the pathogenic bacteria physiological function from the ground, so that they quickly lose their activity, to achieve the purpose of anti-bacteria. 3, decomposition of oil Nano Photocatalyst nano-antibacterial floor by photocatalytic nano-media, with most of the organic matter oxidation-reduction
reaction, resulting in the final product of environmental clean water and carbon dioxide, resulting in the decomposition of oil effect. Deodorization, Deodorization, Degradation of Hazardous Ingredients In newly renovated rooms, depending on the difference of decoration materials used, more or less harmful gases will be released. About 14 of these gases have been clearly included in the
national health Mandatory standards for control are very harmful to the human body. Most of these harmful ingredients are organic. Nano Photocatalyst anti-inflammatory floor through the nano-photocatalyst media radiation waves generated on the molecular structure of harmful substances decomposition chemical reaction to promote the rapid decomposition of these harmful substances, and
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