alina3232: ipollo v1.Buy best ipollo v1 miner in 2022

ipollo v1.Buy best ipollo v1 miner in 2022

17 Aug 2022 at 08:28am
This is a mining device designed and manufactured by the Ipollo company and has two algorithms with which it works. It has a maximum hash rate of around 160 Gps. The Ipollo unit is designed for a power consumption of 1500W. This power consumption contributes to the efficiency of the device. It is equipped with 314 x 194 x 290mm ASIC chips.

This mining unit mines and operates efficiently after installation. Mine with two algorithms (Cuckatoo32+, Cuckatoo31+). The device is expected to be released in June 2022. It comes with a noise level of 70db, which is low compared to other ASIC miners with a noise level of 75-82db. But this level of noise does not affect the mining operations of the device either.

The manufacturers confirmed that the power consumption was 2800W. Due to fluctuating power consumption, it is recommended to equip the device with a power supply of about 3500W.

When the inlet temperature of the unit is 32 degrees, the air outlet of the mining unit becomes 46.4 degrees with a temperature range of 14.4 degrees, which is considered normal. ipollo v1 uses the four 1438B DC12V 5A cooling fans to dissipate the heat of the mining unit during the mining process.

The birth of the ipollo g1 grin miner has fueled miner enthusiasm for the grin community, and not only that, it has also created an incentive for the grin community. It is believed that the release of the grin miner may eventually usher in the ASIC era.
Ipollo noise level

Ipollo has a noise level of 70d, the device has a high efficiency so it can be seen that the device is also profitable in mining. The manufacturers supplied four fans that serve as a coolant for the device. The four fans also work by dissipating the heat that is produced in the machine as you extract the coins.

Power consumption of ipollo v1

Ipollo uses around 1500W of power. For your device, power supply indicates that the device is using electrical current.While not as high as the other mining units, the power consumption requires the miner to spend money for power.

The profitability of ipollo v1

ipollo v1 is one of the very profitable mining units. Units mine Grin and has a return of $10.72 per day and has a return of $321.61 per month and a return of $3,859.34 per year. However, this may be affected by the cost of the power supply or the efficiency of the machine or the market price when mining.

It is recommended that new miners consider the electrical costs necessary to obtain the required power consumption of this device. Please note that the past performance of this machine may change based on the above factors. This can also be a good option for new miners who want to start mining.

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